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First time Darbee: Week 1, 30 Days Gravity

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    First time Darbee: Week 1, 30 Days Gravity

    Hey Darbee Hive,

    I've known about Neil Reys exercises for a while now due to the very cool exercise sheets that are flowing all across the internet on all types of social media. However, I've never actually explored it until a couple of weeks ago.

    I'm about to turn 33 in December and one of my birthday gifts to myself is to end this year much fitter and healthier than I entered it. It's been a wild ride with corona virus, quarantine (based in Barcelona), over-eating, over-compensating for the over-eating and so on and so forth. In summary, I've not been able to maintain a good balance in my efforts to try and reach my goal.

    I'm a fairly athletic individual and always have been, however, I've always had this "slim-fatness" over me, more so around my the core area. This has always been an insecurity of mine that I've always wanted to confront but for some reason, never really truly have. What's more though is that I've always been on the chase for a good healthy lifestyle routine, more than just working out a particular area, I've always wanted to find a weekly routine that will work and maintain my whole body. I work in the field of IT which means that I do a lot of sitting down, however, I've never blamed my profession for my physical nor mental downfalls. It's my responsibility and no body else, I have no one to blame but myself.

    I firmly believe that if I wouldn't have the genetic composition that has blessed me with an incredible metabolism, I would be a very very large person today, and most likely not been able to maintain my athleticism due to the food intake being a lot higher than the burning of it since teenage years.

    With all of this said, we've almost reached the end of the year so I started desperately looking for ready-made routines with the intention of sticking to them, it was in this search that I really discovered DARBEE. Not only did I find the 30 Days Gravity Program, but I also found a meal plan that suits me and my objectives. I'm currently combining the 30 Days Gravity program with the Modern Hero Mealplan.

    One of my main concerns this first week has been becoming aware of my food intake. Limiting that to smaller portions but more so, removing all the snacking aspects that happened throughout the day. This has led me to read up a lot on calories, and wow, what a jungle that world is. It's made me realise my own ignorance and to be completely honest, feel a little bit ashamed that I'm not more proficient on the subject of nutrition.

    Apart from coming to terms with my own ignorance, there's also been a lot of mental insecurities. Waking up and feeling scared that maybe today is the day I go back into depression and self-hate? Maybe I won't be able to make it? Maybe I'm in over my head again? This and more has been part of the daily mental battle this first week.

    I'm not really sure what I want to convey with this post if I'm completely honest. I just felt the need to share to maintain my commitment to the program, more importantly though, to maintain the commitment to myself and my health. Maybe I'm just looking for validation through attention? Maybe I just wanna be heard? Maybe it's a combination of all that composes my personality, whatever it is, the need to write this has been in my mind for the last three weeks so here I am.

    If you've made it this far, thanks for reading and keep an eye in!


    Week 2, 30 Days Gravity:

    This second week has been a bit more challenging. Yesterday and today I haven't weighed my breakfast, lunch nor dinner, I've also skipped a 3 days and instead I've done Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Flow classes. This I've done in an attempt to compensate, still, I cannot help but to feel like I've "betrayed" myself.

    I guess that feeling of letting myself down comes from an internal insecurity and is strengthened by that inner-negative-voice that's trying to latch on to something in an attempt to not die. A part of the ego that one is constantly battling I would say. Once that voice latches on, body and mind start "relaxing" and use these moments of weakness as an excuse to "take a break". All of a sudden, I find myself breaking that commitment to myself.

    Previously, this process would last about a month or two before I bounced back. As time has gone, these periods of "failure" or "falling down" (I prefer the latter), have become shorter and shorter. Still, when they do happen, the feeling remains just as strong. The process of bouncing back however, starts making more sense, making it easier to do so.

    Instead of focusing on the what's and ifs, I'll try focusing on just continuing to do. It's easier said than done, but it needs to be done.

    If you've made it this far, thanks again for reading!

    Keep buzzing!



      Week 3, 30 Days Gravity:

      Thanks to the previous post, I got motivated for Week #3. From a workout and eating perspective it went quite well, during the weekdays. By the weekend, the workout was still flowing, however, food wise, I did treat myself. This time, with a lot less guilt as I could really feel the work and progress that I've made since the very first week.

      I've noticed that once you start weighing your food, you get a better visual perspective of what's a "reasonable" portion. Whilst before, I would only eat with my eyes as they say. I do realise that maybe this will be the hardest pattern for me to break, my eating habits.

      At the moment though, I feel like I'm doing progress on the matter, although I do love food, having weighed most of my food for the last couple of weeks has definitely given a better perspective and understanding of my own behaviour. It won't allow me to turn a blind eye anymore.

      For this week the focus will be to control the food intake as I did during the very first week, and keep on exercising. The exercise bit isn't that difficult, like I've said previously, I do enjoy keeping active. I've realised that the real challenge for me is nutritional and dietary. Not that I eat particularly bad, I just love to eat a lot!

      Hopefully, I'll continue feeling the confidence and strength I'm feeling at the moment throughout the whole week!



        Hidamncez ! Welcome to The Hive. I’m happy posting here has already helped keeping you motivated.

        About what you said about weighing and visually measuring food, my language has a nice expression, that says in literal translation: your eyes are/see larger than your stomach.


          You're doing great!

          Keep going...


            Week 4, 30 Days Gravity:

            First off, thank you for the very kind and motivational replies!

            Now, last week, the 4th week, was okay. I wasn't biblically strict, nor was I slacking off, which made me feel okay. One thing I have noticed throughout these 4 weeks though (and I've known it before as well, it's just that now it's become so visually evident) is that I always need to snack or drink something. One might "what've you been drinking or snacking when you're supposed to follow a 3 meals a day regiment?" and well the answer to that is, I've been drinking shit loads of tea and snacking loads of sunflower seeds.

            From what I've read, sunflower seeds contain a lot of fat, the ones that I eat are very lightly salted at that. Does anyone in here actually know the nutritional value of these? And when too much of them becomes too much?

            With regards to the tea, I've been drinking loads of Camomile, Green & Black tea, sometimes with a little bit of honey and others with nothing at all. I know can Google this, but I'd thought I'd post this question in here too, does anyone know when too much tea becomes too much? From what I know is that it came you stomach and its contents, hmm.....really hard?

            As I'm observing myself when I'm writing this I'm noticing that I have quite a few questions and just now, feeling "comfortable" enough to post them in here. Anyway, I wanted to ask the Hive if you have any recommendations on how to amend snacking problems? good and healthy replacements? maybe it's a matter for me of going on a 6 meals a day plan so that I don't give the snack-cravings a big enough window to occur?

            When it comes to the liquids, what do you guys recommend? For the last two months (before I started this challenge) I've been limiting myself too water, coffee, tea and fizzy water. Personally, I'm concerned about fizzy water, maybe the gas in there is unhealthy? or it will bloat my stomach over time? etc. etc. etc. but I cannot find anything online about it.

            I guess, because I'm not a nutritionist, nor a personal trainer, a lot of times when doing these things, I do feel very insecure, and sometimes that insecurity takes over me and tells me "Ah you're not doing it perfect, so why are you doing it at all? You're not even sure of what you're doing is right, so ehm?? wasting time much??"'s not a very healthy taught pattern that, at the same time, I am a bit of a perfectionist once I do something, which as been both a blessing and a curse throughout life.

            I guess, at the moment I'm on the last week, week 5.....I'll say this much for now, atm, it's not been going too great. Work has taken over and motivation is fading. One cannot depend upon motivation though, I need to remember the discipline, that's what allows growth.

            If you have any advice or tips whatsoever on the questions I've posted, I'd be most humbled!

            If you've made it this far, thank you for reading!