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    Baryl’s Hero Journey

    It has occurred to me that I need to set some goals and track them so I'm going to keep them on this page and update as needed. I'll add some more as I have more time to think about it.

    Current Stats
    Weight: 175.2 lbs (+0 lbs)
    Waist: 41 inches
    Neck: 16 inches
    Body Fat %: 29%
    Lean Mass: 124 lbs
    Body Fat Category: Obese

    Short Term Goals
    Weight: 165 lbs
    Body Fat %: 25%
    Lose 1lb per week
    Finish Fireheart
    30 Consecutive Push-ups
    5 Consecutive Pull Ups
    365 days with Darebee

    Long Term Goals
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Body Fat %: 15-17%
    50 Consecutive Push-ups
    10 Consecutive Pull Ups
    2 years with Darebee

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________________

    Hi folks. I started Hero’s Journey 8 days ago and figured this would be a good place to track it. I’ve been running off and on for about a year and have decided I need to build up my body and lose some weight before I can continue. Here is a quick catch up on what I’ve done so far:

    note: I work a physical job and will usually walk around 4+ miles per day, at said job, Monday through Saturday.

    day 1
    Kicked off the workout plan. Pretty easy day out.

    day 2
    Chose option B and got involved (it is a hero’s journey right?). Seemed like the easy pick.

    day 3
    I want to work on core and let my body heal from the running so I picked the ring. I thought about picking the ribbon too but I’m not in really good shape and I work long hours so I decided to take it easy.

    day 4
    Good workout. I like the single leg bridges.

    day 5
    This day was rough. I did level 1 and the lunge jumps killed me. I’ve been sore since day 5 and walking my usual 25 flights of stairs per day is now living torment. The guys at work are getting a good laugh watching me walk though. So at least someone is having fun and I’m proud to have made it through. That’s positive.

    day 6
    level 1 again. Mostly due to still being beat up by day 5. I did my weapons practice. I can hold the plank for about 1 min so I did 5 sets on 1 minute. Good day overall.

    day 7
    the oracle will have to wait (maybe he’s right 😢). I’m still pretty beat up from day 5. This will have to be a rest day. I’ll try to get him tomorrow.

    Day 8
    I conquered the oracle!!! Level 3 workout with a little help from my friend from day 2. Stats from my watch:

    257 total calories burne
    210 calories actively burned
    25:52 total time (I took the full 2 min rest)
    123 BPM average heart rate

    i’m feeling pretty good right now. Can’t wait for tomorrow,

    Edit: Forgot to mention, I did not take the side quest. I was a bit too sore on the ol' chest. Hope that doesn't come to bite me in the bum.


      Welcome!! Hero's Journey sounds like a super fun program. I hope you're enjoying it! Well done on 8 days of commitment!




          Happy Independence Day to all the Americans out there and anyone who wants to celebrate vicariously with us.

          Thank you for the warm welcomes folks. Looking forward to this being a consistent thing.

          Day 9:
          I started off the day with a 1.95 mi hike. Nice nature trail. Nothing too strenuous. I got a little extra gains from having to push the baby in his stroller. I also finished day 8 of Hero's Journey. Some nice ab work which was appreciated. All and all a good rest day. I'm having some trouble with sticking with my diet. I started the week out pretty well but holidays will tend to interrupt a good diet. Here's to a better week next week. I am going to do my first weigh in tomorrow. Hopefully, the scale has some good news for me.


            Day 10 weigh in (note: I started at 201 Lbs but I didn’t get a baseline for the other factors so I guess this will be my baseline)

            weight: 196.2 LBS
            Body Fat %: 26.4%
            water %: 55%
            Muscle %: 37.1%

            I took these measurements on an scale I bought from Walmart so the results are questionable at best. Also the percentages don’t equal out to 100%. That said as long as I use the same scale each time I should still be able to track progress.

            ill post again later today when I finish day 9 of my Hero’s Journey


              I should have posted this yesterday but I ran out of time so here is my entry for yesterday.

              Day 10
              I took a little detour on my hero’s journey. Instead of completing day 9 and crossing the bridge I went for a longer swim which ended up counting as my excercise that day. Stats are below.

              49 minutes swimming
              408 calories burned


                My belated welcome to the Hive...wishing you a great journey in your training.


                  Day 11
                  today I completed day 9 of Hero’s Journey. I chose to jump the bridge in a single bound (200 jumping squats) because that’s what a hero would do. Stats are below:

                  total time: 9 min
                  total calories burned: 106 cal
                  active calories burned: 90 cal
                  average heart rates: 141 BPM

                  after I finished the workout I still needed 5 more minutes of exercise so I took a 7 min walk and burned 28 calories.

                  In total today, I burned 721 calories and exercised for 30 minutes (includes work mileage walking). All my calorie details are from my Apple Watch (just as a FYI in case someone is interested. Here’s to a good day tomorrow.


                    Thank you for the welcome WSMC27. I’m looking forward to spending time here in the hive.


                      Day 12
                      today I completed day 10 ten of hero’s Journey and did some ring weapon training.

                      push-ups completed:
                      RD 1: 15
                      RD 2: 12
                      RD 3: 12
                      RD 4: 6
                      RD 5: 6

                      Wide grip push-ups completed:
                      RD 1: 3
                      RD 2: 3
                      RD 3: 1
                      RD 4: 0
                      RD 5: 0

                      Total calories burned: 228
                      Active calories burned: 164
                      Avg heart rate: 90 BPM

                      Total calories burned for the day: 941
                      Total minutes of exercise: 49 min


                        Day 13

                        Today I completed day 11 of my Hero’s Journey. I’m really starting to enjoy this. The workouts are very manageable and I’m doing really well hitting my move goals and exercise goals. In fact I am on a 13 day streak!

                        I chose level 2 “bad but not that bad” today and exchanged the half jacks for full jumping jacks because I greatly dislike half jacks. I completed all 7 sets with 2 min rest between each set. Stats for exercise are below.

                        Total calories burned: 250
                        Active calories burned: 207
                        Workout time: 23:41
                        Average heart rate: 140 BPM

                        Total stats for the day are.

                        Calories burned: 823
                        Exercise minutes: 47


                          Day 14
                          Today I completed day 12 of my Hero’s Journey. The stretching was appreciated but I wasn’t really sure what to do. Holding the poses for ten seconds wasn’t long enough. So I just held each for 30 seconds on each side. It seemed to work. I burned about 47 calories.

                          Total Calories Burned today: 673
                          Minutes exercises: 33


                            Day 15

                            Today I completed level 2 day 13 of my Hero's Journey and ring weapons training.

                            R1: 16 Pushups
                            R2: 11 Pushups
                            R3: 9 Pushups
                            R4: 8 Pushups
                            R5:7 Pushups
                            R6: 4 Pushups
                            R7: 3 Pushups

                            Total: 58 Pushups

                            Total Calories burned: 238
                            Active Calories burned: 186
                            Average Heart Rate: 109 BPM
                            Length: 28:41 min

                            Total stats for the day are

                            Total calories burned: 1,036
                            Minutes exercised: 67


                              Day 16

                              Today I went for a 2.07 mile walk to start out the day. It took 47:23 minutes. I burned 216 active calories and 302 total calories.

                              I then completed day 14 of my Hero’s Journey. I completed level 3 of the workout. I really dig the martial arts style moves. I guess it’s the inner geek in me. Stats are below for the workout. Tomorrow is weigh in day. I hope the scale is friendly.

                              Total calories burned: 140
                              Active calories burned: 118
                              Workout time: 12:11 min
                              Average Heart Rate: 141 BPM

                              Total for the day:

                              Total calories burned: 657
                              Workout time: 44 min
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