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    Montserrat It's a great mood piece, innit! Love it to bits.

    Oops, I forgot to post an update for Wednesday. I'm sure you'll be able to guess which exercises I did (haven't varied them much).

    Today I cemented my gains from this week.

    Bench Press: Worked up to 140 x 5
    Incline Press: Worked up to 107.5 x 5
    Plus, biceps curls.

    I'm going to run this current cycle for as long as I can; the gains keep coming! The only drawback is that I'm putting my body through increasingly heavier weights it's not used to... Hence the triceps pain.

    Hope you have a nice weekend, fellow Bees!

    Getting ready to fire up that copy of FFVII Remake I've been neglecting and dive back in.


      I was talking with my brother a while ago about the FFVII Remake and he dared (dared) to ask if I even knew the game. I played the original! He may be 8 years younger, but come on! It's 7!!


        JCU When it was announced, I cheered out loud (I'm usually somewhat jaded about most games announcements). I grew up playing the original, as you obviously have. Kids these days don't know how good they have it!


          I've got good news everyone! More gains!

          I really wasn't feeling it for today's workout. It's like all my setups and motions were off-key. But I hit the gym and did my best.

          Bench Press: Worked up to 142.5 x 5. Augh, the fifth rep was an absolute grind. I'll try again on Friday. I think I've been pressing with the wrong mindset today and it really threw me off.
          Close grip Press: Worked up to 115 x 5
          Cable Pressdowns: Not even counting the reps. May replace this with another exercise in the future.
          Biceps hammer curls: Maxed at 22 kg a hand

          So another good, if somewhat punishing day. Perhaps I'm about to hit a plateau - I hope it doesn't happen, but I can't run this "program" forever.

          Doing well otherwise, just going to relax, hit the gym, and see how the week goes.

          See you round, Bees!

          Loving this moody synth treat from Pylot.


            Hey Bees.

            I barely slept last night. You know that feeling you have when you wake up and you feel barely rested? Yeah, that was me this morning. Was thinking of calling off today's workout because I was so fatigued, but I went to the gym anyway.

            Paused Bench: Maxed at 145 x 3. A definite PB.
            Incline Bench: Maxed at 115 x 5. Possibly an all time PB.
            Incline dumbbell curls

            Wasn't feeling a triceps exercise today, so I skipped it.

            The cases are rising again! Maybe they'll shut the gyms and all other facilities. Ugh.

            In any event, have yourself a positive day, Bees! Warm vibes to you.

            I've been watching Invincible lately, and I must say, it has quite the badass soundtrack. Here's Tom Tom from Holy F***. I played this song on a loop through my final set; maybe it's responsible for my gains today!


              Brace yourselves for the tale of an epic struggle against the weights, a labour fit for mythic heights!

              ...Well, not really, but I did work pretty hard today in the gym.

              Squats: Worked up to 120 x 5. Man, this was a real grinder! 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, then down to 110, then 100, and finally, 80.
              Front Squats: Worked up to 70 kg x 5.
              Leg Extensions: Not sure? A lot.

              And with three exercises, my quads are trashed. Hooray!

              Going to follow up this post with my second protein shake, and call it a day. Oh whoops, have a lesson to prepare for on Saturday. No rest yet.

              Hope your week is going well, Bees!

              I feel like parkouring my way around the rooftops every time I hear this song:


                Congrats on the PBs! Maybe being fatigued is the way to go.


                  TopNotch Gosh, I hope not! That would mean I've got it all backwards this whole time. I'd better catch up on the sleep and do lots of meditation.

                  Today, I was feeling jazzed up and stressed, no thanks to my lessons tomorrow. I decided to squeeze in my customary workout and visit to the doctor despite the work I have to do.

                  Bench Press: 142.5 x 5 - Easier than last time. Last rep was less of a grinder.
                  Close Grip Press: Maxed at 120 x 5. Not like in past days, sadly.

                  Because I had to go to the doctor, so I cut my workout short before doing cardio.

                  Now that I'm back home, I have a ton of paperwork to do...

                  Take care, Bees, and enjoy your Friday!

                  Never a bad time for Elliott Smith.


                    I had a free day today, so I figured why not throw in an extra workout.

                    Back Day
                    (No) Deadlift: My legs are still shaky from Leg Day, and I want to give my deadlift some extra time. So I will wait until Tuesday to work it again.
                    Landmine Row: 42.5 kg a hand: This sucked! I didn't have the grip strength to grasp the thicker end of the barbell, and go through with the motion.
                    Machine one-handed Row: In my element. Used more weight than I ever have with this exercise.
                    Alternating Dumbbell Row: 34 kg a hand. Could've pulled off 36 easy.
                    Machine Lat Pulldown
                    Narrow Grip Row

                    So, kind of a sub-par workout, but I'll take that over no workout.

                    Hope you're all having a nice weekend!

                    Here's a recent Metalcore offering with a killer chorus.


                      Ugh, definitely wasn't feeling it today. And it showed. I was hoping for 145 x 5 on the bench.

                      Bench Press: 145 x 4. A number of things happening here. My warm up could be sapping strength from my main lift, or my setup was kind of lousy, or I just spent the whole time before the gym overanxious and nervy. Got through my warm up sets but knew by the final one I wasn't going to make any big PR today. So rather than grind the final rep out, I just avoided doing it altogether.

                      Incline Press: This sucked too. Maybe another indicator that I wasn't feeling it today.
                      Hammer Bicep Curls

                      Interestingly, however, as I input my results into my handy workout log app, I realized that I'd never pushed this much weight before - at least in recent memory. I had no record of doing 145 four times, so today was indeed a PR of sorts.

                      Not the PR I was aiming for, but the PR I got.

                      Hope you're having a great start to your week, Bees!

                      Dance floor synth!

                      Edit: Here's an in-progress pic I took. The workouts are working!
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_20220620_150313.jpg Views:	0 Size:	160.5 KB ID:	858744

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                        Well done on the PR you weren't expecting!
                        Seriously, though, if you really weren't feeling it, perhaps it was your body just wanting some time off to recover. Not saying that you've been overtraining or anything, but this is quite interesting.


                          Congrats on your PR


                            Congrats on the PR! I hope you feel better soon

                            You look great! So glad the workouts are working out!



                                Thank you all Colin JCU PETERMORRIS966 and TopNotch! Your support means the world.

                                TopNotch I have been pushing the weights perhaps a bit too zealously. I'll have to watch that link.

                                Wasn't expecting anything major today, but I did pretty well. Was just aiming for a solid free-weight workout, no-frills attached.

                                Deadlifts: Worked up to 165 x 5. Now we're cooking with gas. The deadlifting felt pretty good today, but the final set was quite challenging.
                                T-Bar Rows: For my overall back-building exercise, I chose this. A good decision, I'd been getting kind of sick of barbell rows, and I found this worked a treat.
                                Machine one-armed rows: Felt good.
                                Machine Lat Pulldowns: Note to self: Use less weight next time.
                                Alternating Dumbbell Rows: Felt like a sprint at this point.

                                The walk home was tough. Just the humidity and being stuck in a mask and so on. But ultimately, felt pretty good today.

                                Tomorrow I have a dental implant operation. Crap!

                                Hope your beginning of the week is going great, Bees!

                                The song of the day is Sweet's Set Me Free, a blistering proto-metal scorcher!