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The Fitness Journey Begins with a Single Step

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    The Fitness Journey Begins with a Single Step

    Or rather, a bunch of arm movements in this case. Lol.

    I am just getting back into trying an take care of myself after a concussion ended up putting me out of work (which was where most of my exercise came from) and was shortly followed by knee surgery. Physical therapy after surgery did more than help my knee, it helped all of me feel better. Then the virus hit and everything went crazy. But two of my friends have gotten engaged and I'm hoping to get in at least a little better of shape by the time they get to have their wedding (barring any more pandemic shenanigans.). I've also heard that a regular fitness routine can help with anxiety and depression, which I have in spades, and PT did seem to help with that. And I'm an asthmatic still recovering from a bad upper respiratory infection (before covid hit). So long story short, I have a lot of reasons to want to get better.

    Since I am so out of shape, I started with the Baseline program to help me get into the swing of things.

    Day 1
    I completed Level 1 of Day 1.

    I actually did all three sets which surprised me. My arms are a little sore (Goddess, I'm out of shape!) but overall, I feel good about finally starting this journey.

    Ouch! Do take care of yourself. I'm glad to see that the exercise is helping... take it slow at first, and watch it take off.

    I can definitely attest to exercising helping with anxiety and depression. I have both, and my exercise regimen is very important for helping me manage my feelings. Some days are hard, but I do it anyway.

    Welcome to the Hive.




        Day 2
        Level 1 of Day 2 complete.
        This one didn't feel as hard for me, except for the Sit & Stand.

        My particular knee problem is that part of the cartilage under my kneecap was shredded, and my surgeon simply helped smooth it out so it doesn't catch as much and tear up more. Every so often it does still catch (as my surgeon said, the cartilage is still bad, just not as bad) and I had a couple twinges in my knee that tell me it caught again as I stood. But, like it does since surgery, it almost immediately let go. It does still hurt when it does it though. Just lets me know that I need to keep a close eye on that knee as I progress.


          I know Hive, it has been WAY too long. Hard to start a fitness routine if you don't work out. But the past several days have been crazy.

          I took a neighbor my dad and I help take care of, and who just had shoulder surgery a few weeks back, and her dogs to the vet. The male dog, the one that has chosen me as his person (the one he adores), has been quite sick. He was diagnosed with Esophageal Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, 3 Heart Murmurs, and cancer. All at once. So we have been dealing with the fallout from that.

          Then I came down with a cold and (like my colds normally do, probably because of my asthma) breathing has become harder than normal.

          But tomorrow is a new day and I'm hoping that with some good rest (thanks to the meds) I'll feel better in the morning and I'll be right back at it.


            Welcome to the hive


              Hi and welcome to the hive