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    Thursday 7/01/21
    No aches today, I remembered to have some creatine after yesterdays exercise, it really is a life saver for stopping aches the next day. it really is drastic difference, but sometimes I forget because I'm not organised.

    I need to work on organising things in my life a bit more, scheduling my day a bit better around my working days, if I can get more done on those days then on my days off I can relax more, and not worry about getting things around the house done.

    I hope to get better at general functioning this year, I really want to make this year count, even if 'rona is still hanging about, if I can't go out to the gym, then I need to workout at home and if I can't do formal education I should try to educate myself with accessible online stuff a little more.
    I'd like to play less games that require little to no thought, and maybe change them out for something that's a bit more thought provoking.

    Quick Warm-up - done

    Square 1, day 5 -done 30s rest, level 2
    my arms have a healthy burning feeling fter that, actually focusing on the muscle tension is helping me feel like I'm doing more with these lower level programmes, I also did a few extra reps of each exercise on the last set I did.

    Feb I'll be starting up doing a monthly challenge, something that focuses on upper body so I'll need to have a good look through the ones on here.
    Those challenges I find pretty fun to do


      Friday 8/01/21
      Quick Warm-up
      Square 1, day 6 Level 1 completed
      Doing those sidebends make me feel the aches from the ones I did a few days ago. ouchie
      I went in for a surprise shift yesterday, they had noone to clean the grills, which isn't a big surprise that the guy that should have come in for it didn't turn up, it's a good job I only live a 5-10min walk away from work

      I feel a bit achy today, maybe I waiting too long yesterday to have my creatine...


        Saturday 9/01/21
        Quick Warm-Up
        Square 1, day 7 level 1 completed
        I feel very low energy today, maybe it's the oilly food and sweets I had yesterday, or lack of caffeine? I'm running low on Coffee atm


          Sunday 10/01/21
          I'm waking up so achyyyy I deffo need more sleep
          Quick Warm-up

          Square 1, day 8, Level 1


            Monday 11/01/21

            Square 1, day 9 level 2 complete

            I've been completing these in under 10 minutes so I think tomorrow I might add some stretching routine in.
            By the time I get to level 2 I'm getting bored of the movements, so something longer but more varied might be better, or maybe I just need to listen to couple of songs wihle I'm doing it, just hard to get a good playlist if I can only have like 2-3 songs play start-finish...

            eitherway I want to push the exercise per day to be a bit longer, but also not just dragging it out for the sake of dragging it out


              quick warm-up
              square 1, day 10, level 1
              did some stretching afterwards


                Quick Warmup
                Square 1, day 11, level 3


                  14/01/21 Thursday
                  Quick Warm-up
                  Square One, day 12, level 2
                  took my time with the "6 stretches".
                  did some additional light stretches for my sides


                    Quick warm-up,
                    Square 1, day 13, level 1 with 30s between sets
                    2min rest, day 14, level 1, with 30s between sets

                    Had a bad last few days, but at least I caught up for yesterday, I'm just so tired, and my mental health has been tanked...


                      Hope things get better soon!



                        Anek Thank you for the well wishes

                        Quick warm-up

                        Square 1, day 15, level 1.


                          Monday 18/01/21
                          Quick Warm-up

                          Square 1, day 16, level 1


                            Tuesday 19/01/21

                            started later than usual today, I had a catch up on sleep, and had to pick up a bike cover from a friend (with distancing obviously) because his bike broke down near my house so I'm keeping it at mine until he can get it sorted out, and then while I was dressed thought I'd just get some shopping done.... and buy some booze

                            Quick Warm-up
                            Square 1, day 17, level 2


                              Wednesday 20/01/21

                              Quick warm-up

                              Square 1, day 18, level `1

                              Edit: but batteries in the scales and I'm 55.4kg now, so that will probably be a big factor on why I can see more shape to my arms, now I just need to work on building up lean muscle mass and hopefully see that number go slightly upwards from here


                                Thursday 21/01/21

                                Quick Warm-up

                                Square 1, day 19, level 1 and day 20, level 2

                                I'm slowly trying to get up earlier, it's just hard when I can't get to sleep until early hours of the morning because of working until late, but today I got uparound 11:30am which is super good for me, I'm going to try to aim for something similar tomorrow.
                                My house mate gave me a smile (like it was funny) that I was doing any exercise. I actually don't understand what's so funny,, and he only saw me oing a warm up and not the main exercise :/
                                I'm proud that I've been sticking to working out, aside from when I had a pretty good reason (in my eyes) to put it on hold for a while. but I didn't put it off forever, I got back into it and my ankle feels much better now that I've been doing daily warm-ups and exercise.
                                I've still been very stressed at work, but there's not much I can do about that other than just try to look after my mental and physical health where possible... iit's just hard sometimes especially when you get treated like garbage at work and you have a judgy housemate, though idk how long his stay will last at this point, he was supposed to take some of the stress of saving off my back by splitting rent, but he's just adding a whole bunch of other stress so idk if it's really worth it if it keeps up the way it is :/