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    The sandbag is a great idea!


      Baryl Thanks man! It's a better investment than most of the silly fitness toys I have lying around.
      AnnieW Thank you! I love it so far.

      Today is back day. I'm supposed to be upping my volume to work bodyparts twice a week, but best take it slow the first time around. My pecs are hammered from the hundreds of puhsups yesterday!

      I did 115 pullups today spread throughout the day. Sets of 5 - slow and steady. After each set I did scapular shrugs (from a hang) but I didn't find these very helpful. After the pullups, I did sets of inverted rows by hanging a towel from my pullup bar. I also did a sandbag complex: deadlift into bicep curl into good morning. Pretty good feel to it. It's not as heavy as the weight I use at the gym, but when you're in constant motion, it sure feels tough. Not really counting the reps apart from with my primary exercise - should change this.

      Tomorrow is leg day. I'll have to record reps/set a goal.

      I listened to this while out and about today:

      great I forgot about dead hangs why do I never think of these things


        Hi everyone!

        I kind of fell off the wagon and stopped regularly exercising. I have days where I do a good job and have a good workout, and days where I just go... bleh, I need a bag of chocolates.

        I really miss the gym. The good news is that they're actively considering reopening most establishments again, should the cases fall in number. I've retooled my approach to the gym, should the reopening happen soon.

        The good news is that I did have a good workout yesterday. I tried a new exercise:

        Waiter walk (Hold sand bag above head, then walk forward for X distance): In total, I covered 1.6 km in total, with sets of 100m at a time.

        The other big thing that's going on around here is The Lunar New Year! It's the Year of The Ox - my namesake. I'm going to be spending some time with family and friends, but I'm only in it for the red packets! Gimme the cash!

        I kid, I kid.

        Also snapped some pics:

        Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_20210202_161313 placs.jpg Views:	0 Size:	697.3 KB ID:	767541

        And some doggos benignly blocking the way in!

        Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_20210202_164635.jpg Views:	0 Size:	595.3 KB ID:	767542

        Happy New Year, and Gong Hei Fat Choi wherever you may be!


          Happy new year to you too and good to see you again! Thanks for the lovely pics.


            Happy new year


              Welcome back, happy new year


                Happy year of the ox!


                  Welcome back and Happy New Year!


                    Happy new year!


                      Happy New Year!
                      Enjoy the moon cakes and the red packets


                        Welcome back and Happy New Year! And thanks for sharing the lovely photos.


                          Happy New Year


                            And that's a wrap for the New Year! Thank you so much

                            May you and the rest of Darebee be safe and flourishing this new year.

                            As you all may or may not tell, the Ox is my horoscope year, hence my username. I strive to live up to its best characteristics: being calm, good natured, hard-working, and gentle. Oxes are known for being stubborn, so I try to be easy-going as well. I had a good time during the New Year with my family visiting homes. Not so many red packets this time, but that's no big deal. I'm glad everyone is staying careful, and in good health.

                            In other news, Hong Kong relaxed its social distancing restrictions. Which means that THE GYMS ARE OPEN AGAIN! Whoop Whoop!

                            I went today shortly after waking up. I'm going to mix things up this time by working my bodyparts twice a week. Today was Chest and Triceps.

                            Bench Press: 5 sets, maxed at 110
                            Incline Press: 5 sets
                            Close-grip Press: 5 sets
                            Standing French Press: 5 sets
                            Rope Pressdown: 5 sets

                            What can I say? It feels really good to be back in the gym. I gained a lot of weight these past three months, so now it's time to work it off, and put on a bit of muscle. I bought some more protein powder for this express purpose. I'm glad that not all of my strength has left me, as well.

                            Will try to be back on here more now that the gym has reopened.

                            Take care everyone, and one final time, Gung Hei Fat Choi!

                            Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_20210217_135454.jpg Views:	0 Size:	522.3 KB ID:	769156


                              There is some joke about being as beefing up to be as big as an ox for the year of the ox ... but perhaps that's too cheesy


                                stephenphillips42 Haha those're probably my goals in life. @Bufflikebane!
                                Oops, I forgot to post my last two workouts. So I worked my back several days back, but that's old news. Yesterday was legs. Ouch.

                                Squats: 6 sets
                                Front Squats: 6 sets
                                Sissy Squats: 4 sets
                                Hamstring Curls: 4 sets

                                I was never a good squatter to begin with, but post-lockdown, my five-rep squat dropped to 80 kg. Yuck. You can bet that I'm going to be working it extra hard in the weeks to come. Now I'm sore all over from three days of lifting back to back!

                                Going to try to update more frequently in the days to come. Tonight I'm having a hotpot dinner to relax a little.

                                Last workout, I listened to...