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    A Dragon On A Quest

    Hey there!

    This is about my thousandths time to try and start getting healthy. I have always given up after a week or so, because doing workouts alone isnt something i really enjoy. So why did that changed pr rather, why do I try again? Well... My back started hurting pretty bad a few weeks ago, which gladly went away, but i realised that my body needs some form of activity to stay healthy and functional. Also adding to that in a few weeks I will be standing for 9h a day and thinking forward to that... I am not sure how good my body can handle that.

    My biggest goal is to feel better. I want to be able to run to the bus and dont feel like shit. So just feel better in daily occurences. I also have to get up 4 flights of stairs to my flat. I felt, as I stopped exercising due to the pandemic and moving cities, that it is getting more and more difficult to get up these stairs. I hope I can change that into not feeling out of breath when I have climbed them all^^

    Sooo whats the plan? I started the foundation programme in Level I (if not stated otherwise) today. I also started with day one of the October challenge with knee push-ups. I have never really been able to do a pushup before so I hope while doing that challenge I will soon be able to do one. So here is to starting my fitness journey^^

    Day 1:
    - Foundation Day 1
    - Daily Push-Ups Day 1
    - Also did a walk today and skipped a bit since I was motivated today^^


    Welcome and good for YOU! "Out of breath" know as that was how I felt earlier this year.
    Best wishes for success in all your training journeys!




        Day 2:
        - Foundation Day 2 was way harder than yesterday... Seems like I lost more strength than I thought :/
        - Daily Push-Ups Day 2
        - DD I was pretty close to doing EC but after 3min I couldnt hold my arms up anymore and took a short break before I did the last minute^^
        - Also did another walk today^^


          Day 3:
          - Foundation Day 3 was pretty nice today. I decided to do Level II today, because I found it pretty easy to do.
          -Daily Push-Ups Day 3 also done... I changed it from knee push-ups to push-ups on a table (due to my knees not liking being on the floor like that:/) and it is wayyyy harder. Nearly couldnt finish the last set but powered through. Probably will be pretty sore tomorrow
          - Did the DD with EC


            A warm welcome, and we look forward to your progress!

            And soon, you will be able to do the full push ups; well done.


              Day 4:
              If not for this log I probably wouldnt have worked out today. Wasnt really motivated but I wanted to log here everyday and that pressure of everyone being able to see that I didnt do any exercise today definitely helped xD

              - Foundation day 4 probably would have been able to do Level II but since I wasnt in the mood I didnt do it...
              - DD + EC
              - Did a walk with our doggo^^
              - Daily Push-Ups day 4 done I did them in 10 sets of 3 to give my arms and chest a little break since they are sore from changing to harder push-ups


                Day 5:

                - Foundation day 5 felt pretty easy so I did Level II
                - Daily Push-Ups done, I only struggled on the last few reps of the last round, so I think I am getting stronger
                - Did a walk with a bit of hanging on a nearby playground, but that is a struggle. Something for the future to look into ^^
                - DD+EC 3/4 Imma track these now here as well^^


                  Day 6:

                  Today was a sporty day^^

                  - 1h Kickboxing
                  - 30min Stretching afterwards
                  - In the evening I did Foundation Day 6... My core muscles are nearly non existent-.-
                  - Did Daily Push-Ups Day 6 in 6 sets of 5 which was surprisingly pretty easy
                  - DD + EC 4/5




                      Hey! HellYeah


                        Day 7:

                        Look look! It's been a week! Though I nearly forgot it today so I just did them at 12am...

                        - Foundation day 7 why so much arms? They feel like wet noodles...

                        - Daily Push-ups nearly couldn't finish them because I did foundation beforehand xD

                        -Did 2 walks today^^

                        - DD + EC 5/6


                          Good job Keep it on



                            So that went well...

                            Didn't work out a lot after that but recently started swimming once a week and also got new running shoes (its amazing how much less running sucks when your feet dont ache from the start). So I thought I'd give this another go.

                            I eased my way in today with a walk and Day 1 of Totals. Not gonna go all out from the beginning.

                            - 40 min walk (also did 2 x 5 s deadhangs. normally i can do 8 s but today felt really heavy. Maybe because I did them now a few days in a row)
                            - Day 1 of Totals (haven't quite finished it yet, but the lunges are the bane of my existence. luckily only 10 left)
                            - DD in 4 sets of 15


                              Holistic exercise woohoo! Running will do you good.