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I Visited Darebee and All I Got Was This Great Workout

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    Day 63 (11/10/2020)

    Chiropractor Day!

    Day 64 (11/11/2020)

    Fighter's Codex Day 8
    Daily Push Ups Challenge Day 27
    Calves of Steel Challenge Day 27
    0.53 mi walk

    Took a short walk after finishing up work today. I'm hoping to make it a daily habit to help clear my head of work things. Of course, I had to start this right as it's getting dark and cold earlier...


      Congrats on 60 days!


        Thanks PETERMORRIS966 !

        Day 65 (11/12/2020)

        Beat Saber Workout
        0.78 mi walk

        Day 66 (11/13/2020)

        Daily Push Ups Challenge Day 28
        Calves of Steel Challenge Day 28
        Daily Dare: 20 Forward Bends w/EC (Count: 25 EC/30 Total)
        1.04 mi walk

        I got about 2 sets into Fighter's Codex today before I had to stop cause I felt like I was literally dying. I'm seriously considering switching programs. I just feel like I might have bitten off more than I can chew with this one. Even though it's ranked similarly to Spellbound, Fighter's Codex is wayyy harder. I hate quitting stuff though...

        Advice please! Should I try to tough it out with Fighter's Codex, or switch to a different program? I'm so conflicted!


          You could try working out at a different time, or see if you are eating enough of the right stuff long enough before. If it's a fitness issue you could try going back in the program and do some of the days again. Stopping something that is too hard is not always quitting, it's rerouting. If it doesn't work now you could prepare yourself to do it later.


            I would consider Fireheart or Combat HIIT instead of Fighter's Codex, it will be a lv 3 program but I found it more difficult than lv 4 programs


              as Gandhalfit said, it´s only rerouting. What is one lost battle when you win the war, right? Have you tried to adapt the exercises eventually? There are different kinds of pushup exercises or genereally substitutations for exercises in general. If this is nothing for you, then just come back to figthers codes later. I personally made the same decision with Cardio Trim Run - i switched programs, my knees just coulnd´t handle all those running, but I will come back to this fiendishly program sometime in the future and try it again. In the meantime I take another road, and prepare, get stronger.
              So, long story short: if exercise substitutions don´t work for you, or the hint with eaiting routine or different time to working out - the latter helped me a lot, I am more energized atfernoons and when eating some pre workout meal, just choose something diffferent, try it out if it suits you. If not, there are a lot of programs, workouts out there waiting to be conquered. Keep up your awesome work and always listen to your body, he knows more beforehand then you ....


                Day 67 (11/14/2020)

                3.28 mi walk
                Daily Push Ups Challenge Day 29
                Calves of Steel Challenge Day 29
                Beat Saber Workout

                Gandhalfit (you changed your name! ), Fremen, and TheLibrarian, you guys are so helpful as always!!!

                I will admit, I'm probably not taking nutrition into account as much as a should. I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow, so I did some more research on nutrition today and will stock up on good workout foods and see if that helps.

                I think I might still switch programs even if the nutrition helps. The completionist, Type-A part of me really wants to go back and finish all the lvl 1 programs, then do the lvl 2s, then lvl 3s, etc, which is not what I've been doing. It makes me think of a video game, you know, cause you're starting at lvl 1 and working your way up to the higher levels (I love me a good video game metaphor!). I'm going to sleep on it, let all the good advice marinate in my brain a little more, and see how I feel tomorrow.

                Thank you again, this community is so supportive!


                  You're welcome. I hope you can keep working out and quiet your mind.
                  And yes I did


                    Video game metaphors? Do not try to speedrun Build your character step by step (level by level) and play for the long game


                      Day 68 (11/15/2020)

                      Foundation Light Day 1
                      Daily Push Ups Challenge Day 30
                      Calves of Steel Challenge Day 30
                      Daily Dare: 200 Backfists w/EC (Count: 26 EC/31 Total)
                      Yoga Week Day 1: Solid Base

                      VacTom, very good advice! I decided to go for it and switch to Foundation Light. The more I thought about it, the more it made logical sense in my brain. I did also add Yoga Week to add a little more challenge (and because I want all the badges!! Gotta catch em all!) New goals are a go!


                        for new goals. Enjoy the two new routines .. ahm, badges I mean


                          Congrats on Daily push up and Calves of steel challenges And good luck catching them all


                            Congrats on challenges


                              Congrats on the two challenges.


                                Congrats on the challenges!