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    today's workout things
    2-min Warmup
    K&P - punches 40x4
    Homerun - 160,20,20
    50Pushups - 15s pushup plankx3
    wotd - was found in Stregnth filter, didn't want to have any squats or lunges today, my legs are still sore from the squats and lunges from a few days ago but also did upperbody just yesterday so abs it is!
    Hate it

    Did a bit of a stretch for my back which was aching after that beginner abs


      Tuesday - Casual day
      2-min warm up - done
      Homerun - done
      K&P - throughout the day 350 sidekicks (40)
      Pushups - 12/4/4 ayyyyy did it this time around!

      Because it's a casual day I'll do Energy Boost sets throughout the day (as I'll be sat down a lot today so a bit of movement will be good for me anyway, but wont give myself a minimum to achieve but set reminders to think about doings a set
      sets done - 1


        Wednesday - Upperbody workout

        2-min warmup
        50pushups challenge - day 9 complete! Hell yea! Glad I've managed to push past the limit of 10 from just under a week ago, improvement is GO! Didn't think I'd manage to get 14 today, but I did it!(Just about lol)
        K&P - 350/350 punches(Finished late, just remembered to post!)
        Homerun -
        Back&BicepsE - 2.5kg /dumbbell. added a little extra time between sets, I found this quite difficult today, epecially after those pushups


          Thursday - Lowerbody
          2-min warmup- just to get me going a little before I start the challenges, to think about 2 years ago I would have considered that a workout in itself, shows just how much I've done since then!

          50 Push-ups - Failed on the push-ups today, so I'll be going back to day 7 starting tomorrow. Didn't get very far, but I gave it a shot, considering the upperbody day yesterday

          K&P - 50x3 - done that was really hard, rip me my thighs feel super warm now haha

          Homerun- 180/10/10 I don't know if the last 5 of the 180 really counted as highknees, but f it, I'm counting it as done, did 30 instead of 10 for the last set to balance out the end of the 180

          Piece of Cake - chose this over anything with squats/lunges, I whacked my bad knee yesterday on the coffee table, so didn't want to do something harsh on the knee. I also got told the other day that lunges are bad for knees? so I might have to look into that, I mean I've had improvement, but I've not been only doing lunges so it's hard for me to tell what's helping and what's slowing down my progress for easing the knee pain another thing to add to the research pile also completed 3 sets with a lot more ease compared to the first attempt, I think next time I'll have to up the sets, but I have work for a few days in a row now so don't want to be too sore (a little's okay but when it's hard to stand while working or sit comfortably on my break then I have an issue! Lowerbody stuff has been leaving me aching the next day even if I feel it wasn't too hard, my muscles just aren't used to the extra work yet, but it's a work in progress. I know the only way to make it ache less is to keep going, and plus, it makes me feel good knowing that I'm making fundamental changes to my muscles, but I don't want bulky legs, I want bulky arms! (but balance is important...
          I think the slight weightloss has probably helped with easing the knee pain too, But I've heard that even 2-3kgs can be enough to ease joint pain sometimes, and I've been bouncing between 58.5-63kgs (I'm 5'3 so the healthy BMI range, but with little fitness it's probably still unhealthy)


            Friday - Casual training

            2-min warm-up - done
            K&P - 50x3 punches - done
            50pushups- 15sx3 pushup plank - done
            Homerun- 180/20/20 - donee,

            Casual workout
            30-Min walk - Completed 1 set,


              (forgot to hit post on this yesterday)
              Saturday - Strength

              2-min warm up- done
              50 Pushups challenge- couldn't do it today, but I tried to do 3 sets, I just had no strength in me today, but I did a lot of armwork at work yesterday (Pulling/pushing heavy machinery, carrying large boxes etc so could just be being tired from that)
              Homerun- what is air omg - done
              K&Ps- 400 - throughout the day - done

              Extra stuff
              WOTD- Best thing since sliced bread got through 3 sets but really didn't have the energy today to get that 3rd set in
              But 2 sets is better than none and I've been keeping up with at least attempting a proper workout even if I don't feel like it for these last couple of days

              I feel a bit weaker today :/ I know I can do better.. but there's so many things it could be, the heat while working in a hot kitchen with no aircon, eating garbage catching up with me, or just how much I did yesterday that wasn't specifically a workout, but just doing my job (roles can change daily so I can't really plan my workouts around what jobs I'll be doing later that day) I'll try to eat better today, and the weather will be cooler tomorrow and hopefully in time I'll just get used to all the heavier lifting-type jobs as well as my workouts, but that will just take some time to get to. After not being in work doing any heavy lifting over lockdown it's not a surprise to feel tired from being back at work doing the heavier jobs only recently. But I don't want to go lighter on my workouts, and I want to have better habits formed, maybe on the casual days I'll stick to only doing 1 set of an exercise, I don't want to overwork myself, and give myself a real chance to recover while not being completely idle. But getting towards to end of some of these challenges is difficult, so maybe I just need to push through the last few days of the K&P and Homerun, hopefully I'll find out by the time I've finished these challenges.


                Sunday - Casual

                2-min warmup -
                50-pushups - managed to complete day 8 this time , though it was a struggle, I think going back and forth on the difficulty might be good for keeping going with this challenge, although it's probably not how it was intended, I don't want to cause injury or worse, demotivation to keep attempting, I feel like motivation can be much harder to get back and takes a lot longer than recovering from an injury
                K&P - 400 throughout day - done - I find the punches so much easier than the sidekicks, I might keep up with some daily side-kicks after this, (maybe on lowerbody/casual days adding like 100 onto the workouts/throughout the day, just to try to improve balance and general endurance for leg movements, maybe just to help me improve with those side-kicks, but I'll have to see. I don't want my dailies to just get too much on their own
                Homerun - 20/10/10 -

                Extra stuff
                WOTD - Home Workout difficulty 1 exercise - idk if I did 4 or 5 sets, but it's a casual day and I've already done some dailies so that's not too bad, and I'll possibly be moving around a lot at work

                I feel like my forearms are looking a little bigger (Not drastically, but a difference) I caught myself in the mirror before work yesterday and was like "damn" I mean I don't look at myself very often so it's like seeing all the little changes at once and I've always had small arms, so starting to see a difference makes me feel real good!
                I feel like I'm starting to appreciate how I look and feel a lot more today and yesterday after I got to work, though apparently I was "quieter than usual" but that would have been the low energy, normally I'm shouting and running around getting everything done at once.


                  Monday - Strength

                  50-pushupsC - failed day 9, split the sets up differently after failure, 5/6/7/6 to the total number is still the same.
                  K&P - had to have longer than 30s rest, but I did it.
                  homerun - pslit it up into different sets, and added extra to make up for the extra rest time, I don't think I can really count this challenge as complete.

                  WOTD- Beginner Abs

                  Had some stressful dreams last night, didn't wake up feeling too great, Just kind of wanted to get the day over and done with already.

                  Started workout before an hour had passed from waking up, because I woke up late because my phone died in the night so my alarm didn't go off.
                  Not really feeling doing a workout today, but I started less than an hour after getting up, because woke up late. It usually takes me a good 1.5hrs to wake up properly though. Atleast the exercise woke me up a bit more..

                  today's workout has left me feeling a bit bleh, but I did what I could at least, I tried my best, even if I'm not at my best today. I've been getting dumped with the most labour intensive jobs at work recently, and people still like to complain that I'm going too damn slow (Despite it taking me half the time it takes anyone else to do those jobs and the people complaining never even having done those jobs themselves?) days like yesterday really make me want to quit...


                    Tuesday - Casual Day
                    dailies + end of month notes and review.

                    pushups yup day 4 redone, just going back and forth on these, which isn't too bad, at least I'm able to keep an eye on if I'm making any progress, though I might see about spending a week/month doing another pushup challenge that's maybe a bit easier then come back to this after that, I'm clearly not making rapid progress if I need to keep redoing days from the first week of a 4 week program, might just be time to admit it's above my strength level and I need to drop down to something a little easier, that doesn't mean I can't still work on arms and upper body, I feel like I was just making excuses for not doing as well each time then on a random day of doing particularly well
                    homerun - this has been hellish, I don't want to redo this again any time soon, but I think I will, just to prove to myself that things have gotten easier after doing this
                    K&P - that's it, it's overrr
                    Not sure if I should fully count the last couple of days of K&P and homerun, I feel like they were sloppy, but I'll count it, because I've tried hard with these, and I still feel like I should be proud of myself for doing my best, even on the days when my best wasn't great.
                    Starting these challenges I would never have believed that I'd be able to even do the mid-point of the challenges and yet in the last few days I've pushed myself to at least finish what I can.
                    I feel like I'm being harsher for the pushups challenge only because it's more closely related to my longer terms goals, I need to give myself a chance to knock the difficulty down a little, maybe just a knee pushups challenge and then I wont be afraid of adding in full push ups into general workouts

                    I went to the shop before my workout stuff, bad move really because then I really didn't want to do my workout because I was already in outside day-time clothes...
                    Tomorrow I'll get up earlier and do everything before I go anywhere, as soon as I figure out what I'm going to do for July.

                    Will I retry these challenges? Yes, but maybe separately next time.
                    Considering zero-to-hero programme next or maybe foundation for daily things to do, then only add stuff onto Mondays, wednesdays, thursdays and Saturdays to follow the guardian weekly routine-thing I'll think about it more tomorrow


                      Wednesday - Upperbody

                      2min- Warmup

                      -Knee pushups - easily completed the 1st day, so doubled the number of sets today, (So 30 total knee pushups)
                      -Powergrip - oh boy.... I feel like this is going to kill me off pretty soon, I might need to drop this if it gets too much for me
                      -1min plank - Split into 2 sets - 30s/ 30s
                      -Calves of Steel - completed within 5 mins
                      -Foundation - 5 sets Completed

                      Tempered Steel - my arms feel like they're burning after all that


                        Thursday - Lowerbody

                        Dailies - day 2
                        Pushups - knee pushups plank was harder on my wrists more than anything, maybe because of the angle of weight on my wrists, maybe I'm not getting the right position for my hands

                        Power Grip - Wasn't too bad, didn't really start to feel anything until about 35s in, so held it for another 10s trying to focus a bit better. I think I understand the point of this a little better after the first attempt

                        1min Plank - 30s/30s - I'm struggling a bit, but I've also not done planks in a long time, so considering I think that's pretty good

                        Calves of Steel - Balance is my biggest issue it seams with a calf raise hold, but that will (Hopefully) improve naturally as I go along, looking at a part of the wall on the other side of the room helps, but then I can't see the timer for how long I've been holding it, might need to adjust where I place my timer so I can see it with just moving my eyes, not my whole head.

                        Foundation - felt this in my legs more than anywhere else, squats kill me, BUT! No knee pain at all from the reverse lunges and squats that's a big success for me, hopefully it keeps this way through into autumn and winter too, but if it flares up again I am just going to have to go to the Dr about it, because some winter mornings I feel like I can't even move without excruciating pain, but until then, at least I can say I'm doing my part in helping my body be healthier. funny that it's a lot of legs for this exercise, I wish I had the foresight to have planned that out to match the weekly plan

                        Lowerbody workout -
                        Piece of Cake - Those leg raises at the start are still killing me off, but I feel like it's getting easier to do and I am able to push onto the next exercise without taking a mini-break between any of the exercises, unlike the first time I did this exercise and I had to take at least 3 seconds to figure out the next exercise before starting each one.Now it's just a quick glance at the workout while doing the previous exercise and going straight into the next! I think next time I'll need to up the number of sets

                        Other notes: I'm tired after all that, I wanna go nap, but I have to do things like Work today boooo


                          Friday - Casual
                          2-min warmup

                          pushups - done-o
                          powergrip- how can clenching my fist be so hard omg
                          1min plank - 40/25 It's over 60 seconds, but I want to get to 1min plank in 1 sitting by the end of the month so want to make sure I'm not missing seconds off the 1min mark, it's barely a proper goal, it's just a mini-motivator
                          Foundation - Noice, march steps and high-knees, after last month's Homerun challenge that felt like a breeze today, I could have done more sets, but today is supposed to be a casual day, and it's mainly cardio and I find cardio uninteresting.

                          I think I need some more coffee for today, my brain still feels like it's asleep


                            Saturday - Strength

                            Dailies - day 4
                            2-min warm up

                            Knee Pushups - push-up holds are so hard

                            Power Grip - done-o

                            1min Plank - 50s/20s might stick to this split for the next few days, it was challenging and I started feeling the strain around 20s in on the first set, but kept it going for another 30 seconds after that strain kicked in, I was initially aiming for a 40/20 split but 50/20 is better so that's good

                            Calves of Steel - calf raises seem pretty easy so far, but I've done these for a long time just in general since I had physio for my ankle the time I tore my ligament (7+ years ago now but It became habit after that point to just do calf raises throughout the day)

                            Foundation - felt some strain in my shoulders when trying to balance doing this,

                            Strength - Easy Does It -
                            Something light today, Monday I'll do something more strenuous with having Tuesday and Wednesday off work so I can at least know I'm not going to be doing the weight-heavy jobs at work.

                            I still need to work on my diet, but I think the exercise is making a big difference so far, I have been choosing a few better options for food at work, which is where most of the unhealthy food I consume is, so it's still a step in the right direction, I don't really have takeaways or anything so I'm not always having greasy foods, but maccies is just so full of sugar and grease it makes me feel grim, but I have also taken a couple of meals into work or part of meals. Just with money being tight with everything going on it's hard to keep that up every day.
                            Hopefully they'll start up the salads again soon, but I'm not sure when that will be happening. I know some breakfast menu items will be starting up again soon, and the stores will be open for longer hours, so hopefully my work shifts will get a bit longer, so I can earn a bit more money, to balance out my food costs
                            Things are just difficult at the moment....


                              Sunday - Casual

                              Dailies - Day5
                              2-min warmup

                              Pushups - done

                              Powergrip - it buuuuurns

                              1-Min Plank - 40/30 split, tomorrow I'll aim for 45s/15s split (and maybe add a few seconds on if I feel up for it)

                              Calves of Steel- I anly really feel challenged with these calf raises when doing them all together with about 30-60s rest

                              Foundation - donezo very quick to get through not too bad


                                Monday- Strength

                                Dailies - Day 6
                                2-min warmup

                                Pushups- hate knee pushup planks, they really hurt my wrists, I think I might try 5secs less doing just pushup planks, I'm pretty sure it's something about the angle I've been at that's causing issue, so I'll change it. I don't want more issues with my bodyparts thanks

                                Powergrip - not too bad

                                1-Min Plank - 45s/20s

                                Calves of Steel - donnee

                                Foundation - hate my life after that

                                Strength - Pecs
                                Gave it a go, had to take some extra rests in the workout, and didn't even do the final set, but I tried I'll save this for another time