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    Hi Bees!

    Back to the gym with me.

    Chest Day 3

    Bench Press: Started with 125, 127.5, 130, 132.5 for five each. Still movin' up.
    Shoulder Press: Worked up to 70 for five
    Shoulder Raises
    JM Press: This was the only triceps exercise I could do, as my joints felt blasted
    Dumbbell Curls

    Not sure what I'm going to do about my elbow pain.

    Also, 11000 steps, which is a rarity for me.

    Have a nice weekend, Bees!

    I normally don't listen to Pop, but I found Aurora's music irresistible!


      It's Monday again!

      The rain is back, and it looks to be a very wet, and slightly chilly week. I'll take all the cool weather I can before summer bears down upon us.

      Bench Press: 127.5, 130, 132.5, and 135 for five reps each. The last one on the last set was an absolute grinder.
      Incline Press: 90, 95, 100, 105 for five reps each. Then 110 for three reps.
      Hammer Curls

      A short and tough workout! My triceps pain has returned. May be moving too quickly with my gains.

      I'm going to continue my week with some positivity.

      Stay happy and healthy, Bees!

      Futurecop!'s back, and they have some absolute gems, like this laid-back tune.


        Welcome to an absolute extrava-gain-za!

        Ho ho ho, it's so terribly punny. Pardon my lame attempts at humor.

        This back workout killed me (when don't they?). I finished the first few sets of my deadlift and already felt dead. Hence the name!

        Deadlifts; 140, 145, 150, 155 for five reps each.
        Romanian Deadlifts
        Barbell Rows
        Machine Low Rows
        Alternating Dumbbell Rows
        Machine Lat Pulldowns

        So yeah, after the deadlifts, I was dead on my feet! I was tempted to cheat my way through and do fewer sets, and I persisted. And am now quite tired.

        Have a lovely Tuesday, Bees. I'll see you on the other side.

        Another video of my favourite genre (synthwave):


          Sweet solid gains from the Planet of Brains! Another update.

          Chest (Control) Day

          Bench Press (Paused): 122.5, 127.5, 132.5, 137.5 for three reps each.
          Incline Press: 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 100 for five reps each
          Cable Pushdowns
          Dumbbell Curls

          If you're wondering why I keep posting so often, it's because ever since the gyms reopened, I a. felt a new spike of motivation and b. don't know when they'll be shut again. So I've committed to a five-day workout week, and it seems to be agreeing with me.

          It's looking like the first quiet weekend I've had in awhile, so I'll definitely enjoy it.

          See you round, Bees!

          How about some more Elliott Smith? Yeah. One of my favourite songs of his (and there are many).


            Got a fresh delivery of gains right here. But what do I do with them?

            Did not want to go to the gym today. Had to fight the urge to stay at home and eat donuts. Mmm... donuts. After all, today was leg day.

            Squats: Pyramided up to 110 kg and back down again. The pain...
            Front Squats: Four sets
            Leg Extensions: Four sets

            So, still getting stronger. But I'm waiting for my progress to hit the wall. Or maybe it won't...

            Good luck in your workouts, Bees!

            All the children say -


              An even worse day than before! Really didn't want to go to the gym. I don't think the overcast, gloomy weather helped much.

              Bench Press: 120, 125, 130, 135 x 5, then 135 x 4 (Wasn't feeling like there was going to be a fifth rep).

              Today I tried starting from a lower weight and making bigger jumps upwards, as opposed to making 2.5 kg jumps. To my credit, the set of 135 x 5 felt pretty strong. I decided to try for 135 five times again, but only managed four.

              Incline Press: Worked up to 105 x 3
              Rope Pushdowns
              Biceps Curls:

              Worked up to 22 x 12. Finished off by going down the rack (22 kg - 20 kg - 18 kg and so on); totally killed my arms.

              So that's the fifth workout of the week! I may take a break until Monday, get some bubble tea

              TGIF, Bees! Have fun.

              Really revs up the soul, this one.


                And it's back into the week again! After a weekend of too much eating and sitting around, I'm back!

                Bench Press: 122.5, 127.5, 132.5, 137.5 for five reps each - a very grindy last set, but to be expected when aiming for a small PR.
                Barbell Shoulder Press: 60, 62.5, 65, 67.5, and 70 kg for five reps each.
                Cable pushdown: Four sets.
                Biceps curls - went up to 20 kg a hand.

                The heat has been nigh unbearable, and it's only going to get worse as we get closer to summer. My efforts to find a new job have stalled, so I'm just focused on doing my existing one as well as I can.

                Have a good week, Bees!

                Not a music video, but a parody version of Star Wars in which Stormtroopers can actually aim.


                  After yesterday's gains, my body took a break and skimped on the gains this time. Ouch!

                  Today was Back day. I always dread training my back, because I incorporate deadlifts. I find them very taxing and quite hard to pull off.

                  Deadlifts: Worked up to 155 x 6
                  Barbell Rows
                  One-armed Machine Row
                  Alternating Dumbbell Rows
                  Narrow Grip Rows

                  This is less than I usually do, but the deadlifts really sapped my energy.

                  Hope you're having a good week so far, Bees! Take care.

                  I've always found The New Division to be both a homage to the 80s and at the cutting edge of Synth-Pop.


                    Hi Bees!

                    Chest day!

                    Paused bench: Worked up to 140 x 3. It looks something like this...


                    Incline Press: Worked up to 107.5 x 5
                    Cable Pushdowns
                    Bicep Curls

                    The number of cases is rising again. I'm dreading another lockdown... how many have we been through already? I think I'll go crazy if I have to take time off from the gym again. And I have to visit the dentist tomorrow. Ugh.

                    Hope your week is going well, fellow Bees!

                    In the mood for a little MeloDeath.


                      Yikes! That's impressive! Great job!


                        Thank you JCU. It's very helpful when others encourage me

                        Today is the final chest day of week 4? 5? I've forgotten. More diligent powerlifters would take note of how long they've been in a certain phase, but not this guy!


                        Bench Press: 122.5, 127.5, 132.5 and 137.5 for five reps. I really worked to lock in my form and use my lower body.
                        Shoulder Press: Maxed at 72.5 for five reps
                        Triceps exercise: Too much elbow pain to do, sadly.
                        Bicep Curls: Got to 22kg a hand for twelve reps total

                        Went to the dentist yesterday for a checkup of sorts. Looks like I'm getting an implant in the near future. Have one already, so I know what I'm in for. PAIN! Ouchies.

                        Today was the Mid-Autumn festival. Didn't do much to celebrate; just bought some dim sum home after going to the gym.

                        Have yourselves a Happy Friday Bees!

                        I don't quite know how to describe this song from Gunship. Forlorn? Nostalgic? Wistful? It's a really good one, nonetheless.


                          Hi Bees!

                          Normally I don't workout today, but I skipped my workout on Thursday, so today is a makeup day. Leg day, which was grueling, as usual.

                          Squats: 100, 105, 110, and a PR at 115 for five reps each. Then I pyramided the weight back down again, for nine sets in total.
                          Bulgarian Split Squats
                          Front Squats

                          My joints are practically quaking from this workout.

                          I walked around the city for a bit before having a burger. I'll write it off as a cheat meal!
                          Click image for larger version

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                          Hope you're having a good weekend thus far, Bees!

                          Been watching Stranger Things lately, though the hiatus until Part 2 of S4 kinda sucks. This is my favourite cover of that Kate Bush song.

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                            It's Monday! Let the gains begin!

                            Bench Press: Worked up to 140 x 5. I'm approaching my old record; with a little luck, I'll beat it and cruise on through! I'm aiming for 145 x 5 eventually, which is more than I've ever done.
                            Incline Press: Worked up to 105 x 5. Triceps hurt too much to do any more.
                            Cable Pushdowns
                            Hammer Curls

                            There's supposedly a big storm coming, and we're going to get rained on over the course of the week. Not that that's going to stop me from going to the gym, naturally.

                            Take care, Bees, and have yourself a good start of the week!

                            Here's a song from an album I'd completely forgotten about; Jon Crosby of VAST's side project.


                              And the gains resume!

                              Augh, I always fear Deadlift day, and for good reason. It's like my entire lower half is barely functional after each punishing set.

                              Deadlifts: Worked up to 160 x 5. Gah, this was hard. I miss the old days when I just magically jumped up to 185 x 5 because, well, I could.
                              Barbell Rows
                              One Armed Rows
                              Machine Lat Pulldowns
                              Narrow grip rows
                              ...rounded out today.

                              So enough of the whinging, things are going swell otherwise. I may have more classes to teach at the end of the week; we'll see.

                              While I'm still on my Stranger Things kick, here's a monumental song that featured in the first season.


                                A song that is of a special significance to me, thanks!