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    2-Min Warm Up

    1-Min HIIT, day 30, level 2

    Daily Push Ups, day 30

    Reviewng Challenge and Programme:

    1-Min HIIT
    I think this is a really good programme for people starting out general fitness at an already healthy weight and/or decent fitness level, Like if you can nail some jumps but still bigger it shouldn't be much of an issue, just wouldn't recommend it for someone who has issues with balance of a larger size (just because a mis-step with jumps could cause serious ankle injury) but could be good for anyone if the jumping variants of exercises (Like Jump Lunges) are taken out. I know I struggled with keeping my balance with some of them and it makes me nervous thinking someone might hurt themselves doing that, but also I have weak Lunge and squat game so I might just be projecting that worry. Though if it's too hard you can always add an extra min of rest if you feel like you need it, or just stick to the lower levels
    Overall though a deccent program and helped me feel energized for the day

    Daily Push Ups
    Very flexable for all fitness levels, but I would recommend trying to start with a Pushup variant you know you can do 15 reps of atleast, and trying to stick to tht variant for more results, but not 100% needed, any pushup variant is good enough for this to help get into good habits

    overall very good programmes and very good challenge, and if need


      Congrats on 1-Min HIIT and Daily Push Ups



        2-Min Warm Up

        Ox Workout completed to level 1

        Not a whole lot for today, but I feel like that OX workout was difficult on it's own, originally I wanted to go for an extra couple of sets but I couldn't hack it, used 5kg weights for it.

        I'm thinking of starting Upper Body Plus Challenge to do on top of whatever I decide to do tomorrow, but I'm not too sure



          everywhere hurts after yesterday's workout, it's been a while since I've hurt this much, but I don't think it's unbearable but it's not going to feel great today, but I was full of energy yesterday after doing OX
          2-Min Warm Up

          Right Place, Right Time - level 1, it says lowerbody but it seems just more like core and cardio

          50 Push Ups Challenge - day 1
          I think I'll do the this challenge then try to finish off 50 total knee/wall pushups throughout the rest of the day, (eg day1 is 8 pushups, so the rest of the day I'll do 42 knee/wall pushups?) I think that will help me keep up the Pushups habit, while slowly increasing the amount of full pushups I can do


            Yesterday was good, but whenever my arms tensed up at work, like when I want to rest my hands on the back of my head, it hurt
            my oblique area hurt too whenever I leaned to the side to pick stuff up. Still a little sore getting up today, but not as bad as yesterday

            2-min Warm Up
            Starting Point - just something very low difficulty for me, for a 'rest/casual' day then tomorrow I'll probably do the OX workout again, then

            50 Push Ups Challenge, day 2 completet the 6/2/2 full pushups for the day
            Will work on the rest of my knee/incline pushups through the day


              Today I've been so tired I got up had my coffee and then had a nap, woke up from my nap at like 4:45pm
              But at least I'm not in work today, which just means I can catch up with everything at some point not urgently, I've not been getting enough sleep recently and I know it, but it's been a hour or so off each day and with split days off I can barely catch up or try to fix my sleeping a little bit
              But I have today and tomorrow off to get my shit sorted out

              2-Min Warm Up

              Ox Workout again - level 1

              50 Push Ups Challenge day 3


                Update today: I discovered that I really like almond butter and chocolate spread together!
                I hate the texture of peanut butter, and don't really enjoy the texture of almond butter alone so today I thought I'll try it mixed with some chocolate spread, see if it makes the texture better for me and yes, yes I do like the texture better


                  Belated congrats on your finished programs and challenges!
                  Thanks for the reviews of 1-Min HIIT and the pushup program, that's really helpful.


                    basecamp Thank you! I'm glad you find the reviews useful.


                    2-Min Warm Up

                    Right Place, Right Time (core and cardio)

                    50 Push-Ups Challenge day 4 8/4/2 (total 14)
                    +knee pushups 18/10/8
                    (total pushups 50) I've not been keeping up with 50 total pushups every day but idk for me it's an EC thing

                    Next week's exercise plan based on Gladiator plan: if I can stick to a pattern then that's okay

                    M -Strength - Express Back+Biceps
                    T -Casual/Cardio
                    W -Ox Workout (well rounded upper body I think)
                    T -Lowerbody?
                    F -Casual/Cardio
                    S -Ox Workout
                    S -abs/core day(eg:Right Place, Right Time Workout or Easy Abs


                      4th April

                      LBicep - 10 1/4inch
                      RBicep - 10 1/4inch
                      LForearm - 9 3/4
                      RForearm - 9 3/4
                      Waist - 27
                      Hips - 34 3/4
                      L Thigh - 21.1/4
                      R Thigh 21 1/4
                      55kg-56.3kg (scale changed it's mind a few times but eventually got there)

                      2nd March
                      Lbicep - 10 3/4inch /27cm
                      Rbicep - 10 1/2 inch /26.5cm
                      Lforearm - 9 3/4 inch /25cm
                      Rforearm - 9 3/4 inch /25cm
                      Lthigh - 21.5-22 inch /54.75cm
                      Rthigh - 21 1/4 inch /54cm
                      Waist - 28 1/5 inch /72.5cm
                      Hips - 35 inch /89cm
                      current weight (53.8kg-54.5kg the scales changed their mind a few times but as long as I have a rough idea of my weight that's fine)

                      July 17th 2020
                      Lbicep - 27.5cm
                      Rbicep - 27.5cm
                      Lforearm - 25.5cm
                      Rforearm - 25.5cm
                      Lthigh - 55cm
                      Rthigh - 55.cm
                      Waist - 78.5cm
                      Weight 58kg



                        2-Min Warm Up

                        Back and Biceps - 5kg
                        diring the workout I felt fine, but now that I've stopped to drink my creatine my muscles feel tired
                        I'm not actually too used to the feeling of my mind being alert while my muscles feel like they're ready for a nap

                        50 Pushups Challenge, day 5
                        Finished off with knee pushups until it was 50 total pushups including the challenge.

                        gunna go shower and have breakfast before I go to work


                          6/04/21 - casual

                          2-Min Warm Up

                          Rookie Workout level 1

                          50 Pushups Challenge, day 6


                            7/04/21 - Ox

                            2-Min Warm Up

                            Ox level 1, 5kg
                            those upright rows are so much harder than I think they are every time

                            50 Pushups Challenge, day 7

                            got my mate moving in today, hopefully he'll be able to save up pretty quickly while he's at mine so he can get his own place, but hopefully we'll be able to help him get into some good habits for living alone before he does get his own place, I know he struggles with a lot of basic stuff (like making good food for himself) he's even asked us to make sure he's eating right which fair enough if ou know you struggle with it to ask for help, it's a good thing to ask for help when you need it


                              8/04/21 - Lowerbody

                              2-Min Warm-Up

                              Piece of Cake - level 1
                              so much easier than I remembered it being from the first time I did this one, good to know I've improved a lot since the beginning, but also shocking how hard I found it when I first did it, considering I'd been going to the gym already before doing it!
                              Another lower body workout that I felt more in my abs than my legs, (but I know when I first did it I felt it most in my thigh area) I've come a long way I think

                              50 PushUps Challenge, day 8
                              12/4/4 (20 total)
                              Will attempt to get 30 pushups (any varient) throughout the day, even if it's just wall pushups

                              got work today, I feel knackered already, might get some extra caffeine in me before I go to work today



                                2-Min Warm Up

                                Hit The Ground, level 1

                                50 Push Ups

                                So so far when I aim to do the excess pushups at work I never end up getting them done because I forget to do them, I've had people laughing at me behind my back at work recently while I've been training a new guy it's quite distracting tbh and makes me want to just commit the not alive