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    Pouncing to Better Health

    Hello! I have returned! I was going to save this for when I finished Foundation, but heck, I missed The Hive Community. And I have questions. Not sure what they are at the moment, but I do.

    I'm halfway through Foundation, on a special diet for a few more weeks then doing the Modern Hero Mealplan and maybe Weight Watchers. I've been practicing my running doing From Walking to Running to run a 5K with my kids, provided the 5K happens this year.

    My goals are to get back to pre-baby weight, have more energy, and look fantastic. I'm going to go from thicc to sticc!

    And this time, I almost know what I'm doing; I'm even making a planned spreadsheet.

    Thank you all, and I look forward to smashing goals with the community!

    Today's workout:

    Warmup: 2 Minute Workout
    Main: Foundation Day 19, Level II
    Running: From Walking to Running Day 12

    Streak: 5 days in a row working out

    Felt pretty blech doing the workout but I think it was the heat more than anything else. It was a nice workout but I was bushed when it was over. Really wish my energy wasn't so up and down, but I'm sure it'll get better once I've shed a few more pounds.


      Today’s workout:

      Warmup: 2 minutes of light exercises
      Main: Foundation Day 20, Level II
      Running: From Walking to Running Day 13
      Cooldown: 3-minute walk

      Streak: 6 days in a row working out

      My diet is becoming harder to maintain, but I’m trying to keep at it. Felt pretty good during the run but a little saddened that it didn’t rain during it. Feeling my energy getting better and not getting so drained; also could be because I didn’t work today. I just wish my weight would figure out I’m trying to go down, but at least my clothes are feeling looser.


        Today’s workout:

        Warmup: Quick Warmup
        Main: Foundation Day 21, Level II
        Running: From Walking to Running Day ... crap...

        Streak: 7 days in a row working out

        Fell down and banged up my knees pretty bad while I was running the first leg of the running part. I did do 15 minutes of exercise at least. Pissed I ruined my new pants.

        Hope I feel better tomorrow!


          Sorry about your knee and your pants.


            Thank you!

            I'm mostly better now. I just didn't do much for the last two days to let my hands and legs heal. But I will back in the saddle tomorrow.


              After my fall on Sunday, I did take two days off to recuperate as my knee was giving me trouble and my hands were sore as heck. Been back in the saddle since Wednesday and I have five days left of Foundation and 13 of From Walking to Running! I had a paper workout journal because I usually can't make it to The Hive that I am currently upgrading and lost what exactly I've done the three previous days.

              When I was running today, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was able to run for three minutes without my body or legs throwing a tantrum! From the wild huffing and puffing I was doing at the beginning, to the more controlled huffing and puffing of today.

              I decided to forgo the diet I was doing to join Weight Watchers with my husband. Well, I'm hoping he'll join. Eventually. I wasn't seeing the results I had hoped to see, even if there were results. I'll be implementing The Modern Hero Mealplan once I figure it out; it has changed so much! I forgot how much tracking food sucks.

              Spent a wonderful day with my youngest at a nearby lake and looking for critters. Then with my brother from another mother. And spent the day with my family at my mother in law's house. It was a good, tranquil day.

              Have a wonderful day.

              Today’s workout:

              Warmup: The Prep
              Main: Foundation Day 25, Level II
              Running: From Walking to Running Day 17

              Streak: 4 days in a row working out


                Vile Sundays!! I swear they're out to get me... I moved around a lot as I was bound and determined to get stuff done around my place with the Jawas and Wookie out and about. Got the litter pans, bathroom, and some laundry done. Sadly, the day waxed and waned and then it was bedtime...

                I really, really, really want that 30 Day badge so I'm gonna double down and make sure my Sunday won't slip away from me again