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    New goals, new thread

    So I felt like it was time to start a new thread for checking in. My goals and my days have changed quite a lot since I started my last thread, and as a result of this, it doesn't really motivate me any more. So we're starting from scratch with new goals and focus. The first big change is, that I don't want this check-in thread to just be about fitness and working out - I also want it to focus a bit more on my personal habits. So let's divide the goals in two; FR and NFR.

    Start/current weight:
    - 60/59.1 kg

    Current program:
    - Foundation light

    Current challenges:
    - First thing water 30-day challenge
    - Good morning, world! 30-day challenge
    - 50 squats a day with EC
    - Punches and squats 30-day challenge (June challenge)

    Current goals:
    - 30 days of consecutive exercise
    - 50 daily dares with EC
    - Running 5k in one go
    - 5 min elbow plank

    On hold:
    - At home marathon 30-day challenge
    - 1 min yoga 30-day challenge
    - Ninja 30-day challenge
    - The long run 30-day running program
    - Splits 30-day challenge
    - Touch your toes in 30 days
    - 1-minute plank 30-day challenge
    - 1-minute cardio 30-day challenge
    - Upper body light 30-day challenge

    - 15 days of consecutive exercise
    - Legs of steel 30-day challenge (May challenge)

    - Do at least an hour of schoolwork a day
    - Practice viola, violin and piano every day
    - Read for half an hour to an hour a day
    - Be social
    - Have a clean room and clean working space
    - Find a part-time job
    - Half an hour of active Chinese practice a day

    Day 1

    "A champion is defined not by their wins, but by how many times they recover when they fall." - Serena Williams

    Steps: 9683

    So I went to the gym not only once, but twice today. I have been signing up for some classes these couple of days and today was hatha yoga and latin. It was really fun, though I don't really think I'm a fan of the teacher who was teaching the latin class, so maybe I should just go somewhere else when I feel like "dancing" (I can't dance at all, but I find it pretty fun). After that, I went to play two hours of volleyball with some friends at a park.