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    Better late than never!

    (I hope the title wasn't already taken. I didn't go through all the pages )

    I am Sylvia and this is my story... (yeah, I know, that's from somewhere else)

    After 2019 not being the success year I hoped it would be, I decided I would make it 2020. It is a cool number for a year...
    New years resolutions were adapted and fixed. 2020 began and well, so far (June) it didn't turn out the way I thought it would... and I am not even talking about Corona and stuff that's going on in the world.

    May came and went by, with me playing video games, after the first months being kinda hard working.
    So, June was the newstart (again), but I tried new things.
    The first half of June was driven by challenges (eg. 5 minute Elbow Plank, Arms of Steel etc.). Until I reached a point in the second week, where I wasn't able to finish them. The 2:40 minute Plank just hurt. So I looked for something different.
    On June 15th, I started with "Athenas Playbook" and it feels a lot better. I feel better!

    I have been a quiet follower of Darebee for quite a file. Most of the time I looked up information and tried challenges, until - yes, just two weeks ago - I stumbled upon the Programs. I liked the look of Heros Journey and Pandora for being RPG like. The gamer in me is very fond of that. Athenas Playbook also caught my eye. It sounded a little bit more beginner friendly than the others, so I decided to start with this one (30 vs. 60 days was also taken into consideration).
    I am now proud to say, that I finished Day 7 today!

    This week the workouts consisted of a little bit of indoor running (at one spot, while watching some videos, to get my steps to 5k a day), Athenas Playbook and Stretches.

    My goals (new years resolution) this year (yeah, I know, half of it is already over), being able to do
    a Split
    a Push-Up
    a Pull-Up
    a Handstand
    a Forearm Stand
    and getting back into running.

    Last but not least: June was also the month to finally sign up to the forum.

    TL;DR: Hi, I am new, I have a lot of work (outs) to do, please be nice to me

    Hi. Welcome to the hive! Congrats on completing day 7. Two of my goals are splits and pushups, too. And, yes, eventually a handstand or headstand, but that will be so far in the future that I’m not even considering it right now.

    And I’ve never come across anyone who wasn’t nice here, so I’m pretty sure you don’t have to worry about that.


      Thank you!
      PushupS will be hopefully the goal next year, when I can get one done These things can look so easy when others are doing them, but when you have almost nonexistent arm muscles you just do the Flop. You start with a Plank, then go into the Reverse Pushup for like two seconds before just flopping to the floor.
      Yeah, I was cruising the hive before so I knew that everyone here is very nice and supportive. It was more meant like the Japanese phrase when you introduce yourself (hajimemashite).

      Also for today's Check-in:

      5k steps
      Athena's Playbook Day 11
      Day 25 of the Blogilates Split Challenge


        My arms only lower like a centimeter when I try. I cannot go lower than that. Wall pushups are fine, and if I’m remembering right, I can do kind of decently on pike pushups. But other than that... no.

        And yay for the splits challenge! I had to give that up earlier this month.


          LizardFriend95 Why did you have to give on the splits challenge? Did you hurt yourself?

          So... a late update on the progress: (fitting to my check-in Title)
          I finished the 30 Days to Split challenge, but I can't do a split just now. So I started it again from the beginning. My flexibility got better though.
          Yesterday I finished day 19 of the Athena's Playbook.

          Yes, there are some days "missing". I had a migraine and I just wasn't able to work out. Even getting out of bed to eg. get something to drink was a nightmare.
          I am happy that it went away and I am able to work out again.


            I started to get pretty dizzy and lightheaded in early June, so I had to push myself through some workouts and had to give up on the splits because of being upside down. By the time I was feeling better, I was pretty far behind, and I like to keep a 30 day challenge within a month, so I just put it aside for the moment. I started again this month and so far so good!

            Yay for being more flexible as well! And sorry about the migraine. Those suck so much.


              Yep. I still need to talk to a doctor though, because I have no proper medication for migraine. I took some painkiller medicine, but that didn't work completely and I still felt sick.
              Not sure if there is a way to see the illness eg. in an MRI or something, but that's what doctors are there for

              As for today:
              5k steps
              Athena's Playbook Day 20
              Day 0 of the Blogilates Split Challenge (I did various Stretches, but I didn't clean the slate for the next round )


                I don’t know your circumstances or anything, but I didn’t have to do that for mine. I talked to mine and had to keep track of my headaches. I got put on maintenance meds and I have some for breakthroughs. I don’t have to take the ones for breakthroughs that often, but I do have to be mindful about my triggers still.