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    I finished the 30 Day Walkabout Challenge. It's time to find another challenge!

    Garmin came up long enough to tell me that I got the July 150K fortnight step badge and completed the weekly 95K Step Challenge (with 95,032 steps). I also finished Foundation Light Lev II days 9 & 10 on Friday. I lost 1.6 lbs this week too,so I'm on a roll.

    Today I did Foundation Light Day 11 Lev II and the Biceps and Triceps Light Workout. 38 days of walking 3+ miles and/or doing Darebee in a row now.


      Yay for your challenge!


        I walked 4 miles this morning and did Foundation Light Lev II Day 12.
        I also started the Punches and Squats Challenge and just for the heck of it, threw in a 4th set of punches. I'm a wild woman.

        That's 39 days in a row!