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Do all the programs or die (literally—I am sixty :))

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    Do all the programs or die (literally—I am sixty :))

    1st step—simultaneous foundation light and foundation, plus daily dare. Also elliptical equivalent of marathon training and daily Muscle Change Classic exercises.

    Day 1-check

    Good place to start, I liked both of those.


      Instead of doing the simultaneous Foundation and Foundation Light, which are so similar, I just decided to do Foundation at level 3 with 30 sec rest between sets. So far it isn’t too hard, but I definitely have some soreness in my hamstrings.

      I am also doing my own program for cardio, which is to follow a 16 week marathon training plan, but instead of running I burn the equivalent calories on the elliptical—better for my hip joints.

      I also practice yi jin jing (muscle change classic exercises) daily. These exercises are said to have been developed for use in the Shaolin temple. They develop tendon and muscle strength and endurance, as well as tone your abdomen and internal organs, and breathing is trained as well. I have known a version for many years that has 12 different exercises, each done for 49 reps. Last year I found one that has 49 exercises at 49 reps each. Talk about a challenge! Very few people do the entire thing every day. It is said to take about 8 hours, so . . . Since September I have been adding one rep per day, and I now do the first exercise 49 reps and the second up to 29 reps. These exercises focus on wrists, arms, and shoulders and the muscles and tendons involved feel very . . . sturdy already.

      So in the 4 days since I started Foundation I have completed:

      day 1–yi jin jing, 3 miles on elliptical, Foundation
      day 2–yi jin jing, Foundation
      day 3–yi jin jing, Foundation
      day 4–yi jin jing, 2 miles, Foundation

      I am loving darebee because it provides a variety of challenging programs, so I just have to do whatever is assigned for each day instead of coming up with my own ideas, which are generally less varied. I also like the idea of no rest days. I have found it hard to keep up an intense program when I have rest days—too hard for me to restart after a day of rest.