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    8Feb21 Mon
    Another cold morning, lots of ice on the ground today
    Reboot, Day 6, Level 2
    pushups, 20-15-12-5-5-5 with one minute rest between them
    Dog Walk, 1.22 miles in 25:52", for a pace of 2.85 mph, but footing was real bad, lots of ice, 7F with wind chill.
    Nice walk though, very clear


      8Feb21 Mon night
      Didn't have much time tonight due to a meeting
      So The Gauntlet Day 19, the snatch's felt very good for the first time. I was happy with this

      9Feb21 Tue Morning;
      Reboot Day 7, level 2
      The 50 pushup challenge doesn't seem to be working for me as I keep getting stuck around 30 so I am going to go about this a different way
      Changed to the daily pushup challenge, day 1, 3X10 with 30 seconds rest between sets. Not quitting, just adjusting. I still want my 50.
      Dog walk, 1.41 miles in 26:14" for a pace of 3.22 mph. It was cold this morning, and the dog kept pulling and with all the ice I was sliding all over the place.
      So I guess that was a good pace with questionable footing. Not sure how the Canadian's go out running in this weather, I can barely walk.


        9Feb21 Tue Evening
        The gauntlet, Day 20, red bell, this was tough, but I felt great having finished it. It also had 60 extra pushups in it. Nice workout
        Dog Walk 1.56 miles, in 35:19, for a pace of 2.65 mph

        10Feb21 Morning;
        Reboot, Day 8, level 2 bridges
        Daily Pushup challenge, Day 2 30 pushups in a day, exceeded, sets with 1 min rest 25-15-15-10
        Dog Walk, 1.25 miles in 23:58", for a pace of 3.13 mph
        and on with the day.


          10Feb21 evening;
          Well life got in the way of my evening workout. I had to run a couple of errands then pick the daughter up from dance, so I settled for a dog walk
          Dog walk 1.67 miles in 33:42" for a 2.97 mph pace

          11Feb20 Thu morning
          Reboot, Day 9 level 2, butt kickers require some coordination that I didn't fully have this morning. I liked the combo of butt kicks and planks for some reason.
          Daily pushup challenge, day 3, 3 sets of 10 with seconds rest between.
          Went out and shoveled snow and cleaned the cars off for about 30-40 minutes.
          Dog walk, 1.39 miles in 26:20" for a pace of 3.17 mph.
          Time to get on with it.


            NJ has more freezing rain than snow, if my memory serves... Some snow, but nothing compared to what I knew in Buffalo NY (yes, yes - it's Buffalo, it snows, deal with it! as we used to say!)


              PetiteSheWolf it snows here but nothing like buffalo NY. After a couple years of easy winters, we got hit pretty good this year. We had the first one with 18", followed after a few days with 8", and a third with 2" and more snow predicted. Its not too bad, but I am running out of places to put the stuff now. Usually it snows then melts, this year it has been sticking around.
              On a positive note, its a pretty good cardio workout.

              11Feb21 Thur evening;
              Again, another evening of running around and picking up the daughter from dance, and grocery run.
              Didn't have time for a workout, so opted for a late dog walk, 1.39 miles in 26:31" for a pace of 3.15 mph

              12Feb21 Fri Morning;
              Reboot, Day 10, level 2
              Daily pushup challenge, Day 4, 30 pushups throughout the day, did 30-15-10-10 with 1 minute rest between sets, need to figure out where to put the pushup plank holds but doing ok so far.
              Dog Walk, 1.19 miles in 23:20", for a pace of 3.06 mph
              not bad, I like the morning workouts but my time is crunched lately in the mornings. I need to find a spot for my yoga work as well.


                OK, time to catch up. I have been doing the work but not the logging, sorry.
                13Feb21 Sat
                Morning dog walk 2.12 miles, 40:21", for a pace of 3.15 mph
                Evening dog walk 1.66 miles, 33:52", for a pace of 2.94 mph
                Sluggo day

                14Feb21 Sun Valentines day
                Reboot, Day 11, level 2
                Daily pushup challenge, Day 5, 3 sets of 10 reqd, but I did 5 sets of 10 with 30 seconds of rest between
                The gauntlet day 21
                Dog walk, 2.16 miles, in 44:02", for a pace of 2.89 mph
                Had to drive to pickup some equipments

                Evening Dog walk, 2.4 miles, 42:32", for a pace of 3.39 mph

                15Feb21, monday (holiday presidents day)
                Morning dog walk 1.34 miles, in 24:59" for a pace of 3.22 mph

                Daily pushup challenge day 6, 30 pushups throughout the day, did 25-15-10 (50 total)
                Gauntlet Day 22
                Evening dog walk, 2.03 miles, 37:22", for a pace of 3.26 mph

                16Feb21 Tue
                Morning Dog Walk, 1.59 miles in 32:34", for a pace of 2.93 mph

                Daily pushup challenge Day 7, 3 sets of 11 required, did 5 sets of 11 with 30 seconds rest between sets
                Reboot day 12, shoulders and side plank holds, level 2. This was a tough one

                Evening dog walk, 1.93 miles in 36:30, for a pace of 3.17 mph

                Wed 17Feb21 Morning
                Reboot day 13
                daily pushup challenge, Day 8, 35 throughout the day, did 20-15-10-10-10 (60 total)
                Dog walk, 1.64 miles in 31:04", for a pace of 3.17 mph.
                Daily pushup challenge


                  Trying to be consistent with my postings, but I'm not doing very well.
                  Wed 17Feb21
                  My daughter wanted to workout with me during lunch, so I picked the gauntlet and she picked an ab workout
                  Gauntlet, Day 23 not too hard
                  Lilly Sabri, 5 minute ab workout, I asked for easy, she laughed and picked a hard one, I never heard of this lady, but my daughter watches her for workouts on u-tube or tick-tock, not really sure.
                  It wasn't a simple workout, but it was mercifully short. If you have to know, my daughter totally kicked my ass on this one.

                  Dog Walk, 1.88 miles, 38:18", for a pace of 3.02 mph

                  Thu 18Feb21 Morning
                  Daily pushup challenge, Day 11, called for 3X11 with 30 seconds rest, did 6X11 with 30 seconds rest
                  Reboot, Day 14, level 3. I liked this one, did it while listening to a podcast on family.
                  Dog Walk, 1.46 miles, 33:08", for a pace of 2.64 mph. Slow I know, but it was snowing again, and I wore my big snow boots.
                  I know excuses, excuses, I'll try better next time.


                    Man, fell behind again.
                    Thu 18Feb21 evening
                    snow shovel and snow blow for about 2 hours, but the fitbit credited me for 1 hour and 16 minutes, I'll take it.
                    Once I got the snow blower started, I didn't stop till I did the driveways on the block.
                    Gauntlet, day 24
                    Dog Walk, 1.66 miles in 33:05", for a pace of 2.62 mph, not bad considering the snow and ice

                    Fri 19Feb21 morning
                    Reboot, Day 15, level 1
                    Daily pushup challenge, Day 12, 35 throughout the day, did 27-20-13 with 60 seconds between sets for a total of 60
                    Dog walk, 1.47 mph, in 28:33", for a pace of 3.09 mph. It was still pretty slick outside

                    Fri Evening
                    Gauntlet Day 25, red bell, this was alot of pushups and really wiped me out. Glad there was no more snow to shovel.
                    Dog walk, 1.72 miles in 35:56", for a pace of 2.87 mph

                    Sat 20Feb21 morning
                    Dog Walk 2.23 miles in 43:37", for a pace of 3.07 mph
                    Nothing else today, working around the house

                    Sun 21Feb21 Morning
                    Dog walk, 1.78 miles in 33:51" for a pace of 3.06 mph

                    Sun Afternoon
                    Reboot, Day 16, level 2
                    Daily pushup challenge, day 13, asking for 3 sets of 12, did six sets of 12 with 30 seconds of rest between sets for a total of 72
                    Ran some errands the rest of the day and didn't get home till late

                    Mon 22Feb21 morning
                    Reboot, Day 17, level 2
                    Daily pushup challenge, 40 throughout the day, did 31-20-15 with 2 minutes rest between the sets for a total of 65
                    Dog Walk, 1.15 miles in 24:12" for a pace of 2.85 mph
                    nothing at night, busy prepping a travelling job. Prepped some food for tomorrow's lunch.

                    Tue 23Feb21, morning got up extra early to get some exercise in before travelling
                    Reboot, Day 18, level 1, running out of time due to schedule
                    Daily pushup challenge, day 15, 3 sets of 12 required, did 5 sets of 12 with 30 seconds of rest between sets for a total of 60
                    Dog walk 1.47 mph in 24:19", for a pace of 3.63 mph, pretty slick after some more snow and ice, almost fell three times, and one house before I got home I took a big fall on some ice and still had a good pace.
                    Then took a shower and hit the road for some work about three hours away.

                    I ran around at work all day so I had a good step count, but no more workouts today.
                    I ate very healthy today while travelling so I am pleased that I stuck plan, and I'm going to be early to catch up on some sleep and prep for tomorrow.


                      Sorry I have been absent for a while.
                      I tweaked my back unloading the dish washer, and followed that up by helping some friends clean out their basement for a couple of hours and I over did it.
                      Followed by wife has been sick, and work has really picked up along with a couple of travelling jobs.
                      Things got out of hand, and my exercise was the first thing to go and hard to bring back.
                      I have been walking once to twice a day the whole time, but no exercise programs or workouts.
                      I did keep my eating in control, and mostly healthy.

                      Monday 29Mar21
                      10, day 1, did six sets. I struggled for a few days trying to figure out which program to go with, so I decided to keep it simple and short, figuring anything is better than nothing.
                      Daily pushup challenge, day 17, three sets of 12 with thirty seconds of rest, I probably should just start this over but decided to keep going where I left off.
                      Dog walk, 2.3 miles in 37:50 for a pace of 3.56 mph

                      I stopped reboot, and I stopped gauntlet at day 26. I didn't really like reboot, not sure why, and I'm travelling a bit too much to do the gauntlet now so I guess I will start those from the beginning when I decide to pick them back up.


                        Welcome back


                          Glad to see you back!


                            Mon Night 29Mar21
                            Dog walk 1.24 miles in 25:42", for a pace of 2.89 mph
                            evening meditation, 11 minutes

                            Tue Morning 30Mar21
                            10, day 2
                            Daily pushup challenge Day 18, 40 throughout the day, 4 sets of 10
                            Dog walk 1.58 miles in 33:51", for a pace of 2.8 mph, not fast today, stopped to talk to some of the crossing gaurds
                            Morning gratitude mediation, 5 minutes

                            And that completes day 2
                            Thank you PetiteSheWolf and Fremen