Growing, Glowing and Smashing Goals

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    Growing, Glowing and Smashing Goals

    Hey everyone !

    I am super excited to become apart of this amazing community of individuals who are dedicated to their health and fitness. Geesh I wish I had found Darebee sooner. It has been a continued struggle for me over the years to manage my weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have never really been able to find that discipline to consistently eat healthy and exercise. This new journey is significant to me just because I am now in that transitional period of my life where it is time to set that solid foundation for a great future. I know for certain that being healthy is a big part of that and I am ecstatic that a forum like this was created for persons like me who need a structured program to really manage and sustain their wellness journey. So shall we begin?

    I have chosen the 60 days of Cardio to begin with (the main selling point being it doesn't have any burpees ! who created that exercise anyway? it is a killer!). Additionally to sweeten the deal I will be doing the 50 Squats a day challenge and the Daily Gratitude Challenge for 30 days and whatever daily dares are sent my way! I feel like that is a good start. If you guys have any suggestions I would love to hear it. I am open to learning as much as I can about health and wellness.

    For progress reports I will do weight and waste measurements every month just to see how I am doing.

    Ideal Weight: 140 pounds
    Ideal Waist: 27 inches

    Starting Weight : 169.6 pounds
    Starting Waist: 39 inches

    Let's see where this goes!

    Love and Light,



      Hi and welcome to the Hive


        Welcome and good luck on your fitness journey! Love the sign off as well.


          Welcome to the Hive! I love your thread title, by the way