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    I entirely agree that a little indulgence can keep you steady. If you acknowledge it, plan for it, and don't best yourself up over it, it can be the healthiest thing.


      My approach to diet is similar. I control rather than eliminate things. And I notice a big difference between having a treat once or twice a week rather than 3x per day. Also, this makes the cravings manageable and helps me avoid bingeing. I can tell my unconscious, "I'm not going to have any today, but I will get some on Friday." It works well for me and it's not much of a struggle! Well, as long as I actually get some on Friday, so that my unconscious develops trust. And often, after a few weeks of this, my cravings move in a different direction entirely.


        TheGrayLynx Thank you kind sir.
        NinshuburJCU The whole "one treat a day" thing works better than anything else I've tried. Now that you mention it, some of my cravings have gone away. But they're still there, for sure, and require conscious management.

        Oops, I forgot to post my workout for yesterday. But I did do it, for sure; 'twas leg day.

        Moving on from yesterday's legs session, today was chest day (second of the week). Hit another PR!

        Bench: 100, 130, 145, 152.5 x 2, 155 x 1 for two sets
        Spoto bench: 4 sets
        Incline paused press: 4 sets
        Close grip press: 4 sets
        Cable pushdowns: 4 sets

        I have that typical musclehead fear that this series of gains I've had are going to fade, and diminish over time. But you know what? That's life; and they usually don't go away, they just wax and wane. And a year ago, I was "only" benching 110 x 5, wondering if I would ever get back to my old strength. And I have. I'll hold on to it for as long as I can.

        I've rewatched this trailer for Dune a *lot*, and I'm rereading the series now!


          Congrats on the new PR!


            Nice work, congrats!


              Congrats on new PR
              Make an impression






                    Nice job on the PR!


                      Thank you Mamatigerj JCU TheGrayLynx CaptainCanuck Fremen! You're all so kind!

                      So today my body felt all battered and bruised. Really wanted to take a nap and play games, but there was a workout to be done!

                      Back Day 2

                      Romanian deadlift: Worked up to 105 kg for five reps
                      Overhand grip barbell rows: 4 sets
                      One armed barbell rows (landmine rows?): 4 sets
                      Lat Pulldowns: 4 sets
                      Close grip rows: 4 sets

                      I kind of ran out of ideas. It occurred to me, upon reading other programs, that mine is very idiosyncratic and bodybuilder-like. Oh well, whatever works.

                      I've eaten in very measured fashion this week, let's see if I can keep it up this weekend!

                      RIP Joey Jordison. Slipknot's music was a part of my youth, and Jordison's furious percussion was an integral part of the band.


                        I'm sorry to hear about the death of Joey Jordison.

                        Looks like you have things in hand with what works for you. Belated congratulations on your PR!


                          Ox is gonna tear the roof off! (funky dance music)

                          So no PRs today. I went up to 140 and immediately wasn't feeling it (say, about RPE8.5). If I had trouble, however minor at that weight, how on earth would I move my intended target (160)?

                          So I just did a bunch of singles and worked on my miscellaneous pressing.

                          Bench: Singles - 140, 145, 150, 152.5
                          Incline paused press: 5 sets
                          Incline close grip press: 5 sets
                          Shoulder press: 5 sets

                          In other news, I have more work coming in. I'm nervous about the workload, but hoping that it goes okay.

                          And we've received free "vouchers" on our Octopus cards, so being able to spend on more stuff is always great.

                          Take care, everyone!

                          I'm more of a Funkadelic guy, but the lure of Parliament Funkadelic can't be denied!


                            Yea its sometimes wise to not "press" it (XD ) too much, when its just one of those days- altough still some damn nice weights there also power for the workstuff, tear the roof off it


                              Yo yo yo! The Ox is here to stay.

                              So sleepy.

                              Deadlifts: Maxed at 155 x 5 (Today was not a max day, clearly...)
                              Barbell Rows
                              Single armed barbell rows
                              Machine Lat Pulldowns
                              Low Cable Rows

                              All for four sets each.

                              Nothing much to report here, just going to carry on as I'm doing. Tomorrow is leg day, yuck!

                              I swear it's nothing personal! Or at least Des Rocs does:


                                Attack of the Ox!

                                So, I may have skipped leg day... yesterday I woke up, and in the whims and the fatigue of the newly woken, decided I was going to take the day off

                                I made up for it today. Decided I was going to get a 1rm, previous attempt be damned, and headed off to the gym on this rainy day.

                                I just about managed it:

                                Bench Press: 145, 155, 157.5 felt okay, so finished off with 160
                                Incline Press: 4 sets
                                Incline Close Grip Press: 4 sets
                                Shoulder Press: 4 sets

                                I haven't done this in years! Feels amazing.

                                I have more teaching during the weekend, but I'm in a better mood to tackle it now.

                                See you round, Bees!

                                I attribute part of my success today to listening to classic rock; here's T Rex with their classic "Get It On":