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the road to my strength

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    the road to my strength

    I'm too lazy to keep a detailed track of my workouts (i.e. I tried, but then I always quit).
    I want use this thread to track my improvement using milestone.

    Starting point at the end of 2019
    Weighted pull up: estimated +22-23 kg
    Weighted dip: estimated +44 kg
    Weighted plank: 2’ 50” +18 kg
    Military press: 48 kg
    Back Squat: 3 reps with 90 kg
    Gripper: close Captain of Crush Trainer - both hands
    Bench press: ???

    One year it’s too long to fix realistic goals. The last year too much things have change my workout scheduling.
    Thus I see at the end of June (i.e. 6 months of training)

    Weighted pull up: estimated +35 kg
    Weighted dip: estimated +55 kg
    Weighted plank: 5’ +25 kg
    Gripper: close Captain of Crush level 1.0 - both hands
    Military press: 53 kg
    Back Squat: 2 reps with 100 kg
    Learn muscle up.
    Bench press: 90 kg

    I have done not too much optimistic hypothesis

    Weighted pull up and weighted dip: considering by bodyweight (i.e. 72 kg) the improvement is around 10%. I think they are doable, since the estimate PRs are 3 weeks old and I will focus on these exercise.
    Weighted plank: I try to guess on the basis of recent progression, since I have recently started doing this exercise. However, in future I will use my trekking backpack. Thus, the distribution of weight must be more uniform
    Gripper: now I am almost close the 0.5 and I did not a methodical works. I will start to train in a serious way with the gripper and thus I am optimistic to achieve the goal.
    Military press and back squat: now I cannot train with barbell – I think to restart in March. Thus, it’s could be difficult to reach such goals. I am working in order to strengthen legs and vertical push using body weight progressions. I cross my fingers.

    Muscle up: now I am increasing my pull strength, then I will work on the specific technique using the ring and/or the bar.
    Bench press: It’s a big doubt. I don’t know my initial starting point. As for military press and back squat, I will restart with weights in March. I try to do an indirect evaluation on the basis of other push exercises.

    Great, I am really looking forward to your thread. From recent comments and posts of yours, I assumed we train towards the same direction... now I know.. Let's have a strong and weighted 2021...


      HellYeah this year has been good, but not very good from (the point of view training results).
      However I have done some experiments and undesrstand a lot of thing. These experiences trace my (workout) way.

      Rougly speaking, m​​​y training is inspired to European streetlifting.

      My current programmation last 3 month and follow the criteria of standard strenght periodization(i.e. first a volume phase , then an intensity phase and finally a peak phase) for what concerns weight calistenichs. I train 2 dys weighted dips and weighted pull ups and one without weight.

      For what concerns legs, I have two leg days: I use a schema propose by Max True to improve reps of pull ups or in general reps of an exercise.
      The protocol is (max reps - 1 minute - max reps - 1 minute- max reps) x 3 --- rest between sets 7 minutes
      One day skater squat, the other day Bulgarian suqat. First left side than right side.

      Last exercises of every workout is a weighted plank to failure. The weight use is lower (i.e. some kilos) than the one used in core days.

      In core day I do few kind of exercise.

      First day: weighted plank; knee raises at the dip; side plank;

      Second: weighted plank; reverse crunches; side plank;

      The resp of exercise are done in row. First two exercises listed (4 reps) are done till failure. Long rest. Side plank is performed one minutes for each side with a rest of 2 minutes for 3 times.
      Moreover, I do a weighted plank till failure at the end.

      I increase the weight in plank when I do two reps over 5 minutes in a single workout.


        I have finished the volume phase (upper body training). Now a delaod week.

        I am tired for the high volume performed (even if the intensity is not very high) and for a work peace.

        I managed in a good wai the load.

        For what concern leg training, I am addiing some kilos (step by step) to increase the difficulty of exercises. Now I will continue with the same protocol. May be that in next weeks I will think about some changes.

        The time in weighted plank is increasing. Now I have 4'48" with 18 kg. The main core day continue to be organized in the same way. I think to change how I do plank in the other day avoinding to work till failure.

        I haven't work directly to improve my performaces with the gripper, but as conseguence of pull ups, dips, and dead hanging I have some very little improvements


          I am walking on the road ...

          I am increasing better on weighted dips respect to weighted pull ups (i.e. it's normal, since push strengh is easier to increase to pull strenght).
          Anyway, my vision about my 6 months prevision are:
          (*) for dips: I think I can go beyound the initial goal, since I have closed without any problems a 6x3 with 35 kg. I will set a new goal at the end of peak phase (i.e. 5 weeks from now)
          (*) for pull-ups: I dont' know, at the end of peak phase I will understand if I can achieve my goal or not.
          (*) for weighted plank: I will reach my 6-month goal in a 5-6 weeks, since I closed 5 min with +22 kg. Thus I want to set a new goal: 5 min with +30kg
          (*) gripper: I haven't yet train directly such a goal, but now I am able to close 0.5 Captain of Crush (i.e. the gripper is stronger of 20 lbs respect my starting one). It's strange that I found easier with left hand respect right hand (i am a left-handed). Since my workouts last less time in my next phase, I will train them 3 times at week.


            After the deload week, I feel better.
            However, I change my initial planning on the basis of my body sensation. In the las weeks I felt pain in my right elbow durin pullups with high intensity.
            I decide to skip the peak phase. A peak phase is useful to learn to manage better the loads close to 1 RM, but now it could give more stress to my elbow.
            Thus, I plan to work for the next 6 weeks in a different way with low intensity. Moreover, I have studied how to improve my warm-up to make it more effective

            Today, I have tested the max reps of dip with 20 kg. I did 12 reps.
            I can see my improvements.


              Today, I have resstarted back squat aftre some 3 months.

              I suppose to have the same 1RM. First goals is to regain confidence with the weight. Thus, I decide to apprach back squat with the metodology 6 x 6 of Franco Sala (a famous Italian coach of powerlifting) that in start with low intensity and high reps. Now, I will train back squat 3 times a week.

              Meanwhile I was working with a barbell, I decide to did a test about Military press. I tried to do the max reps with 42 kg. I did 7 reps. May be that I could be another 8, but I have considered the 7° reps a good result. (As back squat I did'nt perform Military press in last 3 months. Thus I have not a very good specificity with such an exercise)
              In this month, I have worked on vertical push strenght doing wall handstand push up, and seems that my performance are increased a little bit.

              Yesterday, I have tried the weighted plank with 32 kg (in previous workouts I have some set in order to adapt my doy to it, but I never reach the failure). The last steps of weight increment are very small (1-2 kg) instead this time I have increased by 9 kg. I hold the plank 3'46" (the my previous pr .- I did the 5 days ago- was 5 mins with 23 kg with some buffer).




                  Happy Birthday


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                      Some strong birthday wishes.


                        Happy Birthday!