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    So true, sometimes you struggle, sometimes everything is easy. Keep it going and never mind if one day you can't: you are still strong


      Lookin' good brother. Nice and consistent. Keep up the good work. The bad days just make the good days better.


        Thank you so much Manuela and Baryl. I suppose the bad days exist to challenge us and show that we can improve.

        I forgot to update yesterday. It happens. I trained my Back, which I'm starting to enjoy more as time goes on.

        Romanian Deadlifts: 4 x 6
        Wide-grip rows: 4 x 6
        Machine overhead rows: 4 x 6
        Dumbbell dual rows:
        Machine single-arm rows: 4 x 6
        Close-grip pullups: 4 x 5 (these I found really hard)

        I find working my back a lot of fun, for some reason. It's just a very basic motion and there isn't a big expectation I have to adhere to, unlike when I do the bench press.

        Today, I didn't do much, but I did have an ace DnD sesh which was, as always, good fun and entertainment. We battled through a castle full of the undead and I showed 'em what's what with my trusty greatsword!

        Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_dnd.jpg Views:	0 Size:	529.5 KB ID:	737674

        I'm still mourning the delay of Cyberpunk 2077, but I'm not too fussed. There are more important things, and other games to play.

        Have yourself a good week, Bees.

        I found myself thinking of this song.


          Lovely picture of city in the night!


            Thank you, AnnieW! There are so many gorgeous views of the city.

            I had a little bit of work to do in the afternoon, which is an odd feeling. But I won't question it. Good to have something to do again.

            At the gym, I hit a stumbling block. I was supposed to work both sides of my arms. I couldn't even do that; my triceps gave out on me at the start. So I devoted my energies to bombing out my bis in place of them.

            Dumbbell curls: 20 kg x 20 for 4 sets (another PR for me)
            Concentration curls: 4 x 5
            Incline flat grip curls: 4 x 10
            Circular curls: 4 x 12 (I found these really difficult, but excellent)
            Hammer curls: 4 x 20

            And now my bis are totally fried, naturally.

            Also, I did Spellbound Chapter 5.

            Tired. Now I'm going to drown out my disappointment over Cyberpunk 2077 by playing Borderlands. Mmm... Borderlands.

            Seeya, Bees!

            I listened to this in the gym...


              Hope that delaying Cyberpunk is going to be worth it in quality of the game



                Happy Halloween, bees!

                Today is leg day again. I figured that my workout from last week kicked my butt, and this time, it did just as well.

                Leg Press: (I lost track of how many sets. 6 or 7?) x 6
                Front Dumbbell squats: 5 x 5
                Split squats: 4 x 8
                Leg Extensions: 2 x 10 (I thought these were crap, so I gave up)
                + Spellbound Chapter 6.

                I find Spellbound more fun than Strength Protocol was. The latter just felt like a grind, and some of the exercise progressions were way too difficult. After working out, encountered some adorable charity doggos on the street!

                Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_doggie.jpg Views:	0 Size:	405.8 KB ID:	738229

                In honor of one of my favorite holidays, I've changed my profile pic to match my favourite horror movie (possibly my most favoured movie of all time).

                In Hong Kong trick 'r treating isn't really practiced in the local community; plus it's hard to go round from residence to residence when we live in apartments. But some (mostly expatriate) areas still bring their kids out to celebrate, collect goodies and share in the good spirit of the thing.

                Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_2hallo.jpg Views:	0 Size:	735.5 KB ID:	738227

                It occurred to me really really late that I could've dressed up as Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, but I hadn't prepared at all, plus I'm not a party type of guy. If you are...

                have yourself a spooky, vibrant, sweet, and most of all, fun Halloween!

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                  pretty pupper! Must PET!!


                    VacTom I agree. Whenever it comes out, I believe it will be amazing. And Slipknot have been a favorite of mine since high school!
                    Trbrat75 The doggo was absolutely fluffy and well behaved! Not easy when loads of people are crowded around taking pictures or petting them.

                    I kind of stumbled after Halloween. The medicine I'm taking for my disorder has unfortunate side-effects; among them, I find it difficult to breathe, get light-headed, and suffer from a lack of energy. So I went several days without exercising, and today was just easing my way back into it. I managed to hit a "kind of" PR nonetheless.

                    Bench Press: Maxed at 122.5 x 5
                    Incline Press: 5 x 6
                    Decline Press: 5 x 6
                    Dips: 3 x 12
                    + 20 minutes on the treadmill.

                    I was going to go home and do Spellbound, but I just felt really, really tired. So I'm going to take it easy, down my protein shake, and watch some tv.

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                    Today I listened to...


                      Originally posted by patwillwoo View Post

                      I kind of stumbled after Halloween. The medicine I'm taking for my disorder has unfortunate side-effects; among them, I find it difficult to breathe, get light-headed, and suffer from a lack of energy.
                      I've been there too... be patient with yourself and you'll soon be where you used to be. This is me going to my home gym, however:
                      Take care!


                        Haha! I's back!

                        Felt a lot of anxiety today from... you know what. I accepted that regardless of what happens, life goes on... and besides, Hong Kong definitely has its own problems and personalities!

                        Back day. I recalibrated my deadlift, which means I went back to my safe weight of 140kg and worked up from there after bombing out last week. I'll keep working up again until I find problems.

                        Deadlifts: Maxed at 150 x 5
                        Barbell rows: 4 x 6
                        Machine overhead rows: 4 x 6
                        Dumbbell underhand grip rows: 4 x 20
                        Narrow Grip Pullups: 4 x 5 (Augh. I hate pullups)
                        Bodyweight incline rows: 2 x 10

                        It fascinates me to see how different peoples' workouts differ. The writers and buffed out athletes in magazines prescribe different six-pack or "add 1 inch to your arms" workouts every month. I used to believe that there was one perfect workout or solution that would have me looking like the movie stars who doff their shirts at the best opportunities (looking at you Hugh Jackman). I even came very close, and acquired visible abs, but that was more the result of dieting, some cardio, and basic exercises that worked.

                        I've tried different things over the years, myself. At this point, my workout is fundamentally an idea from several powerlifting gurus with some bodybuilding details on top because, hey, why not? From the photos in this thread, you can see that I'm not some glistening, diamond-sharp specimen of testosterone, but I've packed on my fair share of muscle. So something's working.

                        May your workouts bring you such enjoyment, fellow Bees!

                        I listened to this today:

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                          I think it is fascinating too. I think part of my problem is that I learned fitness in two very structured environments (team sports and the military) and when it came time to doing it on my own, that it was a lot harder because that stuff only really worked for me when I was forced to do it hundreds of times. Now that fitness is something that I want to do, it is also interesting how much I incorporate into it. Fitness is truly as unique as each individual person is, and I think the sooner a person realizes that, the closer they are to living the life they want to live.


                            CaptainCanuck That's true. It would work best if we understood how to choose the best exercises and routines for our bodies. But most of us don't; which, I suppose, is why Darebee exists. I'm amazed that it's provided as completely free resource, compared with the legions of trainers here who would be happy to throw together a bunch of random crap, provide very basic feedback, and then happily charge upwards of $50 USD for one hour.

                            Today was leg day. Bah, I hates leg day. It took me years to actually get the movement behind the squat correctly. And then I injured my hip flexor because... heavy weights? Anyway. I've never really progressed very far and my squat's been pretty, prettay light compared to everyone else I see in the gym. I guess at the end of the day, it's not about them though.

                            Squats: 5 x 5
                            Front Squats: 5 x 5
                            Split Squats: 5 x 6
                            Monty Wolfords (Yes, this was an actual guy): 3 x 10
                            - Squat from halfway down to the top for x reps. Squat from the bottom to halfway down for x reps. Fully squat for x reps. I've never done these with weight. I'm afraid to.

                            So now I'm going to have trouble sitting down or using the toilet for days! Great.

                            Snapped this pic of a curiously empty looking Central intersection.

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                            Have yourselves a good weekend, Bees!

                            During my workout, I listened to...

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                              lei ho, Bees!

                              I had a buffet lunch yesterday (which wasn't even very good), so I made sure to head to the gym today. I worked my Biceps today (leaving out tris today because tomorrow's Chest day). I feel like I did every kind of curl imaginable (*like*, all of them), and raised the number of reps to 8, because I'm more interested in bigger arms than stronger ones (is there any guy on this planet who isn't?)

                              Barbell Curls (Wide Grip): 5 x 8
                              Concentration Curls: 5 x 8
                              Incline Dumbbell Curls: 5 x 8
                              Hammer Curls: 5 x 8
                              Goblet Curls: 5 x 8
                              + 23 minutes cardio

                              The gym was packed full of people, as it usually is on the weekends. I've complained about it before, and I'll say again that it's really hard to exercise with a mask again - particularly with squats and cardio. Eh, better than not having a gym, I suppose.

                              Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_the_gym.jpg Views:	0 Size:	539.2 KB ID:	739693

                              Assassin's Creed: Valhalla comes out this week, but I... can't be bothered. Looks like more of the same. I know I'm getting old when I'm looking forward to less of my regular games and more of my DnD.

                              Have a good week, Bees!

                              I blasted my Bi's to...

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                                It's the start of the week, and I'm already tuckered out! I keep promising myself that I'll go back to Spellbound, but I haven't the energy yet. Soon...

                                Today was chest day. I think the whole 5 rep max idea has kind of run its course, as I'm barely making any headway in the bench press. Next week I'll start with 130 x 3 and go from there. I also tried the shoulder press for the first time in months with some success! I wasn't terribly strong, but I still lifted substantially well, I feel.

                                Bench Press: Maxed at 125 x 5 (A new PR)
                                Incline Press 5 x 5
                                Shoulder Press: 5 x 5
                                (Pretty barebones today)

                                It may just be me, but I got... somewhat bigger these last few months. My weight hasn't really changed, but I'm somewhat more muscular. Eh, I already have enough selfies in this thread, maybe another time. So sleepy.

                                At the gym, I listened to...