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    I think there was a day like that in Cardio Hit Run, and I was impressed at the difference of running with an additional load. And your pic of Hong King makes it attractive, really! Thanks for sharing.


      Hey everyone!

      I did a bit of the rucking yesterday, but afterwards pigged out and ruined my diet. Today was better! I made a makeshift routine with my weighted backpack.

      Clean to each shoulder x 10
      Squat to shoulder press x 10
      Kettlebell-style swing x 10
      Goblet squat x 10
      Complex: Snatch to Shoulder press to Kettlebell swing x 5

      for 8 rounds. Considering I'm used to pressing and squatting heavier weights, this made for a good workout.

      I had a break tonight with game night. I played the appropriately named zombie-survival card game "Selfish", and then plundered a crypt and encountered Will o' the Wisps in DnD.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_selfish1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	575.4 KB ID:	754341

      Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_selfish2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	683.2 KB ID:	754342

      I'll catch you around, Bees!

      This was part of my exercise music for today:


        Huh you show interesting board games. I play Dungeon World with some friends, which is basically DnD (similar settings and unit types) but with simpler mechanics.


          Originally posted by stephenphillips42 View Post
          Huh you show interesting board games. I play Dungeon World with some friends, which is basically DnD (similar settings and unit types) but with simpler mechanics.
          We need a board game thread in the Hive!


            Great idea, using the backpack! Do you have a hipband on the backpack to get the load off your shoulders? 14 kg digging into the shoulders would give me a real headache.


              stephenphillips42 My friends have quite a wide variety of board games. Maybe I'll have to get some of my own to join the crowd.
              CaptainCanuck We certainly do!
              AnnieW The backpack digs into my shoulders like none other... The biggest problem I have is having to adjust it constantly.

              Today I did something different... I managed to crank out 1000 pushups.

              I was worried about trying this out (I haven't done it in years) because I have some nagging elbow pain, but I adjusted my form (tuck your elbows in) and it wasn't a problem. I did it over the course of two and a half hours, with each set ranging from 25 to 40. In theory, you could do 100 sets of 10, but I felt like speeding it up.

              I also did the Moby - Flower challenge (Bring Sally Up) five times; the farthest I've gotten is halfway through. Now my pecs and triceps are totally shattered. Guh.
              Here's a preemptive HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you on the forums!

              "Who said it's my year was it you there - Can't go wrong
              I see a new way you'll be in my play - Sing my song
              Where is the reason I keep teasing - If I knew
              To see the new year not being blue here - Evermore"


                That's right tucking the elbows in helps a lot!
                And Happy New Year!


                  Happy New Year


                    Happy new year!


                      Happy New Year Ox!


                        Happy New Year!


                          Happy New Year 🥂


                            Happy 2021!


                              And a Happy New Year to all of you! (I have no idea why, but the @ function is not working for me. Need to read the manual).

                              My exercise habits have been pretty crap. I didn't work out at all except last Monday... I think being without the gym has thrown me off. I don't have an excuse - I have these great DB programs, but I was just suffering from a lack of satisfaction. So I set out to do something different.

                              Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_program.jpg Views:	0 Size:	506.2 KB ID:	758891

                              I made an exercise plan for the week. Essentially a list of exercises and a workout split for different days (sets and reps I decide on the fly).

                              Which I do with the help of this:
                              Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_sandy.jpg Views:	0 Size:	305.0 KB ID:	758892

                              This is my new sandbag! I basically went to the store and got a 20kg sandbag, wrapped it in a garbage bag, and then taped it up. I used to stuff my bag with heavy books, but this is much handier, and I've got a ton of exercises I can do with it.

                              Will it actually work? I'm going to find out this week. I highly recommend John Sheaffer's (of Greyskull Program fame) conditioning pdf for workout ideas. I'm also going to have a look at The Gauntlet, as it's entirely possible to add handles to this thing (I haven't named it yet).

                              Today I did 1050 pushups (I didn't count how many sets, but they were sets of 25-40), followed by several sets of the PRMC press up test. I actually experienced severe muscle cramps from this test in my tris. Improving my total here is probably going to be my new gold standard for pushups. It kind of occurs to me that I might've exercised too much?

                              Anyway, I'll hopefully post another update on how the bag workouts tomorrow.

                              Take care, everyone!

                              I didn't listen to any music during my workout, but I wish I'd listened to this:


                                Congrats at getting back at working out Ox. That’s a cool new toy you got. Hope it works for you.