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      Happy Badge Day!


        Congratulations on Strength Protocol!


          Congrats on Strength Protocol badge day


            Congrats on Strength Protocol


              Congrats on Strength Protocol


                Happy Badge Day


                  Hello, Bees!

                  I spent the last few days being sick, so it's good to be back in action. Still feel kind of crappy though, and my day in the gym attested to this.

                  Chest Routine:
                  Bench Press: Maxed at 112.5 x 5
                  Incline Press: 4 x 6
                  Decline Press: 4 x 6
                  Close Grip Dumbbell Presses: 4 x 8

                  I've also begun Spellbound, and finished Chapter 1.

                  Seeing that I completed Strength Protocol, I decided to post a progress pic of where I am. Cue "semi-flexed" photo of myself...

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_shape.jpg Views:	0 Size:	462.9 KB ID:	736196

                  My bulk is still there, but so is the pudge. So... I'm 165 cm and 79 kg. My target is 75 kg. Ugh... this used to be easy when I was younger.

                  I'm liking Spellbound so far, I'll see how the future Chapters turn out. Hmm, I'll have to reflect on Strength Protocol another time. Seeya, Bees!

                  I listened to this while getting ready for the gym...


                    Congrats on Strength Protocol! Hope you enjoy Spellbound and that you get to feeling 100% soon.


                      Hey all!

                      Just a continuation of my workout week. I do feel a little bit better, but I'm going to wait until next week to resume my powerlifting exercises. I think that for now, I'm just going to focus on the bodybuilding-styled stuff. Today was Back day.

                      Wide-grip Lat pulldowns: 4 x 5
                      Machine pulldowns: 4 x 6
                      Underhand grip rows: 4 x 6
                      Dual dumbbell rows: 4 x 7
                      Landmine barbell rows: 4 x 6

                      If I'm sore tomorrow, I'll know it worked out! I chilled out at the end of the day with some DnD. We slew a bunch of blueberry ghouls, sending them back to their graves as we consumed them. Literally!

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	rsz_dnd.jpg
Views:	182
Size:	466.1 KB
ID:	736389

                      (The raisin, almonds, and upscale tootsie roll represent our party members).

                      I came back pretty late, so I plan to resume Spellbound tomorrow.

                      Take care of yourselves, Bees!

                      I listened to this during my workout...


                        Good job patwillwoo on completing Strength Protocol program!!


                          Thank you Julian4077! I appreciate it.

                          I loves me a good arms workout. Focused on keeping it simple and not complicating my routine.

                          Concentration curls: 5 x 6
                          Incline dumbbell curls: 5 x 20
                          Hammer Curls: 5 x 20 (I did this with 18 kg, getting back some of my strength!)


                          Skullcrushers: 4 x 6
                          Dual dumbbell extension: 4 x 6
                          Rope pushdowns: 4 x 8

                          Also spotted a young gun at the weighlifting platform deadlifting 210 kg... he was about the same age I was at my strongest. I could probably do 185 now... I miss the old days when I could lift much heavier, before the onset of my health problems. But complaining ain't going to bring my strength back.

                          Got home and did Spellbound Chapter 2. Love the gentle focus on shoulders for the Lightning Bolt Spell - I'm unable to press anything heavy overhead, and this was a needed salve. Hero's Journey looks intriguing as well.

                          Take care of yourselves, Bees, in the trying times to come.

                          I listened to my old standby of


                            'Evening, Bees. Made it to the weekend. I don't often workout on Saturday, but I hadn't done legs this week, so I needed to squeeze in my session.

                            Quads Routine:
                            Leg Press: 7 x 6
                            Front Squats: 5 x 5
                            Split Squats: 5 x 5

                            + Spellbound Chapter 3.

                            I found out too late that both of the spells you cast in that chapter are lower body centered, so my quads were extra sore afterwards. Speaking of afterwards, I went out to a family dinner with some relatives, in which greasy food was consumed. Mmm... greasy food. No, we don't consume the chicken head. I don't know why they bother putting it there.

                            Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_1diet.jpg Views:	0 Size:	468.1 KB ID:	737018

                            Tomorrow is Chung Yeung, so I'm off to pay my respects, and get in a lot of steps in the process.

                            Have a fun and relaxing weekend, Bees.

                            I listened to this at the gym:


                              Today I didn't go out to the gym, but I did exercise in another way. Because it's the Chung Yeung festival, my mother and I went to the cemetary to pay our respects to my grandfather. We do this several times a year; it's pleasant enough now, but in April, the heat gets you. I snapped a pic of a statue atop the gate.

                              Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_20201025_131910.jpg Views:	4 Size:	503.7 KB ID:	737157

                              Afterward, we walked around quite a bit, to the tune of 14,000 steps! A lot of people out, as tomorrow is a public holiday. It's as if life were back to normal, except everyone's wearing masks. Yeah, and then I go back to the gym and can barely gulp in air.

                              After coming home I did Spellbound Chapter 4. Not fun when your thighs are aching after leg day, I tells ya.

                              I didn't listen to any heart-pounding workout music, so I'm listening to a ballad instead tonight.


                                Salutations, Bees.

                                Some days, you can't exercise worth a damn. That's what happened to me last week, when I benched 112.5 x 5 (and that felt hard). I felt nauseous, and still forced myself to go to the gym. Today, lifting was like acting as a well-oiled machine. The motions went through with blessed simplicity, and with the very first rep, I knew I could lift more this time.

                                Today's routine:

                                Bench: Maxed at 120 5x. Threw in 130 x 1 for good measure
                                Incline Bench: 4 x 5
                                Decline Bench: 4 x 5
                                Dips: 3 x 12

                                I'll see if this period of growth carries on. I came back home quite late, so I'll do Spellbound tomorrow.

                                Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_20201025_131910.jpg Views:	0 Size:	158.7 KB ID:	737339

                                I snapped this pic of the skyline while I was out walking.

                                While working out, I plugged in...