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    basecamp I mean it's important for me to not feel guilt over missing exercise, so not letting myself get caught in the trap of "I broke my streak I've ruined it" so I've not been keeping perfect track of how long I've gone exercising daily, just rough estimates, I think that helps me avoid the guilt of missing a day, not knowing how far off exactly I was to the next one etc.


    2-Min Warm Up

    Cardio & Core Express, did the EC too!

    Week 2, day 1


      I think my general fitness has improved so much overall, I have so much more energy in my day-to-day life, I'm able to see and feel mu muscles a lot more than I used to be able to, which shouldn't be a surprise but it feels good to notice the changes in myself
      Even if I'm still a long way away from my aesthetic goals, my general fitness is so much better and that's the important one.
      I think to get closer to my aesthetic goals I'll have to actually go back to the gym more often, I just need to figure out if I want to keep the same routine for area focus or if I should shuffle it about a little to fit better around my work schedule especially since I've been given consistent days off now for a while (Hopefully it stays that way for a lot longer)

      I also got told we'll probably re-open fr 24hr access in around July, but we're still waiting on formal confirmation for that



        2-Min Warm Up

        Ox Workout,


        2-Min Warm Up

        Up & Down Workout level 1

        100 Pushups - Week2 Day 2
        5 /6 /4 /4/7+ (Minimum)
        10/12/9/9/13+ (goal)
        I lost my will to continue when I got to the last set



          2-Min Warm Up

          Nomad Workout

          Pushups - rest



            2-Min Warm Up

            Ox Workout level 1

            Push Ups

            I'm knackered today I didn't leave work until 3am last night because I needed to do some training at the end of my shift



              2-Min Warm Up

              Super Abs

              Pushups -rest
              Tomorrow I'll restart week 1 sticking to the right column for the 3 days


                Great work, keep it up!


                  basecamp Thank you!


                  2-Min Warm Up

                  Back & Biceps





                    2-Min Warm Up

                    Super Abs x2

                    I'm quite enjoying doing the Super Abs, so I think I want to go back to it a bit more often, I feel it working the upper abs quite a lot but not enough to take me out for the next few days.
                    I'm going to see how I do the next day or 2 with doing it twice this time, and if I feel okay tomorrow I might make it a routine to do it 2 times on a Sunday

                    I think I might take a complete rest day on Friday.


                    ---- Just some rambles about work and money-----

                    I got offered a promotion at work, I just need to finish up a bunch of eLearning, so hopefully I can get the elearning done and out the way but tbh an extra 0.25 per hour isn't great if they want me to do a shitload of extra work but I think I already do a bunch f the jobs they'd consider to be part of the promotion jobs so I might as well get paid for it, Just going to stick it out until I have a car then search properly for other jobs, I just need enough cash coming in to prove I can afford the car, (I just want finance to get a credit history going) I already have enough saved for the insurance for the first year, and the car and running costs I think, I'm just waiting to hear back about driving lessons, in the meantime I can just try to save a little extra into that car savings to maybe try to get a better car, but if I have to get a crappy one that's not too bad. I'll have to review what I can afford right now tbh and see what's in my upper price range, I've got an estimate for driving lessons but it's only an estimate, it really depends on how quickly I pick up the skills needed

                    I'm glad the situation with the crappy manager at work has ironed out a bit, and working with her in manageable now, but now some other managers are being shitty with me? I'm trying to ignore it and just get over it but idk it's getting to me...
                    I stayed over at work a little while yesterday to help out the overnight manager, she got really screwed over last night by the closing manager, so I just helped her get caught up on one of the jobs that takes an hour to do properly and made sure that one of the other jobs was at least a bit easier if she gets around to doing it.



                      2-Min Warm Up


                      week 3 to 50 Pushups
                      11/13/9/9/13 (55 total)

                      I feel like I'm either making no progress or going back a few steps, I'm not 100% sure why that is, it's a bit demotivating to be honest. Though it might help to make a layout similar to Darebee's for myself to follow but on paper, then maybe seeing each day getting crossed off might help a bit.


                        Not really feeling an ache from yesterday, I think I need to push myself a bit harder on Monday (when I have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off work, it would give me time to recover a bit more)
                        Maybe I could add a scoop of Creatine into my sports bottle as well as a scoop in my morning coffee, the little extra might help me push myself harder

                        2-Min Warm Up

                        Friday Workout, level 1
                        did the last set with 2.5kg weight (+lockspin bar which ≈ 1kg? so ~3.5kg added total)

                        Week 3 (W1Rest2)


                        I want to start easing back into the gym properly so I might just start going every Monday and leaving my workout until night time, but I might still do my warmup before I go to work just to make sure if I don't end up going I'm still doing something?



                          2-Min Warm Up

                          11/10//8 I was really struggling with this today so thats all I could get out, but onsidering it's the last day of the 'week' of pushups I think I'll just leave it at that.
                          I know I'm physically capable of doing more when fully rested.
                          I need to remind myself that these programmes are not designed with other exercise in mind really
                          I also did the pushups before the OX workout this time so I could make sure I did the best I could do for today for it

                          OX Workout
                          added 0.5kg to my weights and I feel so sweaty ugh



                            2-Min Warm Up

                            Super Abs x2
                            those crunches man, they get me every time, the bridges do work as a nice low intensity element to the workout for me though which is nice.

                            Pushups - Rest

                            I think I need to start an Ab challenge for next month, so as I start working my way back into the gym bit by bit, I can still do a little something before I set off in the morning, I think having just something small I do in the morning will be a good routine for me, but I'm nervous bout if I decide I can't do the gym that day etc that I wouldn't get any sort of workout done :/
                            It's a weirdly hard transition from homeworkout to gym workout, though I know I need to get back to the gym for certain bits of equipment that I just don't have at home and can't get at home.



                              Gym Workout with walking 20mins to and from the gym.


                              2-Min Warm Up

                              Arms and Shoulder Stretch

                              Arms and Chest Stretch

                              Honestly the pain from being at the gym yesterday is way too much for a proper workout, but a stretch out will do me some good hopefully

                              measurements for

                              1st June 2021 (In Inches)
                              L - 10 3/4
                              R - 10 3/4

                              L - 9 3/4
                              R - 9 3/4

                              Waist - 27 3/4
                              Hips - 36 1/4

                              L - 21 1/4
                              R - 21 1/4

                              L - 14
                              R - 14

                              4th April 2021 (for comparison)

                              LBicep - 10 1/4inch
                              RBicep - 10 1/4inch
                              LForearm - 9 3/4
                              RForearm - 9 3/4
                              Waist - 27
                              Hips - 34 3/4
                              L Thigh - 21.1/4
                              R Thigh - 21 1/4
                              55kg-56.3kg (scale changed it's mind a few times but eventually got there)


                                That's some great progress!