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    2-Min Warm Up

    OX Workut - level 1

    50 Push Ups - day 10

    didnt post this yesterday whoops



      2-Min Warm Up

      Easy Abs, level 1
      not so easy abs my abs hurt now

      50 Push Ups Challenge
      20s pushup plank x3
      I hate pushup planks, they're the worst thing ever rip

      Also I've got 2 new burns from work this week, the guy asked if it was selfharm
      I was like "no mate, I'm just very much a mess" though I must admit the placement of the burns does seem weird 1 on each wrist ngl it does look suspicious, but I'm just clumsy around the grill sometimes, and I've been on edge from having the new starter which makes me more prone to accidents


        Originally posted by BongoFrog View Post
        50 Push Ups Challenge
        20s pushup plank x3
        I hate pushup planks, they're the worst thing ever rip
        Oh I completely agree with you, they are the worst!



          2-Min Warm Up

          Back & Biceps Workout

          50 Push UpsChallenge

          13/04/21 casual/cardio/rest
          ​​​​​​​I'm achy after the workout yesterday and don't really feel up to doing a proper workout but it feels wrong to do nothing so my 'workout' is going to be a good stretch instead

          ​​​​​​​4-Min Warm Up

          50 Push Ups Challenge

          Upperbody stretch


            Hey, you're doing great! Keep it up! I do the same - if I feel too tired to go for a run or something, I do stretching and it instantly feels better. (:



              2-Min Warm Up
              After starting the warmup I realised I was quite shaky? so I had a small bit of chocolate to try to get some sugars into my system before starting the OX workout, I think it's because I didn't have sugar in my coffee today after last night I had an unusually large amount of sugar, so maybe messed with my blood sugars a bit too much, I don't normally eat sweats so for me to eat any at all is a bit unusual. Still a little shaky but not as much as it was earlier so I've done thing right there to have that sugar before continuing.

              Ox Workout, level 1

              50 Pushups Challenge, day 14
              I got to 14/7/7 that's a fair bit less than I should have done but that's all I could do today, and that's okay

              Doesn't feel great to not finish day 14 of 50 Pushups Challenge, but I already tried to push myself after I got shaky, so I think I'll just have to leave it at that for today and get some more food in me and get some rest, There's always the rest of the month to push myself.


                15/04/21 - Thursday

                2-Min Warm Up

                Friday Workout ( on a Thursday lol )

                50 Push Ups Challenge
                I hate pushup planks I hate them so much

                I'm not looking forward to going to work tbh, one of the managers who's recently taken to being a subtle prick to me will be in, I'm tempted to call in sick just so I don't have to deal with him... I'm going to be working with him for 3 hours before he goes home ugh... (he starts way earlier than I do)
                I mean.. I guess it's only 3 hours and not a whole arse shift...


                  16/04/21 - Friday

                  I think I'm just going to do a bigger warmup than usual then just the pushups challenge today
                  4-Min Warm Up

                  50 Pushups Challenge, day 16
                  I'm really struggling now
                  12 (instead of 20) / 10/8 9instead of 5 to make up some of the ones missed on the first set)
                  also did an extra set of 5 on the end to make up the total numberss

                  I can feel a twinge in my left shoulder, not quite painful? but noticeable.


                    Great work pushing through on the pushups! I'm sorry for the shoulder pain, I hope it doesn't turn into anything more serious.


                      I think later today (it's am on Saturday atm) I'll be doing 1-2 reps of each exercise on Back & Biceps going up until I figure out what weights I can do at good form and what the highest weight is that I can do at least 1 rep of I think it will help a lot with my progress to actually see where I'm at, after I've asked about how people have gotten to their pull up goals I feel quite motivated to get some progress going for me, and seeing what my current limits are, always good to test these things out, and see what improvements can be made
                      My housemate keeps raving on about his resistance bands, but idk I don't think I'd enjoy using them as much as dumbbells, I used resistance bands when I was in physio so it feels like it should be a physiotherapy thing not a workout thing (though I know Physio is essentially doing light workouts for a specific body part)
                      I can't wait to get back at the gym properly though, I think I'll still keep doing some of the challenges here each day but I don't think I'll be following as many of the programmes from Darebee, which if I don't need them anymore that's great! though I might still use some to keep me doing something even on days I dont' go to the gym

                      Though I might hold off on that for a week because of my left arm.

                      The twinge in my shoulder seems to be going down to my arm, so either I've slightly pulled something or the slight swelling on my wrist is putting pressure on my tendons somewhere (seems most likely atm), which hopefully will calm down after a couple more days, I've been keeping it cool where I can, I got a generic tube bandage and been alternating between wearing it and putting it in the freezer at work. It's feeling better overall, but I think a full day of properly resting it (without picking up heavy boxes of frozen chicken and meat ta work) should help a lot, I might take an ibuprofen every once in a while to ease the swelling off a little bit more,

                      the feeling does seem to follow from where the swelling is so I do think it's just from the swelling putting a bit too much pressure on the tendon lol
                      I've had a lot if tendon pains in the past so my experience says it's probably a mild infection on the burn I got and the slight swelling (barely noticable unless you're looking for it) just doesn't like my tendon lol I'll see how I feel after I've been to sleep and had my morning coffee



                        2-Min Warm Up

                        Would have been OX workout, but instead I did the OX exercises as a sequence to figure out if a weight was doable for me (apparently I can lift just about 7.5kg each dumbell max based off the weights I currently have at home!)
                        I should try keeping between 4.5kg-5.25kg if I'm going to be doing 60-70% of the max I can do, so 5kg will need to be my baseline for a while I think, with Tricep extentions being the exception for a week or two, as it still doesn't feel very great, but atleast I listened to my body and didn't keep trying the weights with it and just did the curls, uprows, press and bends from the OX workout. to see what I could get to.
                        1 think I'm not sure of though is if the weight of the bar itself makes a difference as I have spinlock dumbbells

                        50 Push Ups Challenge, day 17
                        I gave it a shot, it didn't go very well, I'm going to try and get some more in later to balance out a bit, and rest a bit the more compared to other days this week.
                        I did have some takeaway yesterday after getting back from work so maybe the grease made me sluggish either way I think it wont be too bad to just try to stick to 50 a day of full pushups until the end of the month and re-try next month with it


                          I'm sorry your tendons are bothering you.



                            2-Min Warm Up

                            Right Place Right Time, level 1

                            50 Push Ups Challenge, day 18
                            Yeah i think I have to quite this for now and try to get them done throughout the day instead, but I think I'll still keep trying to get that first set through the month.
                            Maybe with the other upperbody days this challenge is a bit too much t layer on, so I'll try not to be too mad about it, but at least I gave it a right good go and got at least halfway through.
                            Going to try to get 50pushups (any variety) through the day just to keep the habit of attempting going

                            basecamp I think it'll be fine I think it helps that I've had tendon pains before so I know how to look after it a bit better.



                              2-Min Warm Up

                              Back&Bicep Express, 5kg,
                              Modified to fit what I was able to, up to the recommended reps (30-50s rests between too)
                              set1 -8 each side
                              set 2- 8 each side
                              set 3- 5 each side
                              set 4- 5 each side
                              set 1: 10
                              set 2: 10
                              set 3: 10
                              set 4: 10
                              Hopefully next week if I re-try it I'll do a little better

                              50 Push Ups, day 19
                              20sPushup Plank x5



                                2-Min Warm Up

                                Starting Point level 1
                                just something to make sure I move today, though it didn't feel like it really touched my heart rate much, but almost acted like an extra warm up for the pushups

                                50 Pushups day 20
                                failed to get to 26, only got to 10 on the first set
                                10/10/10 /10/10
                                I think I've somehow gotten worse at pushups
                                I know it'll be the fatigue of upper body workout days building up but it's still bothering me a bit

                                the most I could do today was 10., but I was able to consistently do 10 in a row, which tells me it's not the max I can do if I was to be fully rested.
                                I think I'll have a 2-3 days rest from the pushup challenge and retry the daily pushups will full pushups and only having knee pushups when I'm struggling
                                I know I could be more flexible with the 50-Pushups but idk it feels like cheating for me to change part way though (even though I wouldn't for anyone else?)
                                I'll take a few days rest and either re-start this challenge or the previous challenge. IT might just be a bit too difficult for me right now with me using weights on my upperbody days