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    Tuesday - Casual

    Dailies - Day 7

    2-min warmup

    Pushups -donezo

    Powergrip - RIP my arms

    1Min Plank - 45/30 split, couldn't quite get to 50s for the first set, but I'm sure I'll get to 1min in full by the end of this month, they're getting easier overall for the first 30s, the first 20s I got through pretty easily, which is a good sign that I'm improving even if the length of time isn't going up super quick.

    Calves of Steel - Done, pretty easy for me to get done first thing before I do about my day

    Foundation- donee


      Wednesday - Upperbody

      Dailies - Day 8
      2-min warmup

      Pushups -

      PowerGrip -

      1Min Plank - 45/25

      Calves of Steel -

      Foundation - done

      WOTD - Pecs - attempted, didn't get 3 full sets, but an attempt was made


        (Accidently closed the tab before posting yesterday)Thursday - Lowerbody
        Dailies - day 9
        2-min warmup done
        pushups - done
        powergrip - ddone-did-it
        1-min plank - 40/25 - done
        Calves - done I feel like I'm finding this quite easy for me so far, but I'll hold off until later in the month to properly judge it, it might just be a little too easy, but with all the other challenges, having something easier is probably a good thing
        Foundation -

        WOTD - (x) piece of cake - donezo - felt like it was easier this time, and no striffness in my legs this time, a sure sign of improvement I might need to ramp up the sets next time or just search for a new lowerbody workout

        Life note
        Kinda stressed out with the gas and electric situation, my account is missing apparently, but I've been with the same company for 3 years, so idk how my account can just go missing :/ it's clearly not an erroneous transfer if after 2+ 1/2 weeks I've not gotten a letter from any company, so I'm into 'extra credit' debt but I can't top up the meter because my account 'doesn't exist' ARGHGADZV
        I hate phonecalls they make me so anxious but I think I'm just going to have to ring them...


          Friday - Casual
          Dailies - day 10

          2min warmup- check
          K-Pushups - Done
          Grip - donee
          Plank - 30/30 split done wanted to take it a bit easier today on the plank
          Calves - managed to to a 2min calf raise hold, I wanted to see how far I could go before I start feeling uncomfortable, so maybe I need to add an extra few seconds to the calf raise holds? 40s doesn't feel like anything for me it's mainly a balance exercise for me at 40s,
          Foundation - Hates squats(and squat holds!) but I'm getting through them, who knows I might learn to enjoy them one day,


            Didn't notice the error message from trying to post yesterday
            Saturday - Strength

            Dailies - day 11
            2-min warmup
            K-pushups - did a couple extra for each set
            Grip - doneee
            1min plank - 30/30
            Calves - yee
            Foundation - done

            I started getting ready for the day too late to have time to do anything more today


              Sunday - Casual

              Dailies - Day 12
              2-min warmup
              k-pushups - done-o
              grip- completed - It's hard for me to focus with a flex hold for that long but I'm trying
              1-min plank - 30/30
              Calves - just did these while typing out the majority of this post
              Foundation - done-o


                ​Monday - Strength

                Dailies - day 13
                2-min warmup
                K-pushups -
                Powergrip -I don't think I have any forearms left, I think they just burned off
                Plank -30/30
                Calves -
                Foundation -

                strength - Beginner Abs -


                  Tuesday - Casual

                  Dailies - Day 14
                  2-min warmup done
                  K-pushups - pushup holds are the worst but done
                  Grip - flex hold wasn't the worst thing in the world, but not comfortable. Complete
                  Plank - 20/25/25 - doot doot
                  Calves - doneee
                  Foundation - doneo

                  Stretch - Sore Muscles Stretch



                    Wednesday - Upperbody

                    Dailies - day 15
                    Quicck warmup - bloop
                    K-Pushups - done
                    Grip -rip
                    Plank - 30/30 donee
                    Calves - do ne
                    Foundation - done-o

                    Upperbody - Tempered Steel

                    Right arm is aching, not sure why it's painful today, maybe I pulled it yesterday while at work? I didn't notice any pain during my workout yesterday.
                    Going to start the modernday hero meal plan between now and next month at some point, need to get some shopping done first tho


                      (written yesterday but unposted)Thursday - Lowerbody

                      Dailies - Day 16
                      2-min yee
                      k-Pushups - did it
                      Grip -
                      Plank - 35/25
                      Calves - done

                      Lowerbody - Piece of Cake -

                      Checked my weight today (after not checking it properly in around 4 months, I just assumed my weight hadn't changed much) and since the last time I weighed myself I've gone from 60.5 to 58kg so a loss of 2.5kg.(Only 5'3, so that's a good base-weight to be at) Trying to gain muscle is my main goal, not much too bothered about losing weight overall, but good that I'm making a difference to my body and it's responding to my efforts, I should really take some body measurements so I can see if my muscles are progressing the way I want them too, I feel like that would be more appropriate as weight doesn't tell me if I've gained muscle.
                      I have noticed that my waist has slimmed down a lot compared to 2 years ago, I can't even punch an extra hole in my belt to make it fit anymore because it's fabric after punching an extra 3 holes into it, when I first started wearing the belt I was using the 2nd from the end.

                      I've never followed a meal plan before, so hopefully it's not too hard to adjust to, next shopping trip will be tomorrow, so I'll be making a list of things to buy for me and my partner who's going to be starting to introduce low FODMAP foods into their diet (because of stomach issues they have), so hopefully there's plenty that will cross over so we can still have the same foods every now and then ( we dont always eat the same foods anyway but atleast once a day we have the same breakfast normally, and evening meal will often be the same) modern day hero plan will be difficult I think because almost all the food served at work will be off the menu, except tea, coffee, water and fruitbags and maybe the veggie dippers if I'm being particularly generous with the validity it fitting the meal plan, the chicken and meats wont really fit the meal plan because of how it's cooked and the batter etc

                      Hopefully if I get another freezer I can just store bulk-bought chicken in there and just have mainly chicken that I take to work as the A section (Or maybe a veggie deluxe with lettuce+onion instead of the bun + a fruit bag on days I forget to bring food in? then it's kind of a salad and atleast the healthier alternative to all the other options while we're one the limited menu) but then I'd need o make sure I eat when I get home :/

                      Meal planning will probably be a big part of making sure I'm eating the right foods in the right measurements, I'm usually just an intuitive eater, if I want it I have it I just eat it without measuring anything out, so thinking about my food a bit more will be a big change for me,
                      Or maybe I'm just overthinking and should just feel it out, but I deffo need to buy a lot more of fruit and veg because we're running low of food in the fridge.and I need a measuring scale for the food.

                      Measurements (rounded to the nearest 0.5/1cm
                      Lbicep - 27.5cm
                      Rbicep - 27.5cm
                      Lforearm - 25.5cm
                      Rforearm - 25.5cm
                      Lthigh - 55cm
                      Rthigh - 55.cm
                      Lcalf - 36cm
                      Rcalf - 37cm
                      Waist - 78.5
                      ribs area - 81cm


                        Friday - Casual

                        Dailies - day 17
                        2-min warmup yee
                        K-pushups - done-o
                        Grip - done - Just realised day 17 has a typo of an extra S at the end of minutes
                        Plank - 30/30 I dont' think I'll make it to 1min straight with the way my progress is going atm, but that's okay
                        Calves - dootoot
                        Foundation - bloopblop

                        Notes -
                        Did my workout pretty late today, I had a friend round (who'll be moving in soon) and he got here before my usual workout, an then I went to the shops and bought a bunch of rice (5kg) and chicken, turkey, eggs etc because I know as a household we'll be getting through them super quick (we already do get through a lot of eggs so this meal plan will probably make that happen quicker


                          (Forgot to hit post again)Saturday - Strength

                          dailies - day 18
                          plank (30/30)
                          Foundation my knee tried to kill me off when I tried to do the initial reverse lunges, pain just kind of shot out at me, the weather is a bit colder today than it has been recently so I thing that's probably why, but if that's the case I might not be able to finish the foundation programme if my knee hasn't actually gotten any better and it was just from the warmer weather.
                          Looked up some knee warmups, and gave them a try before retrying the foundation exercise.
                          helped a little bit but it still hurt

                          Got some housework donw the rest of the day, as I wasn't in work


                            Sunday - Casual

                            Dailies - day 19
                            Warmup - done-zo
                            Kpushups - yee
                            Grip - it always burnsss but it's just pushing through the burning to get to the end of the countdown
                            Plank - 30/30
                            Calves - done-o
                            Foundation - re-tried yesterdays I'm 1 day behind now, but I have an extra day in this month to make up for that

                            Monday - Strength

                            Dailies - Day 20
                            Warmup check
                            k-pushups - done
                            grip- hell ye
                            plank 35/30
                            calves done-zo
                            foundation - done

                            chest and shoulders(light) done

                            forgot to hit post... again


                              Tuesday - Casual

                              Dailies - Day 21
                              warmup -
                              K-pushups - done
                              Grip -donezo
                              Plank -
                              Calves -

                              Foundation - day 20
                              [Closed the tab before posting because I'm an idiot lol]

                              Wednesday - Upperbody

                              Dailies - 22
                              Warmup - done
                              K-Pushups - had to split it up into extra sets because I'm feeling a bit weak today, I really need to remember to take the creatine when I do workouts because I'm still sore from the other day
                              Grip - done
                              Plank - done split sets (30/20/10)
                              Calves - done

                              Foundation - day 21 - done

                              Upperbody - B&B E - used 2x1.25kg per dumbbell (2.5kg/dumbbell) had 30s between sets and 2 mins between exercises
                              day off from work today, finally!


                                Thursday - Lower Body

                                Dailies - day 23
                                All done
                                Foundation day 22 done

                                Lowerbody - Skipping this today, because I have no energy after upperbody day, I might do Saturdays Strength day as lowerbody instead