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This website is super nice

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    This website is super nice

    Hello everyone,

    First time poster here. I discovered Darebee a few days ago and I am impressed. It is a very nice resource and, I am sure, community, with a lot of good quality material - all straight to the point though, which really attracts me.

    I have been training on and off for years now, but for the past 12 years it has been almost always at home. I am turning 30 in less than a month. As a teenager I did fencing, ninjutsu, yoga (Iyengar) and capoeira, with yoga being the one I did the longest and with most personal involvement. After I moved to London and started university, life got busy and fitness classes expensive. I tried a few things (Tai Chi, ninjutsu and yoga again, going to the gym for cardio and weights, running outside) but eventually I realized I just like working out at home more, as long as I am following some kind of plan. It feels more streamlined and efficient, which I like.

    For the past few months I have followed a routine I made up myself - 5 exercises, progressing from easier to harder variations over time, everyday, experimenting with different set ups for number of reps and speed of execution. It worked to some extent, but eventually it got a bit boring and I might be too much of a perfectionist to follow my own plans - I easily end up doing wall push ups (despite being able to do diamond push ups) to perfect technique, stamina and speed before aiming for strength increase. There is a logic to it, but it's just too slow and limiting.

    Darebee's programs seem like a lot of fun and the fantasy and sci-fi adventure inspired programs are a genius idea (I like fantasy, sci-fi and roleplaying games). Today I started Foundation. Day 1 was very light (even with 7 sets) compared to my fitness level - I was expecting it be at least slightly more challenging, because I didn't think I was that fit -, but that's ok. God willing, I am going to follow through with it nonetheless and move to more advanced programs later. Many exercises are new to me, even if they feel easy, so I have no need to rush.

    I hope everyone (with their dear ones) here is safe in the pandemic! I don't have anything fancy in mind to close the post so I'm going to just stop here. XD


    @ars aequilibri Welcome to the Hive.


      Hi and welcome to the hive



        Welcome to the Hive!

        I could google, however please tell me what is “capoeira”? Thanks and have a great time in your training


          Thanks to those who welcomed me so far and will do so later!

          Originally posted by WSMC27 View Post

          I could google, however please tell me what is “capoeira”?
          "Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. It was developed by enslaved Africans in Brazil at the beginning of the 16th century. It is known for its acrobatic and complex maneuvers, often involving hands on the ground and inverted kicks." (From the Wikipedia page on Capoeira )

          Still doing Foundation (just finished Day 3). It is interesting that it is very light and easy compared to what I was doing just until a few days ago, but I still discover interesting things in each work out because I have not been practicing different movements in a long while (I stuck to 5 to 9 exercises more or less daily for the past few months).

          For example, the arm raises yesterday became unexpectedly heavy by the end of the 7 sets and I also felt clearly how differently developed my left and right shoulder are: I always carry the grocery shopping with my left arm, even when it's heavy, to have the right hand free, and I have been doing so for years. I can really feel the left shoulder being firmer thant the right one. Interesting.