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I Visited Darebee and All I Got Was This Great Workout

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    Healing vibes for your knees
    Leg work is a risk with knee problems, dancing is worse. The only dancing I can do is Tai Sabaki.


      Healing vibes


        Get well quickly


          Thanks Gandhalfit, Fremen, and Peterpan! It's feeling better today, so I think the icing helped a lot. I love dancing too much to give it up from knee pain, so hopefully with good after-dance care I can keep it mostly at bay. Life's too short anyway, might as well get to do something I enjoy haha.

          Day 9 (9/17/2020)

          Spellbound Chapter 7
          Flexibility Week Day 7
          Chiro Exercises

          I finished Flexibility Week! Yay for badges!! For my next challenge, I'm going to go for the 50 DD badge!


            Day 10 (9/18/2020)

            Spellbound Chapter 8
            Daily Dare: Single Leg Bridges w/EC (Count: 1 EC/1 Total)
            Chiro Exercises

            Three cheers for the weekend!


              Day 11 (9/19/2020)

              Spellbound Chapter 9
              Daily Dare: Overhead Punches (Count: 1 EC/2 Total)
              Chiro Exercises

              It was my sister's birthday earlier this week, so the family is going out to dinner today! It ended up just being my parents, my siblings, and I that are going, which is pretty rare now that we're all adults and some of us have significant others and children of our own. It'll kinda be like old times! Hopefully the weather stays nice today so we can sit outside comfortably and social distance properly.

              Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


                I'm late to the party but WELCOME! And have a good time!


                  Thanks GentleOx! I'm very glad I did this, everyone has been so welcoming and nice.

                  Day 12 (9/20/2020)

                  Spellbound Chapter 10
                  Daily Dare: 30 Circle Crunches w/EC (Count: 2 EC/3 Total)
                  Chiro Exercises

                  The Spellbound story is getting spicy! It's taking all of my self-discipline not to look ahead to Chapter 11 and see what happens. MUST...HOLD...OFF...UNTIL...TOMORROW..


                    You could look ahead, but you'll have to keep doing what the book tells you


                      Day 13 (9/21/2020)

                      ​ Spellbound Chapter 11
                      ​ Daily Dare: 40 Squat + Step Back w/EC (Count: 3 EC/4 Total)
                      ​ Chiro Exercises

                      Gandhalfit I am nowhere near fit enough to do multiple chapters in one go! Just doing chapter 11 by itself was a trip. I made the mistake of grabbing fast food for dinner and then eating it all before working out today. My body was really not feeling all those shoulder taps


                        Junk food is not a good idea generally, if you eat before a workout you should give it two hours but fast food could also be steamed brocolli and brussel sprouts


                          Day 14 (9/22/2020)

                          Chiropractor day!

                          Yeah I know, but I was craving french fries sooo bad on the way home from work! I have a healthier dinner planned today: roasted beet and root veggies with farro, kale and ricotta. Much healthier than chicken tenders, fries, and a chocolate shake. ​​​​​​​


                            roasted beet and root veggies with farro, kale and ricotta
                            That sounds gooooood


                              Day 15 (9/23/2020)

                              Spellbound Chapter 12
                              Daily Dare: 40 Prone Fly Extensions w/EC (Count: 4 EC/5 Total)
                              Chiro Exercises

                              Gandhalfit it's very good! I'm having the leftovers tonight!


                                Day 16 (9/24/2020)

                                Spellbound Chapter 13
                                Daily Dare: 40 Butterfly Dips w/EC (Count: 5 EC/6 Total)
                                Chiro Exercises

                                Work was long today. Thank goodness it's Friday tomorrow!