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    Aaaaaand it's back to the gym! I do so love planning on doing Leg Day, and seeing both squat racks occupied with a crowd of people lined up behind them.

    I guess such is the occupational hazard of going during peak hours. Instead of legs, I opted to do arms instead.

    Barbell Curl 4 x 8
    Close-Grip Press 4 x 8
    Flat Dumbbell Curl 4 x 20
    Overhead Dumbbell Press 4 x 8
    Hammer Curls 4 x 16
    Rope Extensions 4 x 8

    As well as Strength Protocol Day 11 (boy, leg day is going to be a pain)

    And now my arms are totally toasted. Better keep this up, have no idea when the gyms will be closed again.

    Peace out, Bees!


      When I used to attend a gym, I did legs on Mondays and chest on Thursday, because most of people use to do the exact opposite; then I moved to a time fo the day in which only housewives and retired women went there, and none of them, or just a few, used heavy equipment, so I had it all for me


        Happy Birthday.


          Thank you TheLibrarian!

          Manuela I learned my lesson yesterday. Went to the gym in the morning when everyone wasn't around to train Legs.

          Birthday workout:

          Squats 5 x 5
          Front squats 5 x 5
          Leg Press 5 x 5
          Single Leg Dumbbell Squat (forgot the name for this) 3 x 5

          Plus Strength Protocol Day 12.

          And now I can't really walk. Great! But I had an excellent birthday. Spent the day with my girlfriend walking around, having good munchies, and we watched Tenet. Crazy awesome movie!

          I may take it easy tonight, we'll see. Have a nice one, fellow Bees!

          In that workout, I listened to...


            My girlfriend broke up with me today. She broke the news gently, and I can understand her reasoning: we're different people, and we're going through different paths in life.

            It was all true, and it made sense, and I took it very well. And I still want to scream until my vocal chords rot and tear the walls of my apartment down.

            I'm not really in the mood to work out today. I was supposed to do Strength Protocol Day 13, but I'll save it for tomorrow. Thus ends my streak of exercise.

            I'm listening to:


              Sorry to hear it, keep on trucking buddy


                I hope things get better gradually




                    Nice work that you have been doing.

                    I am sorry to hear your break up, and coming on the day after birthday sounds dramatic. Take a break and get better soon.


                      I fell. It took awhile, and I indulged in too much self-pity and the consumption of chocolate, but I got back up again.

                      Today I got back in the gym... chest day again.

                      Bench Press: Maxed out at 110x5 and failed at 112.5x3
                      Incline Bench: 4x5
                      Chest Press: 3x5
                      Incline Dumbbell Press: 3x5

                      Plus Strength Protocol Day 13. That was fun, except that I can't really do L-sits on the ground thanks to my 5'5 79kg bulk.

                      Pat's back! One of my guiding principles that's served me well since the pandemic hit: Don't stop moving. If you do, you're dead.

                      btw, you guys are the sweetest. Thank you so much for your support.

                      In this workout, I listened to...


                        It continues. I'm still reeling, but I'm still upright. Onward, to back day...

                        Deadlifts: Maxed at 150 x 5, better than I expected. Hope to improve next week
                        Barbell Rows: 4x5
                        Machine Rows: 4x5
                        Alternating one-handed rows: 4x20

                        Followed by Strength Protocol Day 14: How does one do Dolphin Kicks? Eh, I did my best.

                        Goodnight, fellow Bees, and may your workouts be as wonderful!

                        I listened to this song while working out...


                          Welcome back!


                            Manuela Thank you so much! It feels good to be back.

                            I swear the name of this topic is a misnomer because life keeps kicking my butt. It needs to be something less catchy like "Keeping it consistent and having a regular exercise routine".

                            Anyway, today was Leg day. Leg day's always rough, I tells ya.

                            Squats: Maxed at 100x5 (This is currently a personal best. But considering I used to do this 12 times... meh.)
                            Front squats: 4x5
                            Hack Squats: 4x5
                            I don't remember doing any other lifts. Lazy Pat. Just 30 minutes of cardio.

                            Click image for larger version

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                            Building myself back up, step by step.

                            I did Strength Protocol Day 15 at home.

                            Have a good one, my fellow Bees. May your workouts and days be as productive.

                            Today, I listened to


                              Bah humbug, forgot to write an update yesterday. I completed Strength Protocol day 16.

                              It's the start of a stormy and torrential week here in Hong Kong... not that that stopped me from hitting the gym.

                              I'm pleased to note that my constant intake of protein seems to have made me stronger, but my lingering shoulder issues make certain exercises impossible.

                              Chest workout
                              Bench Press: Maxed at 115 x 5
                              Incline Bench: 3 x 3
                              Decline Bench: 5 x 3
                              Weighted Pushups: 3 x 3

                              And Strength Protocol day 17 at home. Now I can't feel my tri's... I'm going to chill out with Fallout 4 and down my protein shake; job hunting can wait until tomorrow.

                              I was working out to


                                Good luck on your job hunt. You're making some good progress regardless of what life is throwing at you. I like the music addition on your log. Cool touch. I haven't listened to Papa Roach in years. Cool to see it pop back up.