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    18 November 2020

    Exercise: Makeover Challenge day 8

    Breakfast: Pumpkin cake + coffee

    Lunch: Salad

    Dinner: Beef stir fry

    Notes: Really keen to get back into running, had a lot of work to catch up on though and haven't made the time. Neck is still sore and back is getting stiff, really fanging to do more yoga!


      19th November - 22 November 2020

      Exercise: Makeover Challenge day 9

      Went for a 2 day hike at Lower Portals, so we skipped the challenge for a couple of days as the hike was pretty full on.
      The first day of the hike was a real struggle - I didn't have time for a proper breakfast, the heat was killer and the hills were pretty hard going with 13kg on my back. But we made it and I jumped into the creek as soon as we got there.
      On the second day we climbed a hill that was a grade 5 track (not much of a track, very slippery and steep) without the extra weight. We did that climb twice, once in the morning and again for sunset.
      Yesterday we hiked back and it seemed much easier. I think having a good breakfast really helped, plus my muscles were getting used to that type of exercise.

      Back home now and the challenge has started up again. I'd like to go for a jog tonight after the sun sets. It's too bloody hot to do much during the day.


        23 November 2020

        Exercise: Makeover Challenge day 10

        Breakfast: Granola + coffee

        Lunch: Salad

        Dinner: Osso Bucco

        Notes: Didn't end up doing the night walk unfortunately. I was waiting for my husband to get home so we could go together, but the trains were held up. We're going ice skating tonight though


          24 November 2020

          Exercise: Makeover Challenge day 11, Shoveled 1 trailer load of wood chips, Ice Skating!

          Breakfast: Granola + coffee

          Lunch: Steamed Vegetables

          Dinner: Lamb Ribs, Grilled Zucchini and Salad

          Notes: I'm really starting to notice the results of the Makeover Challenge. I can feel that good burn in my tummy and legs.



            25 November 2020

            Exercise: Makeover Challenge day 12, Shoveled 2 trailer loads of wood chips, walked a couple of kilometres to steal some jackfruit from the neighbour

            Breakfast: Granola + coffee

            Lunch: Cheese toasties + carrot dipped in peanut butter

            Dinner: Lamb ribs, a sausage and salad


              25 November 2020

              Exercise: Makeover Challenge day 13, shoveled a couple of wheelbarrows of cow poop, swim in the ocean

              Breakfast: Sausage, egg and sauerkraut

              Lunch: Salad and fruit, ice cream after my swim

              Dinner: Spaghetti bog


                26 November 2020 - 28 November 2020

                Exercise: Makeover Challenge day 14 and 15 - was too hungover yesterday to do any exercise, but I'll do two lots today to make up for it

                Can't remember what I ate, but I know it wasn't great. I lived on banana smoothies yesterday.


                  29 November 2020

                  Exercise: Makeover Challenge day 15 and 16 - did 2 days of exercise to make up for Saturday's no show. My exercise buddy did his without me so it was only fair.

                  Notes: Not going to lie, I ate like shit yesterday. The hangover was gone, but I was still very tired and had a lazy day binging "The Boys" tv series.
                  I must have got my days mixed up, because today (30/11/20) was day 17.

                  Breakfast: Bacon and egg roll + coffee

                  Lunch: Cucumber salad + ice cream with strawberries

                  Dinner: Potato crisps


                    Update: I got really sick last week from a stomach bug that's going around, I was in bed for four days and am still getting my energy back. We decided to quit the challenge unfortunately.

                    But this morning I got up and went for a jog and I'm feeling good again! I think I'll start this or another challenge in the New Year.

                    I've noticed that I'm at a point in my life where my weight has changed. Up until now my regular weight has been around 42kg with a max of 45kg after an eating event (Christmas, Birthdays etc) and it would only take a couple of days to adjust back down to my standard weight. However, recently my standard weight is more around 45kg - which may not seem like much but I am having to adjust my mindset to accept this new size. I'm not quite as slight as I've always been (I believe the term is 'skinny fat') and I must admit, I've always liked having a flat tummy, now it's a bit thicker but not fat. I feel healthy though (that is when I'm not sick with a stomach bug) and have a good amount of muscle. I think it's just something one has to accept like getting grey hairs.