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    You're doing great sticking with it!


      Saturday 06/02/21
      So far every day I've been so sore, but also I really struggled to eat even close to a good amount yesterday with being so stressed from work... but i have a few days off from today it might be what I need.
      I think I'll still finish up my notice and CV over the next couple of days

      2-min warmup

      Zero Hero, day 6, level 1 done, Im knackered from the previous days so I think I'll leave it at that instead of higher levels

      Power Up, day 6, 1set I really struggled with it, but I gave it a go,
      I'm so tired I could just go back to bed after that


        Sunday 7/02/21

        2-Min Warm-Up

        Zero Hero, Day 7, did to level 3 in 1 go, just about

        Power Up, Day 7, did 1 set.
        Had to take 30s between swapping legs and between each sequence, but I did it


          Monday 8/02/21

          2-min warm-up

          Zero Hero, day 8, level 1

          power up, day 8, 1 set

          I probably could have done another set of today's power up...
          but I feel like I don't even deserve the energy to do today's workout...
          I've managed to ruin my partner's day already and I don't even know how... I just zoned out for a while but apparently that means I've gone in a mood suddenly....
          I mean my rib was hurting but like that's not even the same thing...
          but I've managed to ruin their day and they've already been crying and I'm just a worthless sack of garbage...
          but atleast I did my workout and made the bed when I got up I guess...


            Tuesday 9/02/21
            I feel a lot better mentally today, lets try to keep it up

            2-min warm-up

            Zero Hero, day 9, level 1

            Power Up, day 9, 1 set.
            The calf-raises were fine, but those leg raises damn near killed me,


              Wednesday 10/02/21

              feeling low energy today, I think probably from all the chocolate consumed yesterday which isn't a normal thing for me,

              2-min warmup

              Zero Hero, day 10, level 2
              I'm so out of breath after that

              Power up, day 10, 1 set modified because it fucking burns man, but made sure it was even both sides


                Thursday 11/02/21

                2-min warmup

                Zero Hero, day 11, level 1 [40s, 25s, 40s, 45s, 40s] (3m 10s)
                I well and truly hate wallsits with a passion, but this time I didn't get knee pain, which is a huge improvement, and just really proves that the knee pain is being helped through regular exercise because it's been so cold here recently, which normally makes my knee pain worse.

                Power Up, day 11, 1 set I hated that so so much


                  Friday 12/2/21

                  2-Min warm-up

                  Zero Hero, day 12, level 1

                  Power Up, day 12, 1 set

                  i feel like having this week off work has been what I really needed,
                  but my housemate has been even more annoying dealing with him more day-to-day... he makes so much noise like wtf?
                  constantly knocking things over and shit, i swear if those carpets are stained from the alcohol or greasy food he takes up he can pay to have them cleaned


                    Saturday 13/2/21
                    It's my partner's birthday today, we're having their mother come over to drop off birthday presents and cake, it'll be nice to see her even if just for a couple of minutes.
                    My partner seemed super excited to try out the recipes from the vegan baking book I got for them, they love sweet treats but also we don't buy in a lot of non-vegan things very often so at least with this they can just use what we already have in the cupboards

                    2-minute Warm-Up

                    Zero Hero, day 13, level 1, those plank punches really are tiring at the end of all that,

                    Power Up, day 13, 1 set
                    I feel like I say/think the same thing every time I do the power up thing, "I tried"

                    it's a hard one to do, I see why it's an add-on programme, it adds a bit of variety to what I'm already doing, while the exercises are easy movements it's hard to do them for so long

                    I'm glad I've been feeling better this week


                      Happy birthday to partner!


                        Anek My partner says Thank You for the birthday wishes


                        2-min Warm-Up

                        Zero Hero, day 14, level 3,, did in 1 go, I was very out of breath by the end of it though

                        Power Up, day 14, 1 set

                        My ribs and the muscles down my lower spine area (I'm not sure what they're called) hurt today, I forgot to have any creatine and I thought I'd probably be okay when I realised, apparently I was just lying to myself

                        Forgot to hit post yesterday >.> thank god the hive saves posts that haven't been actually posted



                          2-Min Warm-Up I ache so much even just doing to warm up today,

                          Zero Hero, Day 15, Level 1
                          I failed on the 3rd set, so retried after 2mins which I completed making 3 fully completed sets
                          I'm knackered, those plank leg raises are actually horrible if it wasn't for those that plank hold would have been fine

                          Power Up, Day 15, 1 set
                          doing those leg swings I felt the strain in my right ankle when trying to balance, but it was more uncomfortable than painful so I think I can assume like the other exercises, it will fade off over time, it feels warm at the moment but no discomfort walking on it. This power up day actually had me feeling a burn in my calves which other set-number exercises don't really get.

                          I keep thinking I need to work more on arms, but then when I do anything for arms I finish after level 1, instead of pushing to level 2, I think after my current aches fade a bit more I'll go harder at arms and core.

                          I feel like my body is changing in positive ways with theses workouts, even if they're small changes to start with, it's making me feel more confident in myself.
                          I think I need to focus on trying more -muscle-building over the next few months, and try to up my calorie intake. though this last week I've been off work I've eaten more and moved less, so hopefully that will just help with building muscle, though I should really try to include more proteins into my day-to-day diet



                            2-min Warm-Up

                            Zero Hero, day 16. level 2.

                            Power Up, Day 16, 1 set
                            I hate raised leg circles, and I hate raised leg hold paired with raised leg cirles and kicks
                            whoever came up with that combo is satan

                            I'm still aching and hurting from previous days, I really want the ache to fade off now, but that's not going to happen

                            Edit: corrected the date whoops


                              Healing vibes



                                2-min warm-up

                                Zero Hero, day 17, level 1, I did an extra set but I'm so out of breath, those jumps really take it out of you

                                Power Up, day 17, 1set
                                my forearms burnnnn

                                Fremen Cheers mate!