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I Visited Darebee and All I Got Was This Great Workout

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    I Visited Darebee and All I Got Was This Great Workout

    Hey everyone! I've been lurking in the Darebee forums for 5 years now, and I've finally decided to start my own fitness journal!


    I've always been a pretty active person, especially in college. I got pretty heavily involved in dance at my school (ballet, modern, and hip hop) and at the peak of my fitness life I was taking four dance classes a week, plus rehearsing and performing in dance concerts. This was actually when I also started using Darebee, though really only for the stretching routines. It was a lot of work, but I absolutely love dancing and had the time of my life.

    Fast forward to now (two years out of college) and I'm nowhere near as active as I used to be. I haven't danced since I graduated because I haven't been able to afford intermediate-upper level dance classes, so I've been trying different workout programs (including Darebee's) to try and find something else to keep me fit. I've noticed, though, that I have a difficult time sticking with a program and seeing it through. I'm the type of person who tends to jump into something headfirst, take on way too much at once, and either burn out or become bored and give up. I'm hoping by having to check in every day, I'll be able to combat both of these tendencies and have a fit lifestyle again.


    I'm very blessed to have good genetics and a fast metabolism, so I'm not looking to lose any weight. My overall goal with this is just to foster a healthy lifestyle by exercising daily. I'm also trying to save up for those dance classes, so I want to be in good physical shape so I can jump right into those once I can afford them. That being said, I've always loved Darebee's badge system for its programs and challenges, so I'm very much going to try and get as many of them as I can during this journey!

    The Plan

    Like I mentioned earlier, I tend to overexert myself at the beginning, so I'm going to start out with only a couple of things to try and prevent that.

    1. Spellbound Program - I'm very intrigued by this! I'm a fan of DnD, so this looks like it'll be a lot of fun!
    2. Flexibility Week - I'm a big sucker for any sort of stretching/flexibility. This will be the start of me getting my splits back!

    AND THAT'S IT! I might add in the daily dares or a challenge later on, but for now this is enough. Baby steps!

    Welcome and have fun on your journey




        stongecat Welcome. Nothing wrong with baby steps.


          Thanks TheLibrarian, Fremen, and PETERMORRIS966!

          Day 1 (9/9/2020)

          Spellbound Chapter 1
          Flexibility Week Day 1
          Chiropractor Exercises (forgot to mention these earlier, but I've also been slacking on these. Into the list it goes for accountability!)

          Chapter 1 of Spellbound was nice! I'm used to the Level I set of 3 that most Darebee workouts consist of, so I was a little surprised to have to do 5 sets. It wasn't too challenging though, and with those calf raises and leg lifts, it felt a lot like doing ballet.


            Hey! It looks like we started our logs on the same day and even have similar reasons for starting one! (accountability and starting slow to avoid burnout) Great job so far!


              Tbolt28 haha you're right! Fitness log twins! It looks like you're killing it too so far. Keep it up!

              Day 2 (9/10/2020)

              Spellbound Chapter 2
              Flexibility Week Day 2
              Chiro Exercises
              I got a cavity filled today, so I got to work out with half of a numb face. Had to really make sure I wasn't knawing on my own cheek the whole time!


                Day 3 (9/11/2020)

                Spellbound Chapter 3
                Flexibility Week Day 3 with EC
                Chiro Exercises

                I'm super proud of myself! My first thought when I saw two workouts in Chapter 3 was "Welp, guess this is gonna be a two-day chapter..." Instead, I powered through and finished both spells today! I also got a good roll and only had to cast one of them! My legs feel tired but strong.


                  Day 4 (9/12/2020)

                  Spellbound Chapter 4
                  Flexibility Week Day 4 with EC
                  Chiro Exercises

                  Anyone else yawn a bunch when doing overhead stretches like in Tug of War? Without fail, I yawn at least once every time I put my hands above my head. The body is weird...


                    Anyone else yawn a bunch when doing overhead stretches
                    I don't think so but I'll try to pay attention next time.



                      Originally posted by stongecat View Post
                      Anyone else yawn a bunch when doing overhead stretches like in Tug of War? Without fail, I yawn at least once every time I put my hands above my head. The body is weird...
                      It means that you are relaxing


                        Thanks for the welcome Gandhalfit! Fremen that is a very good point. I guess I should be doing more overhead stretches then

                        Day 5 (9/13/2020)

                        Spellbound Chapter 5
                        Flexibility Week Day 5
                        Chiro Exercises

                        For Chapter 5, I decided to charge this and this. The program has been pretty leg heavy so far, so it felt nice to focus on something else today. Also did anyone else get Star Wars vibes when
                        you tell the guards you are not who they are looking for


                          Day 6 (9/14/2020)

                          Spellbound Chapter 6
                          Flexibility Week Day 6
                          Chiro Exercises

                          I'm not sure why, but today was super tiring. I just wanted to collapse on my floor when I got home from work. It was a big push to get myself to workout, but I'm glad I did. and I'm glad Chapter 6 was not a double workout chapter.


                            Day 7 (9/15/2020)

                            Chiro Exercises

                            Tuesdays are Chiropractor appointment days, so I like to keep it more chill. My chiropractor already has me working hard with all the exercises she has me do...


                              Day 8 (9/16/2020)


                              Someone from my company was offering a free 90 minute virtual contemporary dance class this evening, so I attended that for my workout today. It was so much fun! It felt really good to be dancing again, even if it wasn't in a studio.
                              I was also reminded that I sometimes have knee problems when I dance. I can't tell if it's because I'm hyperextending, going past my knees, or if it's just general instability. Oh well, time to bust out the ice...