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Week 47 Progress Report By Bozkurt

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    Week 47 Progress Report By Bozkurt

    Good evening Darebees,

    I hope that this post finds you all doing well. I just finished Dance with Dragons and Liber8, and this concludes both the Katana Week (L3) and the Flexibility Week. For Katana week, I got a Cold Steel Bokken (556 g), and moved one of the cars out of the garage so that I had enough room to swing it. It isgreat that each Katana session has its YouTube video to provide guidance. I also did a bit of research and watched some Kendo classes. Since the Katana sessions turned out to be shorter than I expected, and I normally stretch after my workouts anyways, I decided to combine the Flexibility Week with the Katana Week. Good news is I have completed all the themed weeks. Bad news is I did complete all the themed weeks (what is next and when?)

    Starting tomorrow, I will be starting with my indoor cycling training for cardio and endurance, and add the Darebee sessions for strength and agility. Also, I have 9 days left on the challenge of the month, and of course there is always the Daily Dare w/EC. I will keep you posted as usual.

    Stay safe, and keep working out.


    Themed weeks Badge Congrats