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    Heck Yeah they are working! Looking buff! Nice!


      Thank you kindly, BlackButler! Always good to have encouragement.

      One day, there shall come a time when the gains run dry, and I'll be forced to look to distant shores for changes. But not on this day!

      I went to the dentist at noon and got the first part of my implant installed - the sensation of the needle in my gums is still vivid. And afterwards, in typical lunk-headed Ox fashion, I decided I felt fine (I'm sure a doctor would tell me this is a bad idea), so I made my way over to the gym.

      No injuries recorded, I simply took my time and made my way through my workout. Everything clicked. My stances(ie lifting cues/movements) felt great, and I was really energized. Usually I'm very nervous.

      All this after dental surgery. Huh. Maybe I should go for a tooth extraction the next time I need to hit a PR.

      Bench Press: 147.5 x 3, then 137.5 x 3, then 127.5 x 3: Felt really good. I did something unusual today; instead of using a lot of energy and going for three working sets before my highest set, I spent more time warming up and then making just one jump up to my highest set. Despite my nervousness, worked like a charm. After the high set, I dropped the weights and did three additional sets.
      Shoulder Press: Worked up to 80 x 5. Felt pretty strong with this too, and ended up going higher than I had in ages.
      Triceps Pushdowns: Just light weight today.
      Incline Dumbbell Curls

      So a very odd day, but a win. I'll take it.

      I have a job interview tomorrow. Nervous, but ready.

      Keep enjoying your summer, Bees!

      Haven't listened to this moody, atmospheric synth piece in ages!


        Good luck with the interview!


          Good luck with your interview!


            I normally trained after dental work, and my dentist would shake her head at me, but when I got my implant, she impressed on me very strongly that I should not do any hard work for a few days. Something about avoiding any risk of infection, and given that the implant was actually in my jaw and that can't be removed if it goes horrible, I bowed to her greater wisdom. So just go gently with yourself.
            All the best for the interview.


              Thank you TopNotch, JCU, and lofivelcro.

              Hi Bees! Not the best of updates to be sharing, but whatever.

              The interview was more like a dissection. I could've prepared better; but at the same time, not sure I really want to be working in a place like that.

              My workout today wasn't much better - a repeat of Monday, it felt like.

              Bench Press: 145 x 4 - Failed on the fifth rep. Augh, it looks like I'm going to have to take some time away from this routine and try something different. I hear that double progression is quite workable!
              Pin Press: Trying this new exercise to break through my plateaus. Felt fruitful!
              Biceps Curls: Maxed at 22 kg x 12. Me need meaty strong Popeye arms!

              In other news, my ex - the one that broke up with me back in page three(?) of this thread - wanted to talk to me over coffee. And I said yes. Hoo boy. Better not get my hopes up.

              Currently frantically preparing for my lesson tomorrow.

              Have yourselves a great weekend, Bees!

              This song is fairly representative of my feelings towards my ex.


                Greetings, Bees!

                My lesson yesterday went well, so I rewarded myself with a trip to the gym today.

                Squats: 125 x 5, then descending down 10 kg each set. My goal is to get to 140 x 5. Looks like I'm on track!
                Front Squats: Maxed at 80 x 5. Pure murder, ugh.
                Paused Squats: Maxed at 110 x 2. These are fun, but taxing.
                Leg Extensions: Sets of 12.

                Something unfortunate happened while I was at the gym. I have a habit of singing to myself (not loudly) sometimes in between lifts, and some guy nearby snapped at me and told me I was disturbing his set. In typical deference, I told him I would stop, and did so. After that, oscillated between feeling ashamed and wanting to strangle the fellow in question.

                But what I'm going to take out of it is that it's his problem, not mine. This is a public gym, and I've seen people do lots of disruptive things (like track and field exercises, talking loudly, dropping weights). If hearing someone singing knocks you off balance, then you're taking your lifts and yourself too seriously. If you were to ask me what I would do, I wear earphones solely for the purpose of tuning out distractions. Dude needs to lighten up and mind his own business.

                Otherwise doing great. Still seeing the ex tomorrow.

                Hope you're all having a good weekend!

                More Pumpkins.


                  That other bloke probably wasn't doing well and wanted someone or something else to blame for his failure. Sorry that it upset you, but you're quite right - it's his issue. I was out walking today and softly singing to my music. Saw a lady coming toward me and immediately stopped because I had been singing a chorus that went "I'm not alright, I'm not alright"! Wonder what she would have thought?!


                    TopNotch Thanks for the note, indeed it is vexing how people can react to our normal actions.

                    Today was rather eventful, though not in the gym. No PRs today, stalled again. Time to try a different rep scheme.

                    Paused Bench Press: Stalled at 150 x 2.
                    Incline Bench Press: Bleh.
                    Bicep Curls

                    So... disappointing, but I'll have to mix things up next time (meaning, Wednesday).

                    The other thing that happened was meeting my ex-girlfriend. All sorts of thoughts and emotions have been running through my mind in the past few days.

                    I was hurt by our breakup. Our differences outweighed our closeness. I took it poorly, and have had only intermittent contact with her for the past two years. The purpose was not to offend; it was more that thinking about our relationship caused me pain, and I was doing my best to forget about it. Which didn't work, naturally.

                    Today, we met up again and hung out. Nothing fancy, no dramatic conversational flourishes. We just talked of things that had happened, and how we are now. She's not interested in getting back together. And you know what? I'm okay with that.

                    It felt like closure.

                    Afterwards, I walked around quite a bit (11,000 steps in total), and saw some sights.

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_titans.jpg Views:	0 Size:	479.3 KB ID:	859583

                    Pretty neat!

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_dino.jpg Views:	0 Size:	798.7 KB ID:	859584

                    It was an animatronic, so pretty cool to see how it moved!

                    Alright, that's a wrap, Bees. Hope your week is starting off alright!

                    Haven't listened to Neil Young in awhile.


                      I'm glad that you found some closure to your last relationship. That's probably a good sign that it's time to move on and look ahead. Wishing you all the best.


                        Glad you found some closure. Awesome pictures!


                          Thank you JCU and lofivelcro. I certainly feel better, and it was no use staying forlorn and heartbroken.

                          Hey Bees!

                          I was supposed to see The Black Phone this morning, but I slept in. Was having one of those serious debates about whether or not to hit the gym, but I'm happy I decided to go.

                          Deadlift: 170 x 6 (hell yeah, one extra rep), dropped to 160, 150, then 140
                          Barbell Rows
                          T-Bar Rows
                          Machine Lat Pulldowns

                          The weather is absolutely sweltering these days! It makes wearing a mask intolerable, I tells ya. There's also a holiday coming up on Friday, but more on that later.

                          Take care of yourselves.

                          Rest well in the knowledge that your music will always be appreciated, David Bowie!


                            I GAINSay the idea that you can work out too much!

                            Hey Bees! Woke up this morning totally stiff from yesterday's workout. But no excuses, so it was off to the gym again.

                            This time, I settled for a workout that was consistent, with no PR attempts or grinding. Just "easy" reps and met goals. Like before, I'll add a little more weight next time, but again measure my strength levels when the time comes.

                            Bench Press: 140 x 3, 142.5 x 3 for three sets.
                            Board Press: 130 x 3, adjusted the height, 130 x 3 again, 135 x 3, and then 137.5 x 3.
                            Cable Pressdowns (I really need to figure out the exact name of this one): Several Sets
                            + Biceps Curls.

                            Satisfying, no-frills workout.

                            I'm approaching an important milestone that I will reveal in two weeks.

                            Until then, keep having a nice week, Bees!

                            Need to blast this pulsing track when I workout...


                              Hi everyone!

                              Through this rainy day I spent my time at the gym clobbering my legs.

                              Squats: Worked up to 130 x 5, then 120 x 5, and so on back to 60 x 5. It was a looooong run.
                              Front Squats: I forgot how many I did!
                              Sissy Squats
                              Leg Extensions: Before this, I saw a trainer and her client using the machine with *a lot* of guidance. The trainer was correcting the woman's posture and movements on... a padded, fixed-movement machine. Weird.

                              Tomorrow's a holiday, which is being hyped up, as it's the anniversary of the handover. It's also typhoon season, so I'd better pack an umbrella on the way to the gym!

                              Hope your week is going okay, Bees!

                              Not a song, but this is a reaction to The Room (the most entertaining worst movie of all time). Found it absolutely hilarious.


                                Hey everybody! Hope things are going alright.

                                It was raining quite heavily in the afternoon, and I got soaked on my way to the gym. No matter, still had a great workout.

                                Bench Press: 145 x 3 for four sets. I'd give it an RPE 8 or 9?
                                Board Press: Worked up to 140 x 3.
                                Dumbbell Curls: Got a little stronger! Was working with 23 kg dumbbells.

                                Have a lesson tomorrow, so I'd better get to preparing. Next week I'm watching Thor! Looking forward to it.

                                Have a nice weekend!

                                Going back to the 60s for this one.