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    Kuzussainai Kendou-sha

    Challenges in Progress:
    - August 30-Day Challenge (8/30)
    - Glutes of Steel (8/30)
    - Daily Dares (10/100 + 9 EC)

    Keto-Friendly Workouts (Low Impact, Endurance):
    - The Cake Is a Lie
    - Cheeky Monkey
    - Can't Stop Me Now
    - Iron Lower Body: Tendons
    - Origami
    - Unbound
    - Roundabout
    - Daily Dares

    Workouts for Pole (Freedom of Movement / Flexibility):
    - Cheeky Monkey
    - Unbound
    - Druid
    - Ivy
    - Altered Carbon
    - Athena
    Starting a daily log so I can get my butt in gear. Can't wait to go on this journey with everyone!

    Background: I'm a 5'7" female around 175-ish pounds just turned 31. Until several years ago I was almost 200 pounds, but then I started running and practicing kendo and kyudo while I lived in Japan. During that time I dropped 50 pounds and finished a sprint triathlon before I came back to the US. There I learned pole dancing and continued running. During that time I was able to do pull-ups for the first time in my life.

    My struggle: Unfortunately, the past few years have been stressful (divorce, moving cross-country, losing everything to Harvey, pandemic, etc). Long story short, it's been hard to keep my appetite under control and stay active. I went back up to 175 pounds after Harvey and can't seem to shake it.

    Now: I still run, meditate and do yoga when I have the motivation. Also I did complete Age of Pandora part I at one point. I started part II, but I also started keto about 15 days ago to get my appetite under control and kick-start my metabolism. Chapter 38A yesterday was agony and caused me to crash hard today so I'm taking a break from Pandora until I'm done with keto.

    Keto: Overall, keto has opened my eyes to many things, the biggest one being how many carbs and sugars I was shoving into my face on the daily. So much so that I'm convinced I was trapped in a dependent cycle and insulin resistance (my friends and co-workers suggested I'm pre-diabetic??? ). I get the occasional keto mood swing, but they are short and mild compared how up and down my mood used to be. I used to take CBD drops once or twice daily for my anxiety, but today was the first time in two weeks I felt I needed it.

    Of course I miss certain foods and I hate not being able to exercise the way I want. My toughest challenge has been finding workouts suitable for those on keto, but I have found a couple so far and I'd like to start compiling a list for others in need.
    Maybe in the future Darebee will add keto as a search filter?
    If anybody has other workouts they've done on keto, please share so I can add them to the list! Also, any other keto tips? I'd be extremely greatful. Nice to meet ya'll.

    Today's work:

    Athena's Playbook day 1 (lvl 1)
    Can't Stop Me Now (lvl 2)
    Daily Dare (no EC)

    A LOT more energy today. Can't Stop Me Now is going on the keto list. Got almost 30 side-bend holds before my sore quads gave out.

    Athena's Playbook looks like it'll do just fine while I'm on Keto. I considered Zero Hero, but... couldn't help but go for something a tad harder. I want to still (safely) push myself through this diet rather than coast through it.

    Have a good evening, everybody. Stay safe!


      Welcome to the HIVE!!

      First, congratulation for your Age of Pandora badge! You already have started your fitness journey!! That's great!

      sorry, I didn't understand the keto, but there is a Nutrition section that may help you or some MealPlans... Also, you could make a question about it directly on the Food/Nutrition section, maybe someone could say something!

      Have a nice week!


        Thank you!

        Keto is a low-carb, high-fat diet that tricks your body into using fat instead of carbs for fuel. Unfortunately, since you're not eating carbs, high-impact workouts are almost impossible.

        ​​​​I've looked at Darebee's recipes and there are a few low-carb ones I'm gonna try.




            Originally posted by Pheonix_Risen View Post

            Keto is a low-carb, high-fat diet that tricks your body into using fat instead of carbs for fuel. .
            Oh, thanks, now I got it!


              Thank you for the welcomes! Gives me the warm fuzzies.

              Today's Training:

              2 kilometers light jog

              Athena's Playbook day 2 (lvl I)

              5 Minutes Mind Noting Meditation

              Daily Dare + EC

              30 Days of Yoga day 7

              I feel supremely accomplished today.
              Especially since I'm still ridiculously sore!
              Yoga poses 10 and 11 were terrible since my abs and quads are still shot, but I got it done. I thought the daily dare meant 2 minutes for each side so I gave myself an extra point of EC for accidentally doing twice the work.

              Overall I feel great about today and I wish you all the same.


                Another great day!

                Morning Jog 2.19 km (recorded on Strava)

                Athena's Playbook day 3 (lvl I)

                Daily Workout (Origami)

                10 minutes meditation

                Daily Dare + EC

                30 Days of Yoga day 8


                Was excited to see today's workout of the day was a very easy yoga routine. My quads and glutes are finally acclimating so Athena's lower body workout wasn't too bad.

                After the 30 push-ups for DD off the edge of my couch I looked forward to my second bout of yoga until I saw today's 30 Days of Yoga routine: planks. So...many...PLANKS. My arms were shaking, but I'm proud to say I did all the steps for the full 20 seconds.

                SO looking forward to day 9 (meditation). Tired and sore in all the right ways. I feel like my body has finally acclimated to keto and I feel like I have even more energy than before I started the diet!
                Wish ya'll the best!


                  Very up and down day. Struggling with anxiety a lot but managed to get almost everything done.

                  Morning Run

                  Athena's Playbook (easy plank circuit)

                  Daily Workout (Unbound)

                  Daily Dare + EC

                  30 Days of Yoga day 9 (5-minute Meditation)

                  Miss my morning run cuz I ran to the grocery store bright and early. I was so tired I crashed after breakfast until about noon. Even then I could have easily passed out but I got my butt out of bed and finished grocery shopping.
                  Thankfully the gods were on my side and all my workouts turned out to be pretty mellow and even relaxing. Thought maybe I'd try for a light walk later, but might be better to listen to my body and treat this like a rest day.

                  Tomorrow, I start the Glutes of Steel 30-Day Challenge! Pumped!!!

                  I'm also super excited for Spellbound to come out and someone in the Hive inspired me to think about trying to write my own story for a die-based workout program... We shall see. I have a backlog of writing projects to catch up on!

                  Hope my fellow Bees are well this evening!


                    Great work on getting your workouts in despite having a bumpy day!


                      Done and Done:

                      Daily Dare (no EC)

                      Daily Workout (Roundabout lvl II w. EC)

                      Afternoon Run (2.3 km)

                      August Challenge Day 1

                      Glutes of Steel Challenge Day 1

                      Athena's Playbook day 5

                      30 Day of Yoga day 10

                      Well that daily dare was deceptively hard, wasn't it! That or I have weak forearms and wrists (which I do ). Just means I need to do it more, especially if I want to start pole work again.
                      This afternoon was only in the 80's (F) so my run was rather pleasant for running in Texas at noon. Trying to see if maybe I'm doing too much. I tend to bite off more than I can chew and I don't want to burn out. If I drop anything it'll probably be the August challenge. One monthly challenge is probably enough.

                      Stay cool and attractive, friends!


                        the forearms are the hardest workouts I ever see...


                          Sunday Funday.

                          Athena's Playbook was yoga today. Not much else done because Umbrella Academy.


                          Glutes of Steel day 2

                          August Challenge day 2

                          Daily Dare + EC

                          Athena's Playbook Day 6

                          30 Days of Yoga Day 11

                          Have my virtual meetings for teacher training tomorrow. Excited to see my co-workers and actually socialize. Hope schools will be back in September. I miss my job.


                            So one of the things that keeps me motivated and on task is to mark up my calendar. I love seeing the colors and my progress take over each page!

                            pink = cardio/run
                            orange = program day
                            yellow = supplement/focused workout
                            green = yoga/stretching

                            The numbers are how many carbs I had that day (ideally below 50 grams).

                            How else do ya'll keep track besides your check-in log?

                            Click image for larger version

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                              Ooh, that looks nice!
                              I used to have a little pocket calendar where I would scribble my daily workouts in my horrible handwriting. Forgot about it, though (I'm not good with calendars) and am now solely tracking with my check-in thread over here.
                              Maybe I should devise a system with many colours, too. I love colours