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    Re fixing your posture. I found I always seemed to lean forward over my toes, but as my back was straight it really didn't bother me. Recently I noticed that I no longer did that. The only thing I have been working particularly on has been my hamstrings and strengthening them, so I think that as the backs of my legs (and by extension, my glutes) have become stronger, I have naturally adopted a better posture.


      Day 12 of 30-day training plan:

      Total Abs, day 12, lvl3
      Core Control, day 12, 110 side leg raises
      Daily Cardio, day 6, 7
      Spine Mobility
      Calves stretches
      Day 8 of consecutive workouts


        Day 13 of 30-day training plan:

        Total Abs, day 13, lvl1
        Core Control, day 13
        Daily Cardio, day 8
        Anti-rotation band twists, 3x20/20
        2-min side plank
        Some stretches
        Day 9 of consecutive workouts
        Didn't get much time for working out today, especially those stretches, but I managed to do the band twists as planned.


          Day 14 of 30-day training plan:

          Morning Stretch
          Total Abs, day 14, lvl2.5, 5 sets of 14 instead of 12. I almost didn't do the program.
          Core Control, day 14, 120 side leg raises
          Daily Cardio, day 9

          Legs workout (in order):
          3 sets of 10/8 resistance band single-leg deadlifts
          3 sets of 10/10 split squats (glutes focus), +20lbs
          Bubble Butt, with the squats banded
          Day 10 of consecutive workouts
          I finally felt that I used the butt muscles, not the lowerback, not the hamstrings, not the quads, for the single-leg bridges, at least some of them. But my legs and glutes were more capable than I expected.
          On the other side, I am progressing pretty well with the toe touching stretch. My palms almost plant on the floor. I wanna head for the pike.


            Day 15 of 30-day training plan:

            Morning Stretch
            Core Control, day 15

            Upperbody workout:
            Dumbbell back exercise, 3x10, +10lbs
            Sitting shoulder press, 3x8/8, +10lbs
            Bent over rows, 3x10/10, +10lbs
            3x40 suburis with pull-up bar
            Day 11 of consecutive workouts
            My upperbody routine is looking more and more like the Strength and Power workout, and I am secretly trying to work my way up to it. I actually added the bent over rows because of it.

            Then I am replacing the punches with suburis, but I am not doing bicep curls and push-ups, at least for now. I just don't feel like building my biceps, and the push-ups, well, maybe knee push-ups when I feel like it...

            I don't think I am going to complete Total Abs today, as well as the Daily Cardio challenge, and I am fine with that.

            I wish they kept the annoucement of new workout release on the home pape. I like the recent new workouts they are making.


              I am playing with my backpack, too. It always weighs about 5kg in average. Currently I am either doing single-leg standing, or carrying it on one side while keeping my torso straight/ neutral, not bending to either side. The former has my glutes work pretty hard, and the latter my obliques, I believe. It's almost like a standing side plank. Really feel it afterwards.

              I can even name the training Obliques Prime, with all the anti-rotation twists, side plank, backpack stuff, etc. I can tell how it's working well because the knee-to-elbow crunches has become easier to do and control.

              I am also adding another micro training, which is carrying the backpack on the front while keeping good posture. It works my back muscles as it tries to resist the tendency to bend over, if you don't use the strategy of simply arching the torso backward.


                Day 15 of 30-day training plan:

                Total Abs, day 15, lvl3, 420 flutter kicks
                Day 12 of consecutive workouts
                And I found that doing it on a chair to be more challenging because my core would need to hold my upperbody in alignment.


                  Day 16 of 30-day training plan:

                  Total Abs, day 16, lvl3
                  Core Control, day 16, 130 side leg raises, in total
                  Come Back Faster, lvl3 with EC, love it.
                  Followed by 5 sets of 20 calf raises, +20lbs
                  Lowerbody stretches
                  Day 13 of consecutive workouts


                    Day 17 of 30-day training plan:

                    Face the Day
                    Total Abs, day 17, lvl1.5
                    Core Control, day 17
                    3x12 sitting twists, +10lbs
                    3x20 anti-rotation band twists
                    Day 14 of consecutive workouts
                    I realized that I just dropped the Daily Cardio challenge.


                      Day 18 of 30-day training plan:

                      Morning Stretch
                      Total Abs, day 18, lvl3 with 1 min rest
                      Core Control, day 18, 140 side leg raises, from Gentleman

                      Lowerbody workouts (in order):
                      3x10/10 split squats, glutes focus, +20lbs
                      3x10/10 single-leg deadlifts with resistance band
                      Gentleman, lvl3 with EC
                      2 sets of 14/14 single leg bridges
                      2 sets of 10 squats
                      Day 15 of consecutive workouts

                      Lots of inner thigh stretches here, and strength work, too. For the cossack squats you would use your groin to get up if you were not using the glutes, and I was trying to use the butt. I was moving like ninjas in the movie during the side-to-side lunges in the last 1 or 2 sets. I simply shifted my hips side to side instead of needing to get up a little bit to move towards the other side.

                      I felt it at the glutes as well as the whole upper legs in general after the workout, so it's a good one. Plus I succeeded having my glutes keep tension for knee control throughout the whole squats (the 2 sets of 10), at least for the first few because I was just tired. It's really easy to lose that control.


                        Can you actually be losing weight with strength workout? My weight is dropping. I know I don't always eat properly but it's weird that I am not even maintaining the number. Hopefully there's nothing bad going on inside the body.


                          I particularly lose weight when I change the type of training, whether it is cardio or strength what my body is not used to at that moment leads it to consume more than usual and lose some weight


                            I messed up with the training plan a little bit, and because I didn't do everything I was supposed to and I split things into several days, I was not sure how everything fit into the schedule anymore. I definitely broke the streak... Here's what I did the past two days:

                            Epic Glutes
                            Daily Squats, day 1

                            Total Abs, day 19, lvl1
                            Some suburi, heavy and medium weight
                            10 squats

                            10/18/2021 (today)
                            Leg workouts so far, more to come.
                            I strained myself a bit like a week ago. I could't pinpoint it exactly but probably the lower back. I guessed it's because I didn't warm up at all last time before I suburied with the heavy wood block... or it's because of something else as it can hurt when I twist my waist. It's probably smart to take that break that I did.



                              Morning Stretch
                              Total Abs, day 20, lvl3
                              Core Control, day 19, 20
                              Daily Squats, day 2
                              Lowerbody stretches, including hip flexors stretches which helped

                              Leg workouts (in order):
                              4x20 squats, some with band
                              3x20 single-leg deadlifts with band
                              3x20 glutes focus split squats, +20lbs

                              4x14 plank back kicks
                              3x30 side kicks
                              some lunge step-ups
                              4 sets of 14 single-leg bridges
                              Day 3 of consecutive workout
                              Initially I thought doing just the first 3 exercises of the leg workouts were pretty good already but then my brain wanted to squeeze in the exercises from Bubble Butt, and battling it at the same time. That's why I got a long list, but the side kicks for side hips were a pretty good addition.

                              In the evening I also tried out hip thrust on the floor with arms supporting like how you did during tricep dips and I could feel my glutes working that way, while in bridges it's a lot harder. Now I think it's just the nature of the bridge exercise that you don't really get to feel the glutes all that well...

                              I am doing pretty well in squats regarding knee tracking and hip driving it, which is what I need and want mostly, getting a better and better sense of how things should work, so yeah after all I really don't need that much exercise variety.


                                going super saiyan there, nice job