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    Frank's Health Journey

    What a great site! I can't believe I just found this incredible resource. I've been searching for a while for a program/website for home-based workouts. Finally two days ago I came across Darebee. Really, really great resource! 👏🏼

    My name is Frank, I'm a 51-year old American living in the center of France for the last 8 years. As far as my health/fitness history: as a young adult I was a bit chunky and didn't participate in any sports. Growing up in Wisconsin, I had a less than desirable diet, including too much fast food. Add into that my penchant for being a binge eater and you get the picture. Here's a picture of me during that period. It reminds me of the Friends episodes where Monica was wearing a fat suit. 😳
    Click image for larger version

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    Shortly after this photo was taken I was accepted into a PhD program in Los Angeles. My image of California was that everyone was fit and beautiful. I didn't feel like I was either. So I started watching what I eat and I also started running. As you can imagine, I lost quite a bit of weight and started becoming more fit. I was also working out at a gym.

    For most of my adult life I've been quite active. Actually, I had a friend who referred to me as "athletic" and it was such a shock because I'd never considered myself athletic, but I guess it had somehow become true. I consider myself a runner and have run 3 marathons, the most recent in 2019 to celebrate my 50th birthday (which I ran 30 minutes faster than my former marathon 16 years prior!). Until COVID I belonged to a gym.

    For the last year and a half I've been struggling with depression, which has had an impact on my health and weight. In June I decided to try to get a grip on it and dedicated myself to working out everyday. Because I love running, and because it's such a fast and efficient workout which doesn't require me to go to the gym, I decided to run everyday for a month. The first month went great, I felt good, I lost some weight. So I did it for another month. Still felt great, so I renewed for another month.

    Unfortunately near the middle of that month I injured my hip. At first my doctor and PT thought it was bursitis so they began treating it. Since it wasn't healing we did more tests and it turns out I developed a hematoma in my hip (apparently quite rare and VERY painful). So I haven't been able to run for the last 6 weeks. And I feel it physically (I just checked and I've gaine 3kg!) and psychologically.

    And now France is back in quarantine! 🤦‍♂️ After a weekend of feeling sorry for myself and laying around, I decided to get off my butt and get into action.

    So here I am. I'm going to start with Age of Pandora to get into the swing of things. I figure it's a 60 day program and since we'll likely be quarantined for 2 months, why not. I'm also going to do A Salad A Day Challenge. I've downloaded Cronometer to track my nutrition. And I am going to start a program with my adolescent son to learn how to do handstands (to help with my upper body conditioning, which, as a runner, is lacking).

    There you have it. Let's get this show on the road!

    Day 1
    Age of Pandora: Chapter 1
    A Salad A Day: Greek salad for lunch


      Hi and welcome to the hive


        Welcome, looks like a good start.