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2nd Week!

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    2nd Week!

    So here I am, finally starting my second week of training.
    I consider this in itself, a monumental achievement, 'cuz certainly it is the first time I get past the initial starter's rush, and get to keep the training from consistent resolve.
    I feel better with myself, thou I kinda betrayed my 0 soda policy this weekend.
    Mmm maybe I'll take my time to gradually step down my sugars as a whole, 'cuz cutting out my old habits has proven to be harder than I thought.
    Anyhow, I've been looking forward to build up my endurance. So maybe I'll spice my plan with some cardio along the way.
    And on that note, I don't know if it will affect my plan in someway, but I just have to say this...
    I love changing the workout every day (everyday I train that is).
    It's so much fun!
    I'm currently working out with some Protest The Hero songs (playlist) so I feel very motivated.
    And I thought that was going to be all of it for this feed.
    I just realized the site is in the VERY LOW funding status...
    As I said, I'm currently unemployed, but I can't help to feel thankful for all the work that has been put on this amazing site.
    I hope soon I can contribute back with my part 'cuz I already feel like the people behind this have given me more than just a chance to improve.
    For now, and I know this is second to none, but the least I can do is keep on going and don't give up on my goals. (Btw, this actually made me more motivated to get a better job asap).🙏
    Have a beautiful night, beautiful people! 😁

    Congrats, keep it going