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Back into the fight - post-corona

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    Wednesday, September 23rd
    Cardio Go! day 17 - no rest between sets
    Cardio Challenge day 17
    Burpees Challenge day 2

    Consecutive days of exercise: 86


      Thursday, September 24th
      Cardio Go! day 18 - no rest between sets
      Cardio Challenge day 18
      Burpees Challenge day 3

      Consecutive days of exercise: 87


        Friday, September 25th
        20 min. walk in the morning

        Consecutive days of exercise: 88


          Saturday, September 26th
          Cardio Go! day 19
          Cardio Challenge day 19
          Burpees Challenge day 4

          Consecutive days of exercise: 89


            Sunday, September 27th
            Cardio Go! day 20

            Consecutive days of exercise: 90


              Monday, September 28th
              Cardio Go! day 21

              Consecutive days of exercise: 91


                Ooh are we are up to 90 days already? That's fantastic! Congrats and here's to the next badge - 100 here we come!


                  Thanks Mika we’re slowly but steady working towards the 100 days

                  Though in my case, clinic kicked my butt again, so I haven’t come that much further on the Cardio Go programme.

                  September 29th to October 3rd
                  A 15 minute walk every day

                  Sunday, October 4th
                  Cardio Go! day 22
                  Burpees Challenge day 4
                  Cardio Challenge day 19

                  Monday, October 5th
                  Cardio Go! day 23

                  Tuesday, October 6th
                  Cardio Go! day 24

                  Consecutive days of exercise: 99


                    Happy Birthday.


                      Happy Birthday from me too and 100 days must be up by now surely?


                        Mika and TheLibrarian I had a great day

                        Unfortunately, examination-period kicked my butt (at least exercise-wise the last couple of weeks), but I won the last round at the actual exam
                        So I lost my exercise-streak, but started over again, when I had finished my exam (currently on a 2-day streak).

                        Saturday, October 31st
                        The Long Run day 1
                        Cardio Go! day 25 - no rest between sets
                        Cardio Challenge day 21
                        Burpees Challenge day 6

                        Sunday, November 1st
                        The Long Run day 2+3
                        Cardio Go! day 26 - no rest between sets
                        Square1 day 1 - lvl 3

                        Consecutive days of exercise: 2


                          Think the exam was more important by the sounds of it -- congrats!

                          You get so many programs into one day it makes me tired just looking at it


                            Mika , I guess I do, but they don't take a lot of time, and I spread it throughout the day, so it's actually ok with my schedule I guess (I really haven't thought that much about it)

                            Monday, November 2nd
                            Square1 day 2 - lvl 3
                            1h karatepractice

                            Consecutive days of exercise: 3


                              Tuesday, November 3rd
                              Square1 day 3 - lvl 3
                              The Long Run day 4
                              Cardio Go! day 27 - no rest between sets

                              Throughout the day
                              Cardio Challenge day 22
                              Burpees Challenge day 7

                              Consecutive days of exercise: 4


                                Wednesday, November 4th
                                Square1 day 4 - lvl 3
                                Cardio Go! day 28 - no rest between sets

                                Thursday, November 5th
                                Square1 day 5 - lvl 3
                                A walk in the evening

                                Friday, November 6th
                                Square1 day 6 - lvl 3
                                Cardio Go! day 29 - no rest between sets
                                The Long Run day 5
                                Cardio Challenge day 23
                                Burpees Challenge day 8

                                Consecutive days of exercise: 7