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I Visited Darebee and All I Got Was This Great Workout

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    Congratulations on completing Yoga Week


      Day 77 (11/24/2020)

      Chiropractor Day!

      Day 78 (11/25/2020)

      Warmup: 4-Minute Warmup
      Foundation Light Day 9
      Ninja Challenge Day 8
      Meditation Challenge Day 2
      Cooldown: Top to Bottom

      Day 79 (11/29/2020)

      Warmup: 4-Minute Warmup
      Foundation Light Day 10
      Ninja Challenge Day 9
      Meditation Challenge Day 3
      Cooldown: Top to Bottom

      Thanks kandy, TheLibrarian, Gandhalfit, Fremen, VacTom, Joe76, and PETERMORRIS966!! I took a few days off for Thanksgiving, so it was very nice to come back to so many well-wishes.

      I see a lot of you are doing the Fit Christmas and Advent Calendar! I may have to add that on starting tomorrow...


        Originally posted by stongecat View Post
        I see a lot of you are doing the Fit Christmas and Advent Calendar! I may have to add that on starting tomorrow...
        They are still selected from last year but they are two things I love


          Belated Congrats on Yoga Week!


            Day 80 (11/30/2020)

            Beat Saber Workout
            Meditation Challenge Day 4

            Day 81 (12/1/2020)

            Chiropractor Day!
            Meditation Challenge Day 5

            Day 82 (12/2/2020)

            Foundation Light Day 11
            Ninja Challenge Day 10
            Meditation Challenge Day 6
            Fit Christmas Day 1
            2020 Advent Calendar Day 1 & 2
            Daily Dare: 40 Reverse Plank Kicks w/EC (Total: 30 EC/ 37 Total)

            Thanks Whirly!

            I'm excited for all these holiday-themed Darebee activities!


              Day 83 (12/3/2020)

              Foundation Light Day 12
              Ninja Challenge Day 11
              Meditation Challenge Day 7
              Fit Christmas Day 2
              2020 Advent Calendar Day 3

              Day 84 (12/4/2020)

              Foundation Light Day 13
              Ninja Challenge Day 12
              Meditation Challenge Day 8
              Fit Christmas Day 3
              2020 Advent Calendar Day 4

              Took the day off work today! I'm driving over to stay with my parents for the weekend for some low-key, social-distanced birthday fun! Hope everyone has a nice Friday!


                Have fun at the party and stay safe


                  Happy social-distanced birthday fun


                    Day 85 (12/05/2020)

                    Meditation Challenge Day 9

                    Day 86 (12/06/2020)

                    Foundation Light Day 14
                    Ninja Challenge Day 13
                    Fit Christmas Day 4
                    2020 Advent Calendar Days 5 & 6

                    Thanks guys! It was a nice time. I bought a cake and we dropped off slices to my family around town so we could all have the same birthday treat. Not as exciting as previous birthdays, but sometimes it's nice to have something low-key.


                      Day 87 (12/07/2020)

                      Foundation Light Day 15
                      Ninja Challenge Day 14
                      Meditation Challenge Day 10
                      Fit Christmas Day 5
                      2020 Advent Calendar Day 7
                      Daily Dare: 2 min Triceps Dip Hold (Count: 30 EC/ 38 Total)
                      2020 Tree Emerald Ornament: 200/1,000 Jumping Jacks

                      Very productive workout today! I decided to go for the emerald ornament for the Christmas tree because my favorite color is green.


                        Day 88 (12/08/2020)

                        Chiropractor Day!

                        Day 89 (12/09/2020)

                        Foundation Light Day 16
                        Ninja Challenge Day 15
                        Meditation Challenge Day 11
                        Fit Christmas Day 6
                        2020 Advent Calendar Days 8 & 9
                        Daily Dare: 40 Bridge Taps (Count: 30 EC/ 39 Total)
                        2020 Tree Emerald Ornament: 400/1,000 Jumping Jacks

                        Workout done, time for dinner!


                          Day 90 (12/10/2020)

                          Foundation Light Day 17
                          Ninja Challenge Day 16
                          Meditation Challenge Day 12
                          Fit Christmas Day 7
                          2020 Advent Calendar Day 10
                          2020 Tree Emerald Ornament 600/1,000 Jumping Jacks

                          Almost the weekend!


                            Good luck with your Emerald


                              Thanks Gandhalfit

                              Day 91 (12/11/2020)

                              Meditation Challenge Day 13
                              2020 Advent Calendar Day 11

                              It's been snowing all day, the temperature has dropped below freezing, and I'm pretty sure the humidity in my apartment has dropped crazy low as well, because my body is not feeling great. So to compensate while I wait for my newly purchased humidifier to arrive in the mail, I only did the easy exercises today. Hopefully tomorrow feels less like a struggle.


                                Hi, low humidity could be just as bad as too much of it. Maybe you should take long, steaming showers for now, and leave the bathroom door open afterwards?