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Back into the fight - post-corona

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    Back into the fight - post-corona

    Hello there
    It's been a while since I've made my last check-in thread (November 14th 2018 ), and a lot have happened since.
    For those of you, who haven't come across my former check-in thread (I really don't expect, that any of you have ), then a short introduction:

    I'm a medical student, beginning my final year after the summer holidays. Besides from the daily student life (with a lot of studying at home), I am connected to a department, specialised in the treatment and rehabilitation after different types of sports injuries. Until now, I've only been part of a minor project concerning Achilles Tendon Ruptures, but hopefully, it will grow into something bigger, as sports and exercise is one of my greatest interests.
    In my sparetime (apart from more studying ). I practice Shinkyokushin Karate, which I've been doing for the past 13 years, usually around 3-5 times a week (for fun and competition), and since I've started med school, I've been using Darebee's resources a lot as an addition to my daily routine (and a substitute, when time was spare do to exams coming up) - and I must say; the more time I spend using this site, the more a fan I become

    But for some reason, I just haven't been able to find the time check-in, for the last 2 years Luckily, for the most of the time I've managed to keep up a good work-out routine and improve my shape - it all culminating in my 2nd dan grading november last year. So basically, everything went well, until 3,5 months ago, when COVID arrived here in Denmark.
    As a medical student, I've been working in as an extra help, in the fight against the disease - which meant less time for practice, as most of my spare hours was spent at the wards. Furthermore, most sports clubs and fitness centres have been closed until recently, so it has been quite out of reach to practice karate for a long time.
    - Once again Darebee to the rescue , giving me (and my boyfriend) lots of inspiration for short, high-intensity workouts, that could easily be done at home. And once again, I was reminded of what an amazing community The Hive is, and how much, I really missed being a part of it.
    After having been on the bench for a couple of months, I'm heading back to the playing field. This evening, will be the first time since corona, that I go back to the dojo and practice karate.
    It's gonna be tough, it's gonna be sweaty, but it's gonna be fun. Wish me luck .

    Good luck!


      Welcome back


        It's good to be back!

        Monday, June 29th
        8 weeks to 5K day 47 - 3.4 km, average pace 5'32"
        60 Days of Cardio day 7, lvl III
        A nice and steady run, not too fast, and the weather was perfect, so I stayed outside and did the next day of 60 days of cardio, which was a very nice way, to end the run,before heading back home

        1h30m karate
        - 15 min. warm - up
        - 15 min. kihon (basic techniques)
        - 30 min. kata
        - 30 min. cardio

        It felt so good being back in the dojo, exercising with good friends. Even though, there has been made a lot of changes, e.g. using a face mask, when practicing with a partner and extra cleaning, it just felt amazing being back.
        But oh boy, I need to work on my "karate-shape" again. I really had forgotten how much energy those basic kihon techniques, kicking especially, requires . Amazingly enough, I'm not sore today, so later this evening, the karate-adventure will continue (and I really can't wait).

        Till then - take care and be safe


          Tuesday, June 30th
          Ab Challenge day 23 - 54 sit-ups + 240 flutter kicks + 3 min. plank
          50 Push-Ups Challenge day 8 - 12+4+4 push-ups
          60 Days of Cardio day 8, lvl III
          60 Days of Cardio day 9, lvl III

          1h05m karate (I was the instructor)
          - 15 min. warm-up
          - 30 min. kata
          - 30 min. cardio (Smoking Hot lvl II)
          - 15 min. stretching

          It was another perfect workout day, and really nice being back again, and seing a lot of people, I haven't seen for a very long time. Again, I'm looking forward to join our combat class on Thursday (my favorite) .
          Tomorrow I won't attend another karate class (even though we have classes 6 days a week at the moment, to compensate for the lack of training the last couple of month). It's just gonna be a lighter day, perhaps I will go for a run and do another day of the 60 Days of Cardio-program, but nothing too hard


            Wednesday July 1st
            8 weeks to 5K day 49 - 5,36 km, average pace 5'47"
            60 Days of Cardio day 10, lvl III
            Ab Challenge day 24 - 20 sit-ups + 20 flutter kicks + 20 sec. plank
            50 Push-Ups Challenge day 9 - 14+6+4 push-ups

            Had a nice, downhill run today, and finished it with the 60 Days of Cardio program Since I'm going to the combat class tomorrow, and I want to be ready for that, I decided not to do any further workout today, other than the finger-strength required for browsing the internet .

            Consecutive days of exercise: 3


              Thursday July 2nd
              1h30m combat practice

              First combat practice in the last 3,5 months, so it was really exciting to get back I decided not to exercise throughout the day, so I would be well-rested for my favourite class. I think it was the right decision.
              Not only, did the combat class exceed my every expectation (as it always does) , it also push my body to the limits, especially on doing cardio, and really made me realize, how much I've actually missed being complete and uttelry exhausted after a workout Even though we didn't do any combat due to covid-guidelines, we still got paired up with a partner, to do some exercises using big mitts and punching bags. And oh my, how I need to get used to the feeling once again - weighing around 52 kg, I just tumbled around, every time my partner dida punch or kick It didn't hurt (the punch bag did it's part , but I just couldn't stand still . But as always, even though I felt my lungs was ready to abandon ship a couple of times , I can't wait to go back next Thursday as the spirit is just amazing .
              Till next time - take care

              Consecutive days of exercise: 4


                Friday, July 3rd
                1h30m karate (I was the instructor)
                - 15 min. warm-up
                - 30 min. kata
                - 30 min. cardio/strength | Military fit, day 1, 1 round + Iron Bar/Iron Bar Adv.
                - 15 min. stretching

                Consecutive days of exercise: 5


                  Saturday, July 4th
                  15 min. walk
                  Ab Challenge day 25 - 60 sit-ups + 250 flutter kicks + 3 min. 10 sec. plank
                  50 Push-Ups Challenge day 10 - 16+6+4 push-ups

                  Today was just a "microworkout" in the evening, as I had been to a good friends wedding the whole morning and afternoon (due to the on-going pandemic, they had to split up the party in two halves, so only family attended in the evening). But it was a great day, and it seemed like the bride and groom enjoyed themselves

                  Consecutive days of exercise: 6


                    Sunday, July 5th
                    60 Days of Cardio day 11, lvl III
                    Ab Challenge day 26 - 62 sit-ups + 260 flutter kicks + 3 min. 20 sec. plank
                    50 Push-Ups Challenge day 11 - push-up plank 20 sec. x3

                    Consecutive days of exercise: 7


                      Monday, July 6th
                      60 Days of Cardio day 12, lvl III
                      60 Days of Cardio day 13, lvl III

                      After a long day at work, and a long list of tasks, that needed to be done at home, I completely forgot to do the 50 Push-ups and ab challenges But, I managed to do 2 days of the 60 Days of Cardio program while dinner was in the oven, so I guess I did something Looking forward till tomorrow, where I'm heading back to the dojo for antoher karate class

                      Consecutive days of exercise: 8


                        Heyx Tsunade , I started my check-in on the same day as you, so here's hoping we can both never miss a day


                          Mika Cheers to that


                            Tuesday, July 7th
                            1h30m karate
                            - 15 min. warm-up
                            - 30 min. kata
                            - 30 min. cardio | Heyday lvl II
                            - 15 min. stretching


                              Wednesday, July 8th
                              8 weeks to 5K day 50 | 3,51 km, average pace 6'16"

                              10,37 km bike-ride

                              60 Days of Cardio day 14, lvl III
                              Ab Challenge day 27 - 64 sit-ups + 280 flutter kicks + 3 min. 30 sec. plank
                              50 Push-Ups Challenge day 12 - 16+8+5 push-ups

                              So it was quite a day, started it with a short run. Quite satisfied with the pace, even though it's not too fast. All in all, it was pleasant run When I got home, I had some work to do on a project I'm currently working on. There's a lot of things, that needs to be corrected in the article I'm writing, so I had to call my supervisor, to get some help (as I'm new in this whole research-thingy, so at the moment, every task is difficult) Then I cleaned our apartment, and afterwards went on a bikeride to go buy a birthday-present for my stepdad. It's been a long time, since I've been riding my bike but it just felt amazing to feel the wind in my clothes. In the evening, my boyfriend wanted to do some strength exercises, so I decided to join him, and did the ab and push-up challenges, and the 60 days of cardio program
                              Though busy, it has been a really nice day, where I have been active through out the day, but nothing too hard. Tomorrow I'm going on a "hike", with some of my friends - we're going to Copenhagen to find the troll Captain Nalle (it's part of a treasure hunt, where an artist have made some large troll-sculptures around the town, and then you go looking for clues).