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Bozkurt's Progress Report - November 2020

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    Bozkurt's Progress Report - November 2020

    Good morning Darebees,

    Here is a quick rundown for the month of November 2020:
    - Completed remaining Theme Weeks: Boxer, Dragon, Katana, and Flexibility
    - Completed Challenge of the month - Agility
    - Continued logging DD w/EC - now at 1430 Daily Dares completed with 1417 ECs.
    - Biked and ran for 155 KM (I know, it is not much, but it was a busy month at work).

    Now, the metrics:
    - 47 training sessions adding up to 35.5 hours.
    - Total of 19750 kcals burned working out

    December is here, and tomorrow I will be starting with Fit Christmas 2020 and Advent Calendar 2020. I will continue with DDs, and I plan to do indoor cycling/running (depending on weather) on a daily basis. Lets see if I can finish the year with 2000 K bike/run stat.

    Thanks for glancing, and have a wonderful day. Wishing all Darebees a happy and safe festive season.

    Cheers :-)

    Great accomplishments, congrats!