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    This is serious Mum

    It's been a while since I've been on here, but as the title suggests, it's time to get serious. And I decided I'd like to keep track of my workouts and diet.

    Just did the Cellulite Workout #feelsgoodman

    I've started running lately and I'm still doing yoga. Pretty much just follow along with the Yoga with Adriene videos, they're really enjoyable and it almost feels like working out with friends

    Had low energy lately, which prompted me to double down on exercise and start looking at my diet more. I'm going to look into trying some of the Plates suggested until I'm more confident in creating my own.

    How is everyone else doing?

    Welcome back. Good start


      Welcome (back)! Always a good time to re-energize. I'm doing the lazy bear thing until tomorrow, when I remember how to kick my butt again.


        I had the Lettuce, Cucumber, Chickpea, Quinoa plate for dinner last night, except I realised after I'd started that I had couscous in the cupboard not quinoa. So I swapped the quinoa out for rice, swapped the lettuce for a variety of leafy greens (lettuce, nasturtium, dandelion, chicory and spinach).

        This morning I had my go-to green smoothie - it has good fats and greens (I'm really trying to get a lot more green veggies into me atm). I use fresh unpasturised cow milk instead of the plant milk though.

        I've had one coffee today and I think I'll stick to match green tea for the rest of the day, it usually gives me plenty of energy.

        Really feeling the burn from yesterdays exercise which is great! Got some chores to do today, but I'm thinking I'll go for a run and do some yoga this arvo.


          Exercise: Went for a run to the letterbox yesterday afternoon. It's not a huge distance, I'd say a bit less than a kilometer, but my plan is to gradually increase the distance as that gets easier. I did not do any yoga so I'll make up for that today.

          Dinner: Had pork chops for dinner, but I made sure that half my plate was leafy greens, and there was a portion of chickpeas and rice as well.



            Exercise: I walked about 1200m around my property, not a lot but it's something.

            Breakfast: Green Smoothie

            Lunch: 1/2 plate leafy greens, 1/4 rice, 1/4 chickpeas + a piece of roasted pumpkin

            Dinner: Silverside, chickpeas, rice, pumpkin.



              Exercise: Bike ride for approx 2.2km, Movement Medicine yoga

              Breakfast: Granola + coffee

              Lunch: Banana, berry smoothie

              Dinner: Peas, Mushroom Burgers, Potato plate

              Notes: I've been starting every morning with a glass of water and drinking about 1L of water + tea during the day. Today's tea was nettle because I felt like I had hay fever. The hay fever went away pretty quickly after drinking the nettle tea, although that could be coincidental. I've been having 1-2 cups of coffee per day.


                I've just convinced a friend of mine to do the Makeover Challenge with me. Now I have something to look forward to


                  Great work!
                  It's great to have a friend along for the ride! They can work like a charm for motivation/ bullying.
                  Your thread title has meant I've had "Greg the stop sign!" running through my head for the last couple of days. Not sure if you meant to reference the band but my head has called a TISM festival.


                    Thanks Io6 I was indeed referencing the band, glad you picked up on it!

                    We just did our first day of the challenge, it was so much better with a friend! I think we'll probably continue this new habit as we're both working on our health and fitness.


                      Exercise: Makeover Challenge day 1, Yoga to Feel Your Best, yard work - shoveling cow poop

                      Breakfast: Banana, berry smoothie

                      Lunch: Mushroom burgers + leafy greens

                      Dinner: probably something vegan

                      Note: From today until Monday, we're going on brewery tours. My friend that I'm doing the workouts with and I will try our best to eat healthy where possible, but we won't have as much control over the options. Anyway a week of funsies, then back to it! We'll still be working out each day and drinking plenty of water.



                        Dinner: Vegan southern fried chicken burger + beer

                        Notes: Ok so while 'fried' chicken isn't the most healthy, even if it was vegetables, the meal was mostly healthy. But damn was it tasty!!!



                          Exercise: Makeover Challenge day 2, a bit of walking between bars

                          Breakfast: Banana, berry smoothie + coffee

                          Lunch: Caesar salad + lots of beer

                          Dinner: 3 vegetarian spring rolls, 2 x fresh coconuts, long island ice tea

                          Dessert: Shared a sticky date pudding



                            Exercise: Makeover Challenge day 6. Yoga with Adriene Text Neck because my neck is really sore for some reason.

                            Breakfast: Banana, berry smoothie + coffee

                            Lunch: Salad roll

                            Dinner: Steak and salad

                            Notes: Haven't checked in for a few days, it's been a wild week! We're up to day 6 of the Makeover Challenge, haven't missed a day yet. The diet has progressively been getting worse each day as the beer drinking intensifies. Today was the last day of brewery tours but I decided not to join in. I'm feeling really tired and am looking forward to a day of healthy food, lots of water and no alcohol. Tomorrow is the last day before our beer buddies are heading home, but it sounds like they're having an easy one too. Looking forward to a final hurrah over ramen tomorrow night.



                              Exercise: Makeover Challenge day 7

                              Breakfast: Green smoothie

                              Lunch: Salad + rissoles, pumpkin cake snack

                              Dinner: Steak, egg, chips + veggies