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    We'll see who laugh at the end! You're doing great, ignore the housemate!


      Anek Thank you! I don't think I'm going to quit at this point, I know I feel a lot better overall when I do exercise regularly

      Friday 22/01/21
      Quick Warm-up

      Square 1, day 21, level 1

      I didn't quite get up as early as I wanted to today, but I probably needed the rest, I've been so tired recently, I think it's the mental drain of work to be honest. I need to find a balance between getting up 'early' for me, and getting enough rest


        Saturday 23/01/21

        Quick Warm-Up

        Square 1, day 22, level 1

        Had a very tiring day yesterday, I'm glad one of my fav managers was in though, she helped make me feel better towards the end of the shift


          Sunday 24/01/21


          Square 1, day 23 , level 1
          I forgot to hit post yesterday whoops


          Mondat 25/01/21

          Quick Warm-up

          Square 1, Day 24, level 2
          today i did some research on which programmes I'd want to do next, hopefully I can get them done, I want to push myself so I think zero hero along with power up would be good
          My housemate also woke up coughing and went for a covid test today, hopefully he's not got it, but I've had to call into work to say I can't come in because of it.


            Tuesday 26/01/21
            good news is my housemate doesn't have covid

            quick warm-up
            Square 1, day 25, level 1


            Yesterday it wouldn't post for some reason and deleted everything I typed side from the first 2 likes :/

            Wednesday 27/01/21
            2-min warmup
            square 1, day 16, level 3

            idk why it wont just post properly, maybe it's having the page open too long? I should try to be more wary of that next time

            My arms ache after doing to level 3 of today's thing though, i really should try to do level 3 more for the rest of the month at least


              Thursday 28/01/21
              2-min warmup
              square 1, day 27, level 2

              I need to start doing my exercise earlier than what I have been doing :/, the earlier I get it done the better really.
              I've been just sitting at my laptop drinking coffee for the first 2 hours I'm up

              had a cold call today, but the whole thing was very confusing the guy was literally just asking me how I was and then the phone call ended, like?? what??? I thought normally those kinds of calls are normally scams, not asking how people are????


                Friday 29/01/21
                2-min warmup
                square 1, day 18
                my legs ache so much, I think it's remnants of the effects of the last leg day, though it's my quads area that's achy and sore

                I was going to try out my new ear buds today while working out but only 1 would work and the otherone wouldn't even turn on, so fuck knows wtf is happening there because they worked yesterday...
                hopefully it's not going to be another one of those weeks when everything decides to fuck up on me just because.
                I'm still covered in bruises from the last "one of those weeks"
                My partner mnaged to get them working apparently, but it's too late for me to try them out now because I don't trust myself wearing them at work, because knowing me I'll drop them in a fry vat or something....


                  Saturday 30/01/21

                  2-min warmup

                  Square 1, Day 29, level

                  Speedrunning the exercise today, I just am really struggling to wake up in good time, doesn't help that I can't sleep until about 6-7am :/


                    sunday 31/01/21

                    2-min warmup
                    Square 1, day 30 level 1
                    I'm so tired today


                      Congrats on square one Badge day


                        Monday 01/02/21

                        2-Min Warmup , took it a bit easier on the side-hops as the tendon around my ankle has been feeling uncomfortable since I changed to this warm-up, I think given a bit more time it should be fine though.

                        Zero Hero, Day 1, Level 3
                        Did level 1 in one go then continued to level 3 to finish off

                        Power Up day 1, only did 1 set
                        I see why it's power up
                        my god
                        I don't think I'll walk gain
                        good bye legs rip


                          Tuesday 02/02/21

                          2-min warm-up

                          Zero Hero Day 2, level 1

                          Power Up, Day 2, 1 set, it burrnsss my arms

                          I really want to quit my job, but one of the managers says he'll rip up my resignation if I dared to hand it in :/
                          I think I need to dig out a CV and update it first...
                          then if I do hand notice in I can take a picture of it on the table for them


                            Wednesday 03/02/21

                            2-Min Warm-up

                            Zero Hero
                            did I ever mention that I hate leg day
                            I'm pretty sure I just failed to actually do that, but I tried
                            I don't really know what I'm doing with Lunges, but I gave it a good try

                            Power Up

                            fuck my legs are shaking a lot after that

                            I don't want to think about leg day ever again


                              Thursday 04/02/21
                              My legs hurt so much this morning, jfc

                              2-min Warm-Up

                              Zero Hero, Day 4, level 1.

                              Power Up 1 set

                              I hate this 2nd day of leg-based exercise it's not fair on my arsecheeks
                              I am knackered I'm just sat on the floor
                              apparently the other manager I know fairly well has said I can shove my resignation letter up my arse, that's always fun :/
                              Apparently I "should atleast wait until we have more staff" ¬_¬


                                Friday 5/02/21
                                legs and rse still aching from working legs

                                2-min warmup

                                zero hero, day 5, level 1 I don't think I could do more even if I tried jfc, is my core strength really that bad ?

                                Power up I attempted 1 set, definitely not to the fullest, but I gave it as much effort as I could today, I think tomorrow I'll be hurting though considering how these other days have gone...

                                I'm knackered, I have no energy, I got 8 hours sleep last night though,, which is kind of amazing, hopefully doing more exercise will help more with my sleep issue