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Week 46 Progress Report by Bozkurt

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    Week 46 Progress Report by Bozkurt

    Here is a revelation... I am not going to be the most graceful fighter ever. I just completed Dragon Week (L3), and I came to realize that I am not very good at kicking. Although my days as a football player made the front kicks and turning kicks manageable, side kicks and high kicks were very challenging for me. Some of the combos presented a different kind of challenge... I had to workout in the basement this week, and let’s say as a 6’4” man, my turning radius is quite substantial. So, most combos were somehow restricted.

    Until Dragon Week, I avoided workouts that focus on combat skills (I am a peaceful contrarian). However, after a week of combat skills training, my joints are feeling more fluid, if it makes sense. Let’s see what happens at the end of next week once I complete the Katana Week. Two things are for sure: 1) I will try more workouts with combat skills (who knows, maybe I can get better at kicking), and 2) I will repeat Dragon Week in the spring when I can workout in the backyard. I am hoping to do better with combos next time...

    Thank you Darebee team for putting this package together.

    Cheers, and have a safe and productive week everyone.

    Training with fighting techniques is interesting because it teaches you to move your body better and this beyond the "possible" martial use