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30 Days HIIT Advance & Ironborn

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  • 30 Days HIIT Advance & Ironborn

    I don't know how to do this check in stuffs, i guess you just have to post here daily about your progress. So I'm on my 8 days of both workout, my body has already feel the pain of that combined workout. I want to streamline bit of my belly so I did this quick daily HIIT stuffs, and I want to replicate gym excercise using dumbell with Ironborn workout. So far so good.

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    So anyway, I haven't check in or post any progress daily. But I'm on my 14th day of this duo workout. And just too add more pain (lol), I added 30 days total abs in the middle of it. So everyday I'm doing these 3 workout, my abs workout is at 6 day.


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      I haven't checked in for a while now. I'm at 21st day of both HIIT Advance and Ironborn, and at 13rd day of Total Abs. It's really drain you out doing this everyday with no rest day. Especially on working day, since I did my workout early in the morning with empty stomach. I hope to streamline my belly a bit, but I know one month worth of workout can't magically turn your kinda pot belly into six packs abs. But I can feel the muscle in the stomach but the annoying fat layer still there. I think i need to workout religiously for few months or year to see the result, right?

      Oh and me and my wife also already make adjustmen to what are we gonna eat through the day. She is very supporting with the meal plan. Just like everyone said, good body is made in kitchen.

      And also if someone read this, after I finish HIIT Advance and Ironborn, what workout should I take next? My goal of course streamlining.



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        So i've never check this thread out, but i've finished it. Now I'm on 30 days of cardio blast, spartans trial, and power cardio. all 3 at once.