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    Get That Dopamine

    I've tried this a few times, but everytime I eventually miss a day and lose all motivation. So this time I'm reframing my training goals. My goal is no more to train every day and never miss one - that doesn't work and will just get me down when I do eventually miss a day. I have ADHD so building habits is incredibly hard for me, so the "just do it everyday and eventually you'll do it automatically" advice simply isn't true for me.

    But sports is actually one of the best way to manage my adhd. ADHD is largely caused by dopamine deficiency and sports actually gives me some of that sweet sweet happy, focused brain juice in a healthy way (as opposed to snacking constantly or endlessly scrolling through social media)

    So! GET THAT DOPAMINE! And if I miss a day or two? That's fine. The goal is to be happier, the goal is to do something more, not to be perfect (and if I get some of my muscles back while I'm at it, that's a bonus. I do miss having a noticeable biceps)

    Been trying this for a little bit now and it's been working, so I'm starting a new check-in threat that reflects those goals a bit better. Thinking maybe I'll also do some kind of tracker of percentage wise how often I'm doing sport or something like that, we'll see.I'm also giving myself stickers in my notebook for exercising. Because adhd brain likes stickers.

    - got halfway through Pandora and Combat HIIT .... then got bored or frustrated or lost steam or...... Pandora was too much cardio I think, and I'll try combat ones again when I have something to actually punch - I don't really like punching and kicking the air much.
    - Power Up
    - Advents Calendar 2020
    - Snowball Fight 2020 (also did the one in 2019 but like.... barely)
    - 30 Days of Gravity

    Currently doing:
    Spellbound chapter 19
    Arms of Steel Day 19
    + running/skating
    + Daily Dares
    + working towards pullups

    maybe some challenges
    Spartan Trials

    This week (6.9 - 12.9) (7/7)
    Total days: 125
    Current consecutive days: 20
    Record consecutive days: 47
    Daily Dares: 83
    Daily Dares with EC: 65

    Perfect is the enemy of good. You've got the right idea. Get that dopamine!


      Well, finally worked up the courage to tell the girl I like that I like her, got rejected (very gently and we're still friends but I'm still sad) so I did a midnight workout to make myself less sad which.... kind of worked? oh well. gonna go sleep now


        Went skating today and then added the daily dare and caught up a bit in the advents calendar when i got home, so good day!

        That concludes this week with the following stats: Did some sports 4 days out of 7 (not counting days where i just went on a walk). Also only actually started writing it down on Wednesday, so might have taken a walk on monday or tuesday but I don't remember *shrugs*

        Monday: nothing
        Tuesday: nothing
        Wednesday: 30 Days of Gravity day 7 + daily dare + some advents calendar
        Thursday: 30 Days of Gravity day 8 + daily dare + some advents calendar + a long walk
        Friday: a long walk
        Saturday: 30 Days of Gravity day 9 + daily dare + some advents calendar
        Sunday: A long, fun skate + daily dare + some advents calendar

        So since I started this threat again I did some kind of movement every day! So feeling pretty good right now!


          Went skating yesterday again and today continued 30 Days of Gravity + the daily dare + some catching up on the advents calendar


            Welcome to the Hive!

            Glad to see you've got some good workouts in.

            My girlfriend broke up with me shortly after I started my check-in thread, so I feel your pain. The relationship was transitory, but my love of exercise is forever. Keep going!


              Wow I'm 3 for 3 so far this week! Today was hard, with 30 Days of Gravity plus the daily dare, the advents calendar (I'm almost caught up on it) and now also snowball fighting? Would love to do the 12 days of christmas, but don't quite know where to fit it in xD

              GentleOx Thanks! I'm sorry about that, but glad you stuck with the exercise! It's hard, but I'm glad I told her. We're still friends, so far are managing not to make it awkward and it's a lot easier for me to get over these things once I don't still think there's a chance. It's still sad though (

              Also the funny thing is, this isn't even my first check in thread, but every time I tried before I got too caught up in having to do it every single day and once I lost my streak, got super frustrated and then didn't stick with it. Also tried to do too many things at once, I tried to do a normal program, plus a add on, plus the daily dare and whatever seasonal events and challenges were on and whatever sports I did outside of darebee.... too much ambition, that wasn't sustainable. As you can see I only ever actually finished one of those attempted programs, so this time I'm taking it a bit slower (easier said than done when it's december and all the events are happening xD but so far I'm doing okay)


                Another good day, managed to actually work out in the morning for a change! 30DoG + Daily Dare + finally caught all the way up on the advents calendar! Oh and I got 57 snowballs thrown at me over night so I dodged those (and there'll surely be more throughout the day)

                miiiight go skating with a friend later too, but she's still learning so we probably won't go fast which my legs will be thankful for xD


                  Last two days were very stressful so I didn't manage to do any exercise sadly, but otherwise last week was very good!

                  Monday: Skating
                  Tuesday: 30DoG + DD+ AC
                  Wednesday: 30DoG + DD + AC
                  Thurday: 30DoG + DD + AC
                  Friday: 30 DoG + DD +AC
                  Saturday: 30DoG + AC (didn't do the daily dare that day, for some reason just ran out of energy for it)
                  Sunday: nothing sadly (
                  + a whole lot of snowball fighting, but i don't remember how many i specifically dodged on what day. Total of 523 though!

                  Gotta go skating and running more but the weather hasn't been nice lately :// it's supposed to be summer damnit!

                  Today, did 30DoG + DD + caught on the advents calendar again


                    🎅Merry Christmas !✨


                      Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too!

                      So I did.... nothing over christmas, but, hey it was christmas, I was stressed and that time between christmas and new year is even more fake than time in general already is, anyway so I don't feel too bad. And hey, I managed to get back into it, before the new year!

                      So last week was just a 2/7 with doing the full thing (30Days of Gravity + Daily Dare + Advents Calendar) on Tuesday and Wednesday, though I actually did two days of 30DoG since one of them was mostly stretching/balance and I wanted more than that

                      Today, I did day 18 of 30DoG + Daily Dare + finally finished up on the advents calendar,since I didn't do it on the 24th.

                      I'm gonna miss the advents calendar, might have to look into adding some add on program to my workout or maybe a challenge or smth. Or maybe I'll just do the upper body advents calendar in january, bc I didn't realize there was one until it was already almost christmas, and well, time is an illusion anyway, might as well do an advents calendar in january.

                      First gotta get through new years though, I'm not starting anything new or extra until then.

                      ..... also gotta manage to eat right, my friends gave me a whole jar of nutella for christmas which is a very funny and very fitting gift, but I just managed to not crave sweets as much anymore....... oh well. Once it's gone it's gone and I will hopefully be able to stop myself from buying more.


                        Did my 50th Daily Dare with EC today! Yay!

                        Also did the 19th day of 30DoG and Day 1 of the Power Grip challenge, bc why not, a stronger grip is always good (especially if I wanna get back into rockclimbing)


                          Happy 50DDwEC Badge


                            Congrats on 50 DD+


                              Congrats on the new badge!