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    2-min Warm-up

    Zero Hero, Day 18, level 1
    My legs can barely hold me up after tht

    POwer Up, day 18, 0 sets
    Yeee I couldn't even do the first exercise for even half the time

    I think I'll cycle through day day 11-18
    My knee was already causing me a bit of issue with the lunges, from zero hero so it's probably that, but the Power Up was only an extra anyway, I'll re-try Power Up from the start in March
    My main goal was to complete Zero Hero, so as long as I do that and atleast attempt another exercise after (even if unfinished) I'll count it as a win
    I did some stretching after my attempt at Power Up today



      2-Min Warm-Up

      Zero Hero, day 19, level1???
      I don't know I lost count, I jut made sure I did atleast 3 of the sets but I lost track of how much I did,
      then continued from there to do a few more sets



        2-min Warm-Up

        Zero Hero, Day 20, Level 1

        okay I need to do something extra after zero hero after today

        forgot to hit post ahh


        2-Min Warm-Up
        Zero Hero, Day 21, Level

        Easy Abs, Day 1 + Day 2

        Did some light stretching afterwards foccusing on legs and hips for stretches



          2-Min Warm-Up

          Zero Hero, Day 22, level 1

          Easy Abs, Day 3 and Day 4 completed pretty easily, day 5 and day 6 were a fair bit harder to push out after that
          had a bit of time between each "day" to rest for a little while

          total time taken 19mins



            2-Min Warm-Up

            Zero Hero, Day 23, level 3 done in 1 go, I feel like i could have kept going for longer with the calf raise, but my calves are already pretty used to me bouncing on the spot and just being on my toes a lot in general, so that's probably why it was easier for me than maybe some other people

            Easy Abs, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, day 10
            Doesn't seem right that I'm able to do so much of this when my general fitness itsn't that good :/
            So either I'm doing the exercises wrong or I've got much better core strength than I thought....
            I'll watch some videos on ab exercises later I think, and see if I'm missing something, it's been a while since I've checked up on how to do exercises efficiently so I could probably do with a refresher and get my brain focused on it a bit more when I do my workouts



              2-Min Warm-Up

              Zero Hero, day 24, Level 2

              Easy Abs, day 11 and day 12
              I put more active focus on breathing properly and keeping my muscle active, and it feels like it's doing a lot more, but I'm still able to push through 2 days.
              I think my issue was that I wasn't focusing properly on the exercise and just trying to count to the right number, so I should work on that better, I try to build up good breathing habits, especially if I want to get back to the gym once it opens, don't want to do what my mate from work did and pop a lung from not breathing properly

              I didn't even realise I wasn't focusing on the workout as much as I thought I was, and my breathing has been way off, I caught myself just kind of holding my breath and had to actively breath, because apparently that's a thing I was doing



                2-min Warm-Up

                Zero Hero, day 25,level 1
                I cant squat for my life, I should work on that more once I've finished easy abs this time (though I'll probably redo easy abs in the next month or so.

                Easy Abs, day 13, day 14
                I'm really trying to focus on the exercise and tried the bike crunches in the way some other videos from other youtubers say is a better way to do it and it feels like it's a lot harder to do more than 1 day of the challenge shortly after each other, so I think I'll stick to that way of doing it rather than darebee's version which I assume is a modified version as it was the only video I saw doing it that way and I didn't feel much from that, but felt more from the other variants I'd seen while looking it up



                  2-min Warm-Up

                  Zero Hero day 26 level 1
                  Easy Abs, day 15 and day 16


                    27/02/21 Happy birthday to me!

                    2-Min Warm-Up

                    Zero Hero day 27, level 3

                    Easy Abs, day 17 and day 18
                    this challenge quickly shot up in difficulty once I figured out the way t do it while getting the most out of it, and I prefer it a lot better now, even if it's harder.


                      Happy birthday!!


                        Happy birthday


                          Happy Birthday.


                            Thank you all for the birthday wishes


                            2-Min Warm-Up

                            Zero Hero, Day 28, level 1

                            Easy Abs, day 19 and Day 20

                            I hated doing those air bike crunches, but I do feel good for doing them,

                            Now for some ramblings~

                            I've got a lot less energy today after all the food I ate yesterday, it wasn't unhealthy of foods, but the quantity was definitely more than I should have had, but I don't really feel bad about that. I just need to try to balance it out a bit more.

                            Main meal on the 26th was a burrito bowl, with plenty of fibre with the avocado and blackbeans and onion etc, though maybe a little too much rice ¬u¬
                            yesterday I had sweet potato sausages with the left over rice+beans from the burrito bowl and with some salad for breakfast(around 2pm?)
                            then had the japanese food (ordered for delivery)(around 8pm?), and everything came with at least a little salad, except the deserts which I never got around to eating, so that's saved for later today.

                            Didn't finish everything in 1 sitting, was picking at some of it until late (1am) and had some cake which is more sugar than I'm used to having, and had a couple of ciders with my food

                            I don't think it's that bad as food choices go, just out of the ordinary times and amounts for me, which is probably why it's made me feel so low energy today.
                            I'm going to have the rest of those sweet potato sausages and later today I'll be having some Cod Miso which I've never tried before so this should be interesting~ it has asparagus which I actually don't remember the last time I had asparagus, and rice, fish so fairly good stuff from what I can tell


                              Yesterday went for walk, I could feel the tendon in my right leg pulling in my calf area, it was a bit tight when I got home, probably due to all the up-down hill parts of the walk (about a 2.5hr walk) its been a long time since I last went on such a long walk around a lake it was nice and we got to feed some veg, fruit and oats to the ducks, geese and swans

                              2-min Warm-Up
                              Okay i can feel my calf cramping up a bit that's surely not very good...

                              Zero Hero, day 29 level 2?
                              I was broken out of focus for the 1st AND 2nd set because we had a delivery and everything's just kind of all over in the area I do my workout in, idk why my partner put it all there tbh
                              Couldn't really focus on my workout because I was too busy trying to not kick the boxes doing bike crunches because they have fragile things in

                              Easy Abs, day 21
                              moved the boxes out the way but now I'm all frustrated at not being able to do my exercise properly the first time around
                              going to slow down with this Easy Abs challenge now to 1 'day' a day, and start doing some extras of other things instead for the start of the month

                              Daily Push-Ups, Day 1
                              Knee pushups for this month, next month I'll try it with full pushups, then maybe try 50 every day, and try to push it up to 100 in 1 sitting at some point this year

                              1-min HIIT, day 1, level 1
                              My heart is racing after that dang

                              Some rambles about the past year and progress and stuff, more for myself than anything though

                              Tomorrow I should take my weight and general measurements to make sure I'm going along the right track for muscle gain, and less fat loss, I feel pretty confident with the physique I'm getting though so the numbers would be more for documentation and so I can say if I've gained any size in any of the places I'd like to get some more muscle tone in, doubtful considering the exercises I've been doing, but it gives me a good goal to beat for next month (will just be to have changes in the right direction for those areas, to help achieve the physique I would like to have, and then I'll be happy with any progress) and then I'll know if there's specific areas that I should try to give extra attention in my workouts.

                              I know roughly what I'd like to achieve, but at the same time I know having a rigid idea of the results I want isn't realistic, my body will adapt and change differently to someone else with a similar starting point, doing the same exercises. So I just need to focus of getting progress in the right direction.

                              This time last year I thought I'd have made more progress than I have done, but also I've been building up the foundations of muscle-mass that I didn't realise I had a lack of, and that's a big step to getting the progress I want, and I've still lost some excess fat, and filled in some of the muscle, even if I don't have measurements to prove it, I can still see it. I look slimmer, my weight has gone down, but I have more visibility of my muscles, which I didn't have the last time I was lower than this ~weight I'm at now, so pretty clear evidence to me that I have more muscle-mass than back then.
                              I've had people at work asking about my weight-change and so it's clearly noticeable to some people that my body is changing.
                              I don't even feel disappointed too much that I've not made as much progress as I thought I would, I'm just glad I've been sticking to it and getting somewhere with it.

                              Once Gyms re-open properly I'll be working on getting my first pull up, even if all I do is go in for 10mins every day to try, I want that first pull up by the end of this year, and there's not many ways around it other than to just keep trying it until it works, right?
                              I want to get to at least 50 consecutive proper-form pushups by the end of the year, with an ideal 100 in a row, but we'll see if I can make it to 50 first lol



                                Boiler guy turned up like 5 mins before i was gunna start my Workout ¬n¬ so had to wait, but then he was struggling with the bolt that just wouldn't go back on and it was in an awkward spot, so didn't leave until pretty late after arriving, but now we have a properly functioning boiler, so I can have an actually HOT shower after my workout today

                                2-min Warm-Up

                                Zero Hero, Day 30 level 1
                                Not 100% sure I did the lunge Step-ups right but I'm feeling a burn in my legs so I'll happily tick the final day of this programme off

                                Easy Abs, Day 22
                                80 split into 30/30/20 (around 1 min gap between untimed though)

                                1-Min HIIT Day 2, level 1

                                Daily Push-ups, Day 2
                                30 split into 20/10 (large gap between)

                                Lbicep - 10 3/4inch /27cm
                                Rbicep - 10 1/2 inch /26.5cm
                                Lforearm - 9 3/4 inch /25cm
                                Rforearm - 9 3/4 inch /25cm
                                Lthigh - 21.5-22 inch /54.75cm
                                Rthigh - 21 1/4 inch /54cm
                                Waist - 28 1/5 inch /72.5cm
                                Hips - 35 inch /89cm
                                current weight (53.8kg-54.5kg the scales changed their mind a few times but as long as I have a rough idea of my weight that's fine)

                                July 17th 2020
                                Lbicep - 27.5cm
                                Rbicep - 27.5cm
                                Lforearm - 25.5cm
                                Rforearm - 25.5cm
                                Lthigh - 55cm
                                Rthigh - 55.cm
                                Waist - 78.5cm
                                Weight 58kg

                                So comparing the measurements I feel like I need to work on Oblique areas and upper body areas to 'fill in' the areas, and try to balance my workouts a little bit more across each side, and eating more carbs and proteins day-to-day. I want to work on building more actual muscle mass, now that I've got some base muscle on me, I don't think I'll get to my ideal physique for quite a while, maybe never, but that doesn't mean I can't eventually get pretty close through putting in some effort

                                Forgot to hit post when I actually typed this out so I've posted late today whoops