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    How Netbug Got Her Groove Back

    How I Got Here

    So this year has been challenging for all of us, and not to play the that's-rough-buddy Olympics, but that goes double for me. Right before the pandemic really hit the United States, I was hospitalized and had to have my gallbladder removed, no doubt due to a very fatty diet overrun with takeout, stress eating junk food, and a lack of exercise other than light walking. While I was there, I was also told that I'm prediabetic.

    As the year went on, the stress of our global situation brought out the worst in many people around me, and I found myself having to distance myself from many people I'd been telling myself weren't THAT abusive for years. This led me to where I've been for the past month and change: staying in a cheap inn until my apartment is ready, in a brand new town, using the pandemic and lack of a full kitchen as yet another excuse to order far too much take-out. The loss of a connection with people I trusted has affected a lot of my values, and I find myself questioning more aspects of my life than not.

    I'm having a mid-life crisis at age 29, and it feels like if I don't do something about my health, this really could be the halfway point of my life. If there's one thing I'm sure of, I'd much rather have this be closer to the end of the first act than an intermission, and if I want any hope of that I need to take care of my physical and mental health better.

    So, I'm overdue to get serious about this... but also to be a bit kinder to myself. Every time I start eating healthier or trying to do regular exercise, I inevitably have a few bad days and fall off the boat. So part of my goal, instead of hiding away in shame when I mis-step, is to record those mis-steps and what I think caused them. I believe this not only benefits me, because a lot of my excuses sound very dumb on paper, but may also benefit other people having a difficult time with this, because sometimes it seems the world likes to brush success with rough starts under the rug. It took me 8 years to get my associates degree, and my GPA was far from stellar, but I got it and am now working on my BA. If I don't give up I tend to find success eventually, and I don't why this would be any different.

    My Goals

    While part of my goal is of course to lose weight and gain muscle, I'm not gonna start out primarily focussing on those two factors. For one thing, I don't have a scale or other tools to measure that kind of progress right now. For another, I believe my bigger issue here is forming good, regular health habits. If I'm exercising and eating well more days than not, I'm naturally going to be healthier.

    So to start off, my first goal is to complete 30 days of the Modern Hero Diet, 30 Days of Yoga, and Baseline within 35 Days. That gives me 5 days of grace to dun goof but get back on the saddle the next day. If I go beyond 5 days where I've failed to keep up my routine, I'll consider what's keeping me from my goals and start over.


    Being in an inn makes a healthy diet a touch more difficult, but when I went grocery shopping I learned it's not nearly as good of an excuse as I thought it was. The number of foods you can get shelf-stable and microwave ready these days is ABSOLUTELY INSANE. Whole-grain rice, veggies, oatmeal, soups, fresh fruit cups, tuna, not to mention the obvious like nut butters and whole-grain breads; you name it and it can sit on a shelf and be popped into the microwave. I have a small fridge for some fresh juice, kombucha, turkey dogs, and a few sugar-free jello cups. It's not perfect, and I didn't shop with this specific diet in mind, but it'll do.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screen Shot 07-26-20 at 01.10 PM.PNG Views:	0 Size:	264.0 KB ID:	715521

    While the inn DOES have a gym, accessibility is unpredictable, as I'm not comfortable going in during this pandemic when others are present. I'm going to try to exercise in my room when possible, but I may check to see if the coast is clear if I have a really energetic day and want to try to also throw a treadmill walk or some weight lifting into my routine. Once I'm in my apartment, I'd like to dedicate a corner of it to my yoga mat and some weights, if I can manage it. I think another big issue I've run into exercising is I don't make it easy for myself, shoving equipment into the back of my closet.

    The last thing I need to consider is I work in fast food and get my lunch for free at work. We mostly sell breakfast sandwiches, and while it's possible to put together some fairly high quality proteins and carbs from them, there isn't much in the way of veggie-heavy offerings. I'll have to consider bringing some kind of veggies with me to work to compensate for this.

    Journaling Template for Me (or anybody who needs one I suppose??)


    Breakfast -


    Lunch -


    Dinner -


    Exercise Completed:
    Plank Time: X:XX


    Additional Self-Care Accomplishments:
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    (I'll update these daily posts as the day goes by... and hopefully at the end of each day I can add a note that I completed all of my goals!)

    Day 1 - 7/26 - SUCCESS!!

    Breakfast - Kodiak Cakes Cup, fruit cup, coffee, apple juice

    I need to go into this accepting that I work STUPIDLY EARLY BEFORE THE SUN WHY and waking up early enough to make myself a full Modern Hero breakfast isn't realistically in the cards for me, but I've found that a good oatmeal cup includes enough high grains and protein to get me through to lunch well. The only downside is some flavors have a good amount of sugar. I'm slowly trying to transition more towards plain oatmeal or at least less sugary options like cinnamon/brown sugar or honey nut. Once I'm in my apartment I can make oatmeal from scratch which should help.

    I've also noticed overnight oats are a thing, but I have yet to try them. I'll have to give that a shot and see if that makes a quick healthy breakfast with as many Modern Hero elements as possible a bit easier.

    Lunch - Turkey Dogs, Rice/Quinoa Blend, Steamed Veggie Medley, handful of cashews, Kombucha
    (4 Hours after Breakfast)

    I figured kombucha is a fair sub for a glass of fruit juice. I'm noticing when I did my shopping I bought more protein than I needed a not enough produce.

    Dinner - Garlic Parm Chicken, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Romaine Hearts, Kombucha
    (7 hours after Lunch)

    I swear, I was being tested today. I heard what I thought was a knock on my door and someone was delivering pizza next door. :'D So I made a small compromise with myself - I'd get a serving of a slightly more decadent protein from the grocery store in exchange for hauling myself over there and picking up the produce I needed. I now have a fridge stuffed full of veggies and they're all getting eaten this week, mark my words.

    Exercise Completed:
    Baseline - Day 1 - Level 1
    30 Days of Yoga - Day 1

    Really felt the effects of not exercising for a while. My arms popped and cracked during the first set of baseline, and my balance during yoga wasn't very good. All the more reason to want to get back into a routine!

    Additional Self-Care Accomplishments:
    -Opted to take the stairs to do my laundry instead of using the elevator!
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        That looks like a good plan, and it is a good start. You make some good points already about giving yourself some room to stray from perfection in your plan.

        The longer that you stick with it, the more you will see yourself making healthier choices.

        Welcome to the Hive, you are in the right place.


          It looks like you're well on your way with your goals and motivations well thought out. I'll be eager to follow your journey, as I'm sure I'll find some good ideas here to incorporate into my own lifestyle.

          As for oatmeal, I found that simply adding a single banana mashed with a fork (and a bit of cinnamon) is perfectly enough flavouring. Or preparing it with milk and adding a teaspoon of plain ground cocoa if you prefer a more chocolate-y flavour.


            Welcome and all the best for your goals!


              Thank you for your encouragement, everyone!

              Originally posted by Mianevem View Post
              It looks like you're well on your way with your goals and motivations well thought out. I'll be eager to follow your journey, as I'm sure I'll find some good ideas here to incorporate into my own lifestyle.

              As for oatmeal, I found that simply adding a single banana mashed with a fork (and a bit of cinnamon) is perfectly enough flavouring. Or preparing it with milk and adding a teaspoon of plain ground cocoa if you prefer a more chocolate-y flavour.
              Oooh, I'll give this a try, thanks!


                Day 2 - 7/27- SUCCESS!! (2 Day Streak)

                Breakfast - Kodiak Cakes Cup, Coffee, Romaine Hearts, Apple Juice

                Off work for the next few days. Got some veggies into my breakfast! The good news is I'm the kind of person who LIKES the taste of raw greens, so maybe it won't be as hard to get some in before work as I thought.

                Lunch - Turkey Dogs, Brown Rice and Quinoa Medley, Steamed Veggie Medley, Power Greens, Apple Juice, Cashews, Fruit Cup, Raisins, Sugar-Free Jello
                (5 Hours after Breakfast)

                Dinner - Turkey Dogs, Pumpkin Sunflower Seed Bread, Power Greens, Apple Juice, Cashews, Raisins
                (5.5 hours after Lunch)

                Thinking a lot today about presentation. It may be fun to get some big bowls and make these meals in the style of poke bowls, but with a bed of greens instead of rice.

                Can one have too many leafy greens? Legit question. I hear iron poisoning is a thing but can't find anything on if you can get it strictly from a diet.

                Exercise Completed:
                Baseline - Day 2 - Level 3
                30 Days of Yoga - Day 2
                Plank Time: 0:50

                Went all the way to level 3 on baseline today!! Trying to remember how good pushing myself just a little felt back when I was doing a HIIT class in college. I've decided to add an elbow plank to my routine. I feel like seeing this number go up will help me feel some sense of my strength progressing, and I want that 5 minute badge! I am easily motivated by shiny forum badges, as you'll likely see if you follow me for a while and I keep revolving my workouts around getting those.

                (Also, I swear, being in the middle of a yoga pose sends a message to everyone I know that it's the perfect time to call or text me. Every single time.)

                Additional Self-Care Accomplishments:
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                  Day 3 - 7/28 - Failure (1/5)

                  Had to get a COVID test today so keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Feeling pretty crummy today but hopefully I can stay on the wagon!

                  Breakfast - Turkey Dogs, Bread, Power Greens, Apple Juice, Cashews

                  Kind of a late start today cause I had to go get my test first thing, so skipped the usual breakfast food and headed right to lunch food.

                  Lunch - Bento box and a TON of greens

                  Welp, with the stress of the situation, I caved and got something delivered. I got something healthier than my usual horrific go-tos of pizza or American comfort food though; a Japanese bento box, which I supplemented with extra greens from all the produce I picked up the other day.

                  I'm still considering today and any day I get takeout a fail day for Modern Hero, if only because I REALLY need to spend less money on takeout, but I'm proud of myself for at least not getting fat with a side of fat, like I was tempted to do the other day. It's a start in the right direction!

                  Dinner -
                  (X hours after Lunch)


                  Exercise Completed:
                  Baseline - Day X - Level X
                  30 Days of Yoga - Day X
                  Plank Time: X:XX


                  Additional Self-Care Accomplishments:
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                    I hope your Covid test is negative! Welcome to the Hive!


                      Originally posted by Ceejaytee View Post
                      I hope your Covid test is negative! Welcome to the Hive!
                      Thanks! This whole mess was also a bit of a motive to finally get healthier. I know how much higher risk diabetic people are for compilations from COVID, so I'd REALLY like for my prediabetes to progress anytime soon? :'D


                        Alright, rough day yesterday with the testing and everything, but back in the saddle today! This is why allowed fail days exist!

                        Day 4 - 7/29 - Partial Success

                        Breakfast - Cashews, Kale, Apple Juice

                        Stomach wasn't feeling up to a bowl of oatmeal this morning so I munched on a ton of salad and a handful of nuts.

                        Lunch - Turkey Dogs, Bread, Chicken Noodle Soup, Coconut Water, Kombucha
                        (5 Hours after Breakfast)

                        My stomach is really bugging me today, so I'm eating a bit sporadically and piecemeal while trying to maintain the Modern Hero ratio. The good news is, leafy greens are easy to munch on slowly, and I'm thankful to be one of those weird people who LIKES raw kale.

                        Dinner - Turkey Dogs, Greens, Nut Bread
                        (4 hours after Lunch)

                        Why did I buy??? So much of the same food??? I don't want turkey dogs again for the rest of the year when this is over.

                        Exercise Completed:

                        I spent most of the day either nauseous or with a headache so no exercise again. Feeling a bit better than yesterday though, so hopefully tomorrow.


                          Day 5 - 7/30 - Partial Success

                          COVID TEST IS NEGATIVE!!! \O/

                          So I know for a fact tomorrow is going to be my second failure day for Modern Hero. I'm getting moved into my apartment and my parents have offered to celebrate with pizza. All the more reason to make sure I have a good day with healthy eating and exercise today!!

                          Breakfast - Oatmeal, Kombucha

                          Lunch/Dinner - Lemon Garlic Chicken, Melons
                          (8 Hours after Breakfast)

                          Appetite a bit weird still, but manages to maintain ratios in what turned out to basically be one meal spread through the day.

                          Exercise Completed:

                          While my symptoms of whatever bug I had are definitely clearing up, I didn't manage to do all of my exercises today due to some lingering fatigue. I DID take a walk though, so that's a step up. A bit of a rocky start to this challenge, but I'm not giving up!


                            That's good news !


                              Hi everyone! So I've been absent the past few days on account of FINALLY MOVING INTO MY OWN PLACE!!! The bad news is, of course I didn't manage my usual diet and exercise in the midst of moving, which took up my last grace days. %D Still, I DID exercise, lifting all those things and whatnot, so that's good. Today I get back on the saddle and hopefully stay strong through the end of these exercise challenges!

                              Everything is kind of a mess of boxes right now, but I found my yoga mat! I'm hoping to set up a permanent corner for it - not wanting to gather my exercise equipment was a far too common excuse in my last place.

                              Day 8 - 8/2 - Mostly Success!

                              Breakfast - Breakfast sandwich

                              Lunch - Leftover Takeout, Brown Rice, Quinoa Blend, Spinach, Cashews, Apple Juice
                              (6 Hours after Breakfast)

                              Using up some of the last of the microwave things and a half burrito I didn't eat yesterday, and then doing some grocery shopping.

                              Trying those overnight oats I mentioned before with the mashed banana and cinnamon Mianevem suggested! I hope I like these. If I do, that's one less worry on work mornings!

                              Dinner - Tofu, Quinoa, Romaine, Cashews, Apple Juice
                              (6 hours after Lunch)

                              I decided to get some inspiration from the Darebee plates and.... RAW tofu...? Okay. I tried it and it's... not bad. Nutty. Kind of refreshing. Takes a bit of getting used to but I think I like it!

                              Exercise Completed:
                              Baseline - Day X - Level X
                              30 Days of Yoga - Day 3
                              Plank Time: 0:36
                              4 Day Exercise Streak!

                              Welp, starting baseline over it seems, but everything else done!

                              Additional Self-Care Accomplishments:
                              -Got some boxes unpacked!