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The Journey of The Stellfather

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    The Journey of The Stellfather

    "It's time to take this shit seriously."

    That's what I told myself this morning as I went through my first day of "Square One". On one hand, my mind was berating me for doing something that didn't per say feel "difficult", but the logical side of it reminded me of what I was trying to do.

    I'm trying to get myself back to where I was before. Both mentally and physically. And in order to do this right, I couldn't do this the way I did before.

    You see, one of the "talents" I have had since I was younger, was an ability to pick up physical activities very quickly. I can play all sports, figure out most physical challenges, which is great, but it also means that when you start to train or work out, you immediately go out and push yourself far too hard. I couldn't understand why I didn't heal as fast as I used to, why the old niggles and soreness that stretch around my body from years of competition and stupid decisions to get that rush from competing wouldn't stop yelling as fast as they did before. I would get sore, not be able to do anything for a few days, and then lose the motivation to keep going. It kept repeating itself over and over again.

    Then I started looking at things like I do with my business activities, and the Japanese concept of Kaizen...or "continuous improvement". The idea to just get the process going on a daily basis, piece by piece, even if the first steps don't seem difficult. So that you can build yourself up, and then in turn be able to keep the distance and keep going onto different and tougher programs and thus in turn get my health where it needs to be.

    Because I have some big goals. The company I am developing (my 3rd one) focuses on asset recovery. I have spent a number of years tracking scammers and now am training to add the ability to track money launderers and traffickers as well. But along with this definition of "asset recovery" I have extrapolated it to incorporate things like hostage negotiation, search and rescue, and asset extraction. These activities involve both physical and mental strengths that I know I can reach, but I need to build myself back to that point where I will be able to do them to the best of my ability.

    But the biggest goal of to get my health in check for my new daughter. She's two months old, and well...she has awoken a desire in me to just be my best. A feeling that I had lost in the past due to events and challenges that brought me to rock bottom. But her mother and now her have given me that motivation to get back to where I was before. I want to be my best for them, and I want both of them to have someone in their life who can give them everything that they can and to the best of his ability.

    And so that leaves me where I am now. Day One of Square One completed. A Modern Hero Mealplan to look forwards to, and convincing myself to be patient and stay the course, and not let my impatient urges get the best of me. It will be a fun ride, and I'm glad there is a place like this for me to document it, both as accountability, but also for me to be able to look back down the line when I have succeeded with this journey.

    Catch you later
    The Stellfather

    Welcome to the Hive.


      Hi and welcome to the hive


        Welcome to the Hive and Congratulations. Both for your daughter and you finding the new motivation. I share your feeling of not doing enough in a day. Every workout session that I can walk comfortably out of, is an easy enough workout. But I have changed that thinking, in lieu of knowing that I am indeed doing "continual improvement".